A brand that is new to me is Organii. All Organii products are free from SLS, Parabens, Phthaltes, Silicone, Mineral Oils and have not been tested on animals and are Vegan.

The products I have tried are:

Natural care hand cream


It smells nice, is non greasy and soaks in quickly and makes your hands super soft. I find if I apply this in the morning I don’t need to re apply any creams to my hands during the day as it keeps them soft and hydrated all day.

It is quite a big tube as well which is great value, but not too big if you wanted to carry it about in your bag 🙂

High Protection sun cream


I am quite fussy with sun creams as I suffer regularly from heat rash a lot of sun creams just aggravate my skin, so the more organic and less chemicals the better!

Not only does it work great as a sun cream it also moisturised my skin at the same time and didn’t leave me as sticky as most do. It came with a free after sun but I haven’t trued that yet.

I always think it is worth spending a bit more on sun protection to ensure you find one that your skin reacts well with and one that will protect you the best. I never wear anything less than a 30 either as I have such sensitive and delicate skin I don’t want to burn.

Shower gel


This shower gel smells so so good and is so refreshing. I prefer to use shower gels, even in the bath rather than a bar of soap. This one leaves you feeling invigorated and clean and you don’t need to use much. I have to hide it away so Nick won’t use it all up!

I really like the simply packaging for all of the products. I love how they use multicolours on the plain white background and the shapes they use are associated with the products. The hand cream has hands on, the sun cream has suns on etc.

Really impressed with all the products I have tried 🙂

Sarah x

Rio Rosa Mosqueta hand cream

The last couple of months I have suffered with dry hands. It is a mixture of the weather and also the fact I had been using strong shampoo to try and fade my hair which in turn really dried out my hands. Must wear gloves next time!

I have been using this hand cream in the morning before going to work and then again at night before bed.

Sometimes I find you need to re apply cream throughout the day but by using this one twice a day as I mentioned, it is keeping my hands soft and hydrated throughout the whole day.

The cream is a non greasy formula and seems to soak in quite quickly. I like that you only need a small amount too.

Do you use hand cream regularly?

Sarah x

Christmas gift guide 2017 – 4 of 7 – NAILS

I love writing gift guides, so here is a small collection of gift ideas this Christmas for family or friends, men or women.

Some of these were kindly gifted to me and others I have bought myself for my family or for myself.

I hope some of these inspire you!



Pink Gellac – starter kit


I think this is a great price for a gel starter kit, and it includes one colour. A lot of kits are over double this price. It is so easy to get a salon quality manicure at home if you can gel your own nails.

The Starter kit Contains:
1 x Primer 15ml 
1 x Dynamic Pink 156
4 x Free online courses
1 x Pink Gellac LED Lamp
1 x Pink Gellac Base2 
1 x Pink Gellac Ultra Shine 15ml 
10 x Cleaner Pockets
1 x Nail file 240-180 grid 
1 x Orange Woodsticks
10 x Remover pockets 

It really does include everything you would need and it is so easy to use.

Pink Gellac – polish


Following on from the set above, you can buy additional gel colours and they have a massive range to pick from. You could pick a glitter that would go perfect over the top of another shade ie the pick that came with the set, or you could just have one glitter accent nail. They have so may to choose, you could always buy a couple of additional colours if you were buying the set for someone or even if you wanted to learn yourself you could ask for it!

CND Vinylux – New Years’ Nails set


This set includes two shades along with a top coat. I have found CND are very high quality products and they last so long without chipping! They advertise as lasting a week but I think it can definitely last longer. Both shades are very metallic/sparkly for the party season.


I really hope you enjoyed reading and that I have given you some great ideas this Christmas!

Sarah xxx

Crabtree & Evelyn: Rosewater & Pink Peppercorn

One of my favourite scents so far that I have tried from Crabtree & Evelyn has got to be Rosewater & Pink Peppercorn.

Crabtree and Evelyn have always been my go to company for handcare. The whole range can be found here but I have been trying:

Hydrating soap

Hydrating hand therapy which comes in 25ml and 100ml

Hydrating hand recovery

I love that you can buy the hand cream in multiple sizes as the small one is handy for on the go and the larger one can be kept at home 🙂

The fragrance is described by the brand as Rose petal notes heightened with the sweet spice heat of Pink Peppercorn and Akigalawood, captured from Patchouli.

The soap is great as it leaves your hands not only clean, but smelling great. It is also very moisturising. Often soaps can dry out your hands but the shea butter hydrates your hands leaving them soft and clean.

The hand creams (hand therapy) are very moisture rich but are a non greasy formula and you can really feel them working on your hands.

The hand recovery is not something I had tried or heard of before. It is a gentle exfoliating wash to help remove any dead skin and dirt, prepping your hands for the hand therapy.

Using all of these together leaves your hands feeling amazing and smelling so good 🙂

Sarah x