Christmas Gift Guide 1 of 8: Bodycare

This year I have put together a Christmas gift guide, they could be presents for a family member, a friend or even a treat for yourself!

I have put them into categories the best I can and I have put very short reviews on each product. If you want to know more about any of the products tweet me @sarahtrademark and we can have a chat 🙂


Ren body set

Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Body Duo


This set includes:

200ml Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash

200ml Moroccan Rose Otto Body Lotion

Rose Otto is one of the most popular Ren scents and my personal favourite. The body wash leaves you feeling fresh and clean and the moisturiser leaves you feeling soft and leaves that beautiful scent on your skin.

The english soap company

The English Soap Company – Angel Large Bath Soap


This bar of soap smells quite fruity and is a decent size bar. I really like this soap brand and feel like they have something for everyone/every occasion.

The english soap company

The English Company – Winter Village Guest Soap


The luxury guest soaps come in this beautiful package, similar to the large ones, but it is not just a mini bar, it is three heart shape pieces of soap. These look great in the bathroom and look too nice to use!

Mad beauty crackers

Mad Beauty cracker set


This contains 4 Christmas crackers which each have 1 bubble bath inside in festive fragrances – Christmas cranberry, amazing almond, very vanilla & super strawberry.

Delight touch

Delight Touch
Organic chocolate and pineapple daily scrub

This scrub can be used on your body or face. It is very gentle to use and kind to your skin as it is organic and contains a mixture of natural ingredients. I really like this range and the products are very delicate on your skin and this one smells great.

Mandarin and vanilla self tan

I like to use this as a gradual tan every few days instead of my usual moisturiser. The colour comes out well and looks very natural and sun kissed. Again, it has all natural and organic ingredients and  is really good for your skin. I find it very moisturising too as often tans can be drying.

Fake tan

Fake tan

White to brown
Dark desire self tan kit

This kit is great value for money. It contains:
1 x Tan
1 x Body wash
1 x Application gloves

The body wash helps to prolong the tan and ensure an even fade, I found this really good to use. The tan itself was easy to apply and it was a nice colour. It looked like I had been away on holiday and I looked really well. I think this set is great for anyone wanting to tan and to try different brands.

Fake tan

Fake tan

Be Bella Bronzed

This kit contains
Rapid self tanning mousse
Luxury tanning mitt
Self tanning tinted lotion

This tan has a great colour and comes in such a great kit, everything you need! I usually prefer a mousse as it is easier to apply with a mitt but this also has the lotion in 🙂

The tan dries quickly and is very long lasting. It lasts nearly a week without having to reapply!

Soap and glory

Soap and glory
Foam & fortune

This kit contains:
CLEAN ON ME™ Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel (75ml)
THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER™ Body Butter (50ml)
THE SCRUB OF YOUR LIFE™ Super-Smoothing Body Buffer (50ml)
SUGAR CRUSH™ Body Wash (75ml)
SUGAR CRUSH™ Body Buttercream (50ml)
SUGAR CRUSH™ Body Scrub (50ml)
SUDSY PUFF Body Polisher

And the box even plays a tune!!

Soap and Glory gift sets are always popular at Christmas and great for anyone that loves to pamper themselves. Sugar crush is one of my favourite scents 🙂

Ghost whitelight

Ghost Whitelight

Ghost is a perfume that everyone seems to know and love. They have bought out many variations of it and they all smell great. This one is exclusive to The Perfume Shop and I just love the style of the bottle.

I would say this is more of a summery fragrance as it is quite fruity, but at the same time, this could be a fun one to wear in the evening. it would make a great gift for anyone that usually wears something from the Ghost range and the fact it is an exclusive makes it that little bit more special.

Sarah x



I recently stumbled across which is a website that you can search for your favourite designer pieces (clothing, beauty etc) and it then finds out where to buy it in the sale! I have a massive perfume obsession at the moment and picked up the below:

moschino and calvin klein

Moschino cheap and chic stars 30ml was only £20 on sale from of £42.99. This is a perfume I had wanted for a while after trying a sample but it had just been too expensive, I didn’t really want to pay over £40 for a small bottle but at less than half price it was rude not to 🙂

Calvin Klein CK1 50ml was only £9 on sale from of £24.99. This is a perfume that I have know both women and men to wear, its one of those scents that everyone likes. I think my dad has it too! For 50ml this price is crazy!


