Really impressed with Home Bargains Halloween range. Here are a few bits I picked up:

Halloween eyelashes – these are great if you are wearing fancy dress or even if you want to dress regularly and just go for a more dramatic eye make up or complete face make up look.


Hallow-scream make up set – great to either go for more dramatic make up or to completely change your face if you are going in fancy dress. Everything you need and lots of colours to use.


Skull glass and straw – I plan to use this all year round, I love anything with skulls on so halloween items are great!


Bopper headband – a simple but effective addition to your everyday outfit. Maybe you are working on halloween and cannot go as fancy dress but you can get away with this headband?!


Hanging skeleton – not too sure where I plan to hang this, but again, pretty sure it will stay up far past halloween….


Feather mask – great addition, like the headband, if you are wearing normal clothing.


3 metre bunting – who can go wrong with bunting, I plan to put this up around the ceiling in my living room.


Happy halloween bunting – more bunting! This would be great in the conservatory.


10 printed balloons – if you are having a party then balloons are a must have!

Window decoration – I am not sure if i want to put this on the living room window for the neighbours to see or maybe in our conservatory. They stick easy to glass and the little pumpkins are cute.

And of course it is worth checking out what Halloween sweets they have for trick or treaters(and yourself!)

Do you decorate your house for halloween?

Sarah x

I shared a post with you a few weeks back about what Tesa products I had been using around the house. Today I wanted to let you know about their craft range you can buy online.

They do so many items, from various tapes, to glue dots and glitter glue. You can see the full range here. My favourite product I have tried has to be the glitter glue as it is perfect if you are into crafting/card making or even to add a simple embellishment onto a wrapped present. They come in various colours, and well, I love anything glittery, haha.

Growing up, my mum always handmade cards and was into her crafts so I have always had an interest in things like that and watched how she made things. A glue stamp would come in so handy if you are layering different pieces of card or paper or even to stick photos on a card or make a display. It is so easy to use!

They also do a double sided film on a dispenser that is so easy to use as you can then pick the length and cut it easy. This should be good in crafting and also in wrapping presents, rather than having ugly tape on the outside, you can use it to join the wrapping paper neatly where it overlaps. I prefer double sided tape to normal tape.

Planning to share these with my mum so she can use them in her card making 🙂

Do any of you do any paper crafts or anything?

Sarah x

Image by midascode via pixabay

The bathroom in our home is one room that is often overlooked, as let’s be honest, we do not spend a lot of our time in this room of our house. However, it is one room that you should look to plan well, and that goes for the layout as well as the décor. If you are looking to redesign your bathroom in your home, then you should look at some of the design inspirations that can be found on the House & Garden website, where you may be able to get some good ideas to incorporate into your bathroom in your home.

What Facilities Do You Require?

You may think that this is a redundant question as everyone needs the same things in their bathrooms. However, each home has a differing amount of space to play with, so you will need to design your bathroom layout, bearing this in mind. There are quite a few options for you to consider.

• How many sinks do you require?

• Do you need a bath?

• Do you need a shower?

• What kind of toilet do you want?

• Do you need a bidet?

• Do you want a hot tub?

When you know what it is that you want in your bathroom, you can then start the process of looking for all your bathroom accessories including showers from a trade and retail supplier.

Work Out Your Colour Scheme

When you know what the layout of your bathroom is going to be roughly, you will then need to work out the colour scheme that you are going to implement. You find that modern bathroom fittings and fixtures come in a wide variety of different colours, so it should be possible to source the fixings that you need in a colour that pleases your sense of taste. Once you know what the bathroom is going to look like in your mind’s eye, you will then need to install the fixtures and fittings, and this is something that you can either get an expert to do for you, or if you have advanced DIY experience, you can do this yourself.

Finding A Reputable Contractor

There are many excellent websites that you can use to check the credentials of potential contractors, and one of the most popular ones is Checkatrade, where you can find loads of contractors within your local area, and you also get the advantage of being able to read their previous customers reviews about them. One thing that you need to bear in mind with these types of reviews sites though is that the companies pay for their listing on the website, so it is within the websites own interests to make sure that their clients look appealing as possible.

Doing The Work Yourself

If you are going to do the work yourself then this will require more planning, you will first need to ensure that you purchase all the supplies that you need, as well as also making sure that you have all the tools that you will require for the job. Make sure that you plan things thoroughly to ensure that you have everything in place before you start the job. Remember, the bathroom is an essential room in your home that everybody needs access to, so when planning the redesign of your bathroom make sure that you do the job as quickly as possible, reducing the impact that it will have on both you and your family.

Sarah x

I love trying new things out so I was excited when Printkick contacted me and asked if I wanted to review an item from their site along with one of their goodie bags. I love technology and stationery so was looking forward to seeing what they would send.
Printkick are a company that provide branded marketing products mostly to businesses, however, they often do personalised things for birthdays, promotions and weddings etc. Their website is easy to navigate and they have a wide range of products to choose from.
A bit about the company:
“Printkick is a platform enabling customers to configure, price and quote on a huge range of personalised products instantly – including print options, without the need for the back-and-forth with a salesperson. It’s simple, efficient and transparent – just how it should be.

We’ve streamlined the entire buying process, from receiving visuals and proof images, to signing off and paying securely. Make repeat orders with the click of a button. All your order history, artwork and information is stored within your account.

We’re using our 20+ years of experience as a promotional products supplier ​to source effectively, print great products and provide a seamless customer experience.” –

What I received:

A Bluetooth speaker – you can either use this via Bluetooth or plug it in the a headphone socket. It has a cable inside the box and this is also used to charge the device. This is great for music on the go as often listening to things on your phone aren’t loud enough. It is very powerful but small enough to carry about.

As well as the Bluetooth speaker I chose, Printkick very kindly sent me a goodie bag that contained:

Tablet sleeve/bag – this is ideal for carrying around a tablet in, it is a good quality fabric and would be perfect if you then wanted to put it inside a larger bag like a laptop bag or handbag but wanted to protect whatever was inside. You could also use it to keep cables in if you didn’t have a tablet but were fed up of cables getting tangled inside your bag! I love that it has a cat on that looks like my Gizmo, but of course, you would be able to pick a design or logo yourself if you were to purchase them personalised.

Pen – everyone loves a good pen. It is easy to hold and I like the texture and feel of it. Often promotional pens feel cheap but this one is great quality and writes really well.

Notebook – the notebook is a good quality and looks very professional with the padded look on the outside and the elastic to hold it shut and a ribbon to keep your page. It has lined paper inside which I prefer to plain pages.

Coaster – the coaster is quite thick and is the perfect size for a mug or glass. It has a simple embossed design in and looks very professional.

3 in 1 screen saver cloth – this can be used to either clean your screen, put it in your laptop when you shut it to protect between the screen and they keyboard or as a mousemat.

3 in 1 cable – this is great as it can plug into a usb on a laptop or computer or into a plug for the mains. It then has three adaptors so it pretty much fits anything! Great to use for a phone or camera/go pro. Makes life easier as not everything has the same charging cable!

You can literally get anything personalised as you can see. From bluetooth speakers, pens, notebooks, coasters, cables, there are so many other products on their website too.

It would really help a business to get promotional items like these to spread the word. Their products are really great quality too. I am so surprised at how good the speaker is, so powerful for a small unit!

Sarah x

Decking can make a beautiful addition to any home and garden. If you are considering whether the final product is worth the time, effort and money, this article will list some reasons behind getting the work done.

Once you realise what a worthwhile investment one is, you may well consider adding decking to your home. Finding someone trustworthy to do it for you can be a deal breaker. Timber decking Melbourne residents get from Market Timbers have the best finish and quality.

First things first however, if you are still on the fence then here are some great reasons as to why you’ll want to consider decking.

7 Reasons To Get Decking Installed

Decking is one of those things you don’t think you need until you have it. Soon, you will discover all the benefits and how instrumental it will be in making the most of your garden and home.

1. Home square footage increases – The amount of liveable areas in your home will only increase its market value and make your home more comfortable to live in. Decking achieves this without extensive building work having to be done so you get the benefit of an extra room without any walls.

2. Increases appeal – It’s a great remodelling project you can do to your home that makes it more attractive to potential buyers.

3. It can be as affordable as you wish – Decking doesn’t have to break the bank. There are so many options and types of decks available that you can find one to fit your budget.

4. More space for you and the family – A deck can become a hub of activity in the house. From hosting BBQs to arranging play dates for your kids, you will find boundless uses for your new decking.

5. Plenty of creative scope – When you start looking into the types of decking available you will soon see the world is your oyster when it comes to designs. With so many types of woods, styles, shades and textures you are bound to find designs that fit with your vision. You can also consider how much maintenance you want to do by choosing easier materials to work with.

6. Privacy – Decks can also help enhance privacy and clearly set out the spaces of your home. Once you get the right fences in place, you will have your own safe haven to relax and unwind in.

7. Great for entertainment purposes – Whether you have friends or family around, the deck is a great place for meals, drinks and games. You will spend time creating fantastic memories with your loved ones with the garden as your backdrop.

There are countless things a deck is good for but these are just a few reasons to consider building one onto your home.

Sarah x