I recently got my hands on this awesome bag from Cabin Zero. Their range of bags are designed to be the perfect size for travelling and for taking as a carry on.

They have such a great range of bags with different capacities and different designs there is something for everyone!

This bag would be great if you were going away for a couple of days and didn’t want to check in a suitcase or even if you were travelling by car or train it would be ideal. I was so surprised how much I could fit in the bag!

I really like the camo print and I feel that all of their bags are unisex.

The bag is high quality and well made, with padded arm straps and lots of compartments/pockets. If you travel a lot with a friend/partner you could both get one in different colours 🙂

Sarah x

I recently got my hands on this beautiful Mens Globenfeld watch for my husband. I wanted to give it to him as a surprise so I took a few pics on my wrist before giving it to him.

It arrived from Amazon beautifully packaged and it came really quickly. The watch comes with 5 years warranty which I think is great!

Main features:

Case Diameter: 46mm

Case Thickness: 13.5mm

Weight: 78g

Lug Width: 22mm

Strap Width: 22mm

Strap Length: 200mm

Water Resistant

Luminous Hands

Scratch Resistant Glass

The watch has quite a chunky face with a lot of dials/features and illuminated hands. It feels very durable and the time is easy to read.

As you can see below, it can be worn by women too!  The strap is made from rubber and very comfortable.

If I was to wear it I would have it on the smallest notch and it fits perfect, so this would easily fit young boys as well as men. I prefer straps like this rather than metal ones as they are so much easier to adjust.

The watch is such great quality and was only £69.99(RRP £375) which I think is a great price for a high quality watch. I will probably be borrowing this off Nick!

I never really think to look on Amazon for things like this and I can’t believe the saving 🙂

Sarah x

Crabtree & Evelyn are one of my favourite hand care and skincare brands. Their products are luxurious but also affordable and you know they are always smell great 🙂

They have recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of their Gardeners range, I think this range is a great idea. It can be aimed at male or female but is specifically for people that use their hands a lot and need a bit more TLC.

Crabtree & Evelyn

Exfoliating soap

This beautiful smelling soap exfoliates as you use it, which is great to get your hands extra clean and get rid of any stubborn dirt. I love the packaging of this with all of the gardening equipment on – it is so cute!

Intensive all-purpose balm

This balm is great for rough, dry or chapped skin. Often after doing a lot of work with your hands you can develop dry patches between your fingers or sore patched around your cuticles. This balm is is a great go to product to try and fix any issues and revive your skin.

Ultra-moisturising hand therapy

I love these hand creams, they are the perfect size to carry about with you and you only need a tiny amount to leave your hands feeling super soft. The hand cream is non greasy and soaks in quickly.

Sarah x


My husband recently decided it was time to invest in some more stylish clothes, rather than wearing the same thing day in and day out so we got our hands on a few key pieces from the Hammond and Co range in Debenhams.

Debenhams is a great clothing store as it has so many concessions to choose from, both in store and online. Hammond and Co is a brand neither of us had heard from before but we were really impressed with their variety of clothes and also with the price.

Jeans range from £45-£60 which is a decent price for a good pair of jeans. The ones Nick has are the navy blue slim fit. As you can see, they fit really well, not too tight as often slim fit trousers and jeans can be a little too slim!

The shirt is ideal to be worn either to work with smart trousers or even with smart jeans (depending on your jobs dress code!) or i can be worn casual at the weekend when going out, either buttoned up or open with a t shirt underneath. The shirt feels a very soft material and is lightweight to wear. The shirts range from £30-£40 and they have a lot of more fitted smart shirts too.

The blue bomber jacket is in the sale at the moment for £56 which I think is reasonable for a jacket. Bomber jackets have come back into fashion recently and I even got myself a black silk looking one a few weeks back!

As well as this jacket, Nick wanted to get his hands on something else lightweight to wear as the weather gets better. Debenhams have such a great variety of coats and jackets here.

Sarah x


With Father’s Day coming up on the 18th June, I have put together a few gift ideas:

Structure hair

Haircare products from Structure

Shaper : light creamy paste £13.80

Adapt : texture paste £3.60

Animate : bodifying styling creme £13.35

It’s not just women that fuss about their hair, men do to! Structure offer a wide variety of hair products no matter what look you wish to achieve. Some people prefer a paste whilst others prefer a creme or gel so depending on your dad and his hair (if he still has any!) there is plenty to choose from.

Shaper is great if you are happy with your hair and you want to hold it in place throughout the day, but if you want more body then animate is for you. Animate gives your hair that extra oomph, or you could always go for adapt if you want more texture for that beachy look.

The Personal Barber

The Personal Barber

This set is a really impressive idea for anyone that likes to shave regularly and enjoys that close shave look. The idea behind this box is that it can either be purchased as a one off or as a subscription service. If your dad likes it enough, give him the details if he wants to carry on with a box monthly! More information about what you can expect in the box can be found here. It is a great starter pack for anyone that wants to try shaving with this type of razor and blades.

Percy and Nobleman

Percy Nobleman

Beard Grooming Kit


Percy’s Beard Grooming Kit Includes: 

1 x Percy Nobleman Beard Conditioning Oil 30ml RRP: £11.99

1 x Percy Nobleman Beard Wash 30ml RRP: £11.99

1 x Percy Nobleman Moustache Wax RRP: £10

1 x Miniature Beard & Moustache Comb RRP: £3.99

On the other hand, if your dad isn’t one to clean shave and is fond of his beard, why not treat him to a beard set?! It contains everything you would need to keep that beard looking good! When paired together, the wash and oil really do improve the appearance and feel of your beard.

Percy and Nobleman

Percy Nobleman

Beard Starter Kit


This kit contains:

Signature Scented Beard Oil (10ml)

Beard Wash (30ml)

This kit is also a good idea for any beard lovers, a little less expensive and something more simple to buy for your dad. This range is great as the oil is naturally formulated and wont leave your face oily or greasy.

Percy and Nobleman

Percy Nobleman
Face & Stubble Moisturiser

Face & Stubble Wash

Both of these are excellent products as they appeal to men with or without beards, whether you are clean shaven, have a bit of stubble or if you have a beard these can both be used together to ensure your face is clean and hydrated.

The Soap Kitchen

The Soap Kitchen
After shave moisturising cream
Sandal wood mens body wash
Orange and cedarwood shaving soap

I have been a fan of The Soap Kitchen for a while, I didn’t even realise they had specific products for men so I had to include them! They offer a great range of shaving products, from after shave moisturiser to shaving soaps. They also have a beautiful smelling mens body wash.

Sukin Charcoal

Sukin : Pore refining facial scrub

Sukin : Mattifying facial moisturiser
Can be purchased in Boots or Holland & Barrett

Sukin are a brilliant natural brand that produce great skincare and hair care products. I have been really impressed with their skincare range and I think the charcoal range would be a great gift. This range isn’t gender specific but I think due to the packaging it can appeal to men and I know a lot of men use just as many skincare products as women! Charcoal products are great to give you an extra deep clean and leave your skin so refreshed.

Ren Atlantic kelp

Atlantic kelp and magnesium anti fatigue body wash

Another astounding release from Ren, I love their body washes, I always find they’re very luxurious and you don’t need to use much so they last ages. It leaves your skin feeling soft and revived and would make a nice treat for any man (or women!). The Atlantic kelp range is full of anti oxidants and restorative properties.

Beech’s Fine Chocolates

Beech’s Fine Chocolates


Does your dad have a sweet tooth? How about a nice box of chocolates? Beech’s do really yummy boxes of champagne truffles or sea salted caramel truffles. They are so good he probably won’t want to share them with you so maybe get yourself a box too 😉

Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp

Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp


Another option for the chocolate lover. I personally don’t like dark chocolate mints so it is great you can get milk chocolate ones too! You can try and get him to share these with you as you get quite a lot in the box 🙂

 Blossoming Gifts Bag of delights

Blossoming Gifts
Bag of delights


This contains:

Breckland Orchard Plum & Cherry Posh Pop 275ml

Lily O’Brien’s Creamy Caramels 110g

Campbells Petticoat Tail Shortbread 125g

Radfords Chocolate & Caramel Fudge Bag 113g

Mrs Bridges Strawberry Preserve 114g

Ahmed Strawberry Tea 10’s

The Dorman Dry Roasted Peanut 50g

Cocoabean Toffee Bonbons 100g

Sally Williams Almond Nougat 50g

I think this is a great treat if you are not too sure on what to get but you know he enjoys food. It pretty much has a bit of everything in and comes packed in a cute little reusable bag. You can see from the list above that you get loads of things in here 🙂

Up-cycled Corona glasses

Up-cycled Corona glasses
Set of 2

I think these are pretty amazing. If your dad is a corona fan this would make a perfect gift. I have never seen anything like this before, it is so unique. They have a great range of other gifts on www.littlemillhouse.co.uk.

Avina wine bottle stoppers

Avina wine bottle stoppers
Set of 3

If your dad is a wine connoisseur then why not treat him to these handy bottle stoppers. You get three in a pack which I think is great value, so if you were thinking about buying him a bottle of wine then why not get these too?!


Car freshener

My dad is obsessed with keeping his car clean and smelling good. This fantastic set from Lemongrass contains the car fresh spray, a cloth, anti moth sachet and a tin of mats to place on your dashboard or cup holder to absorb unwanted odours. This is a great set for any car mad dads out there and the scent is really nice and natural, not too overpowering as car products can often be.

Space pen

Personalised Pen

£20.95 for the basic pen

£6.95 to be engraved

I think this is a wonderful gift idea for anyone. Most people use pens in day to day life so a personalised one is a really thoughtful gift. You can pick from a wide variety of pens to be engraved and have whatever you want on there, you can have either “dad” or your dad’s name.

Star wars heat holders

Heat Holders socks

A new range of Star Wars heat holder socks has been released so if your dad is a fan of a galaxy far, far away then why not treat him to a pair of their slipper socks. I know that I much prefer slipper socks to big chunky slippers, maybe your dad does too?!

Sarah x