I love AnuUK products, I have had a couple of their candles before and the scents were so beautiful and the candles such great quality. I have been trying out the essential oil burner which I think is so beautiful and was only £22. They have such a great range of oil blends to use in the oil burner too which you can pick up from £5.

I am really into meditating recently and trying to create a calm atmosphere in our bedroom to relax before going to sleep. I have found that burning candles or using an oil burner has really helped. You can get so many great oil blends that help to calm you as the scent is released into the air.

It is as simple as lighting a tealight underneath and then placing water and dropping the oil into the top bowl. If you find that you fall in love with a scent then you can also get the ceramic diffuser to put in your car or hang up in another room or somewhere. I think this is a super cool idea and have never seen anything like it before.

The scents:


The scent: Fresh lavender fields, herbal

The energy: calming, relaxing, connecting


The scent: forest walks, fresh air, connection to nature

The energy: grounding, supporting


The scent: Fresh, herbal

Consistency: Light


The scent: Sharp, herbal, fresh

Consistency: Light

You can of course mix the scents together, my favourite one has to be opulence with a bit  of lavender added.

Have you used an oil burner before? Do you have a favourite scent?

This would make a great Christmas gift 🙂

Sarah x

I have put together a few ideas for Christmas gifts this year in the following categories: Clothing, Homeware and Entertainment


Dobell shirt


Dobell are such a good menswear brand. Their products are high quality but at an affordable price. My husband has had quite a few products from them before including a suit and bow tie and a set of cuff links. This shirt is a great price considering the quality of it. I love the stripe design and this would be great for any man in your life whether they are your partner/dad/son/brother or a friend. Their clothing is true to size.


Statement made necklace

Pricing depends on product/personalisation.

Statement made jewellery have some really beautiful pieces. They can add personalistion to their products, I have my husbands initial N on this necklace. They are such great quality at an affordable price and they really do have something for everyone.  The also have just released a range of Christmas ornaments.


B.Tempted knickers

From £8 depending on colour/style

I personally love new pjs or underwear for Christmas. Knicker Locker have such a fab range of both, as well as swimwear and things for men. These particular knickers are by the brand B.Tempted and they are so soft and comfortable. Often lace underwear can be slightly uncomfortable but these ones are so soft! The fit is good and I opted for a Small, I am a UK 8/10 usually.



Amphora Aromatics Mulled pear candle


This time of year, I love candles. Amphora Aromatics have a beautiful mulled pear and spices candle. I have previously mentioned their Lavender one which is one of my favourite candles. Each candle can burn for up to 40 hours which is great if you only light it for half an hour at a time. The scent is quite strong but not too overpowering and the mulled pear really reminds me of Christmas. I like the neutral colour of the jar meaning it can look good in any room, no matter the decor.


Personalised baubles

£7.99 each

I love personalised presents, I think it is a great way to show someone you have really thought about a gift. This year we bought our first Christmas tree, we previously had my parents old one and some of their decorations but we decided it was time to get our own and all new decorations. I wanted some special baubles to get for my husband. Funky Pigeon have so many personalised items but I opted for the photo baubles where you can upload any photo you wish and add words to them so of course, I got ones of of cats! They are such great quality and will look great on the tree.


Personalised stocking tree decoration


Another great addition to a tree is a personalised decorated stocking. I am really impressed with the quality of this and love how cute the little heads are and how neatly our names are written. You can get lots of decorations from Made with love and sparkle and you can personalise them with peoples name, whether it is for a couple, a whole family or if you want your pets names on! I wanted to just have it for Nick and myself. I think it looks super cute and would be a great gift for anyone especially if it was a first christmas in a new home or with a new member of the family etc.


Warmies heatable soft toy


Hot Water Bottle shop not only supply a massive range of standard hot water bottle covers, they also supply these cute heatabale soft toys. You put them in the microwave for two minutes to heat them up and then they are so warm and smell amazing as they have lavender in. This is perfect for adults or