I love subscription boxes, for beauty products or for food. The best ones are where you don’t have to commit to 12 months and where you know you are going to get things that you will love.

The Vegan Kind already offer a food/lifestyle box but now they have recently introduced a beauty box.

In the last few months you will know I have adapted to a vegan diet and I am also trying to introduce more vegan/cruelty free make up and beauty products into my life. A box like this was ideal for me to try.

The beauty box is a mix of skincare, cosmetics and beauty products delivered every two months and it is from £12.75 per box plus £3.15 UK p&p. If you join their newsletter you can get £5 off this (a pop up box will appear on their website offering you this!)

The August box contained:

Miss Patisserie Watermelon Bath Slab (RRP £5.50)

Sukin Paw Paw Ointment 25ml (RRP £6.99)

Harpers Candles Sweet Pea Soy Wax Candle (RRP £5.00)

Rawganic The Pure Hydrating 3-in-1 Facial Wipe (RRP £3.00)

GlitterEyes Goddess Glow ‘GlowUp’ Highlighter (RRP £7.99)

BONUS ITEM: Utan and Tone Tan Gummies (RRP £18.00)

My favourite product in this box has to be the bath slab as I love bath products (massive Lush fan!). I love the colours of it and you don’t need much to create an amazing bath. It fizzes like a bath bomb and creates magical unicorn mermaid water 😉 Plus it smells delicious.

I haven’t burnt the candle yet but I took the lid off and had it next to the bed as it smells so good!

I have used a paw paw before, I like to use this kind of thing on my lips as well as a multi purpose balm to use on my hair and nails when on the go.It is great to tame fly aways and also good to use on your hands/cuticles.

The pressed pigment is super cute as you get the holder and you add it in to the holder yourself. It looks like a great colour and I look forward to trying it.

I am loving the wipes as I quite often like to use one in the evening to refresh my face if I haven’t been wearing make up and don’t want to do my full cleanse/tone regime. They are really delicate on your face too.

I must admit, I am intrigued by the tan gummies and not too sure what to expect from them?!

You can read more about this specific box here. I really love discovering new things!

Are you subscribed to anything?

Sarah x

I love beauty boxes. I used to get the Lookfantastic one but I was finding I wasn’t always using all of the products as they weren’t all to my taste. I wanted to find an option where I could pick exactly what was int he ox and came across the 9-product Beauty Guru one off box from Latest in Beauty.

For £25 you can pick 9 items from a massive list of products. I went for mainly bath products/hand cream and lip products but there are so many other things to pick from.

They add different products quite regularly and it would make a great gift for someone or as a treat for yourself. There really is something for everyone on there and the products are split into sections so the website is easy to navigate.

The product I chose were:

Tinted Lip Balm in Rose
Hair Ties Set in Black and Gold
Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil
Natural Lipstick in Sunset Cruise
20100 Shiny Crayon Lipstick in Diva
Herbal Baths
Old World Jasmine Hand Therapy
Rose & Violet Blossom Hand Cream
Rose Otto Bath Oil

When you think about how much this would have costed to buy all of the products individually it is such great value.

I am so impressed and in a few months I may treat myself to another box.

Do you ever buy beauty boxes?

Sarah x

Have you ever had your eyelashes dyed? I used to get mine dyed professionally as mine are quite fair. I love having black lashes without any make on that look bold and long on my non make up days. It can be difficult to keep up with getting them done and can be expensive. I came across this Colorsport 30 day mascara which is an eyelash dye you can use at home.

At £8.25 from Boots you can’t really go wrong! You can get up to 12 applications per pack as well, so you only need to by it once a year if you are using it monthly.

The dye lasts until your eyelashes naturally fall out and it can cover even the tiny wispy ones too so really makes a difference. I was going to show a before and after but I already had mine done so it wouldn’t be a true representation.

It is so easy to use, you simply put the solution on your lashes and then add the gel on top to let it work its magic. You can do it easily yourself but if you are nervous you can always ask someone else to do it for you. I found it pretty easy to do the top lashes, the lower ones were a little more difficult so you can use the protector pads to stop it going all over your skin.

They also do an eyebrow kit that I have heard great things about but as I have just had my brows microbladed there is no need for me to dye them or really do anything to them.

Have you every dyed your brows or lashes?

Sarah x

I love writing gift guides, so here is a small collection of gift ideas this Christmas for family or friends, men or women.

Some of these were kindly gifted to me and others I have bought myself for my family or for myself.

I hope some of these inspire you!

I will be posting a series of these over the next few days so keep your eyes peeled!


Urban Decay – Troublemaker mascara


Urban Decay always have beautiful make up with stunning packaging. I love the rainbow packaging of this mascara and the mascara itself gives your lashes up to 13.7x volume! You can’t go wrong with an UD mascara.

Urban Decay – Naked Heat palette


The naked palettes are one of Urban Decays most popular range. This set contains some beautiful warm tones and would be great for any eyeshadow fan. This one has a lot more brown/orange/red tones than any of the previous naked palettes.

Mad Beauty – Slush Puppie lip balm


A great stocking filler for any slush puppie or lip balm fan. They come in several different flavours and taste great whilst keeping your lips soft!

Soap & Glory : Winter Wonder Glam


This great set includes many S&G faves:

S&G eye shadow palette x6
S&G love at first blush
S&G thick & fast HD mascara black
S&G supercat black
S&G Archery Brow Tint & Pencil Brown
S&G SMP Clear XL
S&G SMP Bare Enough
S&G smoulder kohl

It is any make up lovers ideal set and has all of their popular products in!


I really hope you enjoyed reading and that I have given you some great ideas this Christmas!

Sarah xxx

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Soap & Glory advent calendar this year. At £40 I think this is a great price as it contains 24 products, making them less than £2 each and it is even better value if you buy it in the 3 for 2 offer in Boots! 😉

I wanted to show you the contents but there is not point me reviewing it on the 24th December once I have opened it all!

The calendar contains the following, some of them are in there more than once:

S&G clean on me pod 8ml
S&G clean on me pod 8ml
S&G rich & foamous body wash pod 8 ml
S&G rich & foamous body wash pod 8 ml
S&G sugar crush body wash pod 8ml
S&G sugar crush body wash pod 8ml
S&G mini scrub of your life 50ml
S&G mini righteous butter (flush) 50ml
S&G mini hand food 50ml
S&G mini heel genius 50ml
S&G mini one heck of a blot primer 15ml
S&G thick & fast HD mascara black 10ml
S&G mini gloss stick nudist 1.5g
S&G mini gloss stick pink-a-boo 1.5g
S&G mini matte stick choco-berry 1.5g
S&G mini crazy sexy kohl smoulder 0.3g
S&G mini crazy sexy kohl what a night (blue) 0.3g
S&G mini crazy sexy kohl foil in love (silver) 0.3g
S&G mini crazy sexy kohl grapevine (purple) 0.3g
S&G mini crazy sexy kohl cocoa bean (brown) 0.3g
S&G mini pillow plump clearvoyant 4ml
S&G mini pillow plump nude in town 4ml
S&G mini pillow plump pinkwell 4ml
S&G mini tweezers

I am really excited to have this to open throughout December 🙂

It is a great way to try more of their body products and make up too.

Sarah x