Both of these actually came from the USC sale on the site. I don’t know how I never knew about this before, so thought I better share it with you!


Sarah x


Trying some new perfumes

So my friend Carly sent me over a few perfume samples to try from a brand she is working with called FM cosmetics. They offer a great range of fragrances at affordable prices.

The ones I tried were:

20 classic female £11.99 for 30ml

80 classic female £11.99 for 30ml

18 classic female £11.99 for 30ml

367 luxury female £24.99 for 50ml

366 luxury female £21.99 for 50ml

336 luxury male £19.50 for 100ml

As you can see they are all greatly priced and after trying them all I was very impressed with how nice they were!

20 was a very sensual fragrance and is the kind of thing I would wear for date night or of an evening. It has hints of rose and bergamot,

80 is a very sweet scent and reminds me a lot of Prada candy. It smells of popcorn and a sweet shop and is a very happy exciting scent.

18 reminds me of oranges, like just being on holiday and having fresh fruit. Its base note is white musk and you can really smell the fruitiness.

367 is another sensual fragrance. It is also very fruity with a mango and grapefruit scent. This would be a great perfume to wear on holiday in the evening 🙂

366 contains pink pepper which is one of my favourite scents. This is definitely one to wear on a night out to attract attention!  It also has a jasmine and pear scent.

336 is a very sexy male fragrance containing orange blossom and bergamot as well as plum. My husband quite liked this and also thought it was a good date night scent/

This just show you dont have to pay crazy prices for designer fragrances when you can get some that smell just as good for a fraction of the price 🙂

Please check out Carly’s facebook here.

Sarah x




Roberto Cavalli

£35 from The Perfume Shop
I personally love getting new perfume as a gift, it’s a way of trying something new that I wouldn’t usually buy myself. I am a big fan of Roberto Cavalli handbags so was interested to try the fragrance. I like the design of the bottle, especially with the zebra print, it’s like it is advertising it is going to bring out the animal in you! You can really smell the orange/flowery scent and it also contains pink peppercorn which is one my favourite scents.


Desigual – fun

£29 but on offer for £17 at The Fragrance Shop
Another perfume worth trying is this on by Desigual. IT is called fun so it is only right that it smells fun. What exactly does “fun” smell like though?! It is very floral but at the same time fruity. You can really smell the pear in it. It is a great scent and a bargain 🙂


The library of fragrance
Caribbean sea

The library of fragrance offer a crazy selection from pizza scent to clean sheets or gin & tonic. I would love to try them all! Caribbean sea smells exactly how you would imagine. It is very light and reminds of the beach, making me want to go away and sip cocktails by the sea. It would be a great fragrance to wear as a pick me up when you feel down about the dull weather at this time of the year! Not only does it smell like the sea, it reminds me of the fresh smell as you walk onto the beach, like the fresh air with just a hint of the sea and sand 🙂



Scentelite candle

The Petal

I am a massive candle fan, it is always nice to have a more luxurious one rather than your bog standard candle. I cam across Scentelite online and they are based not far from where I used to live so decided to try out one of their candles. The candle is quite big and can burn up to 40 hours, so if you only use it for a couple of hours at a time it will last ages! They have lots of scents, I chose “The Petal”, it has a very strong smell so when you aren’t burning it, the room still fills with the sweet smell. I think its worth spending it bit more a decent candle and I was really pleased with this one! You would expect this scent to be quite floral but I found it a bit more fruity 🙂


I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope it has helped to inspire you for gift ideas!

Sarah x


Please note the items featured are a mixture of things I have purchased myself, things I have won(I enter lots of competitions!) and PR samples.

Cosmopolitan : the fragrance

Loving my new perfume from Cosmopolitan. I love the bottle but more importantly, I love the scent. It recently made its debut in Boots and is £38 for 100ml (a very reasonable price for perfume!)

At first, it smelt very fruity, but the more I smelt it on my skin, the more I could smell vanilla and a subtle caramel scent. It is definitely a fragrance that can be worn day or night. 

They will be releasing a set later in the year with a shower gel and body lotion so might be worth checking that out if you are interested in a new fragrance!

Sarah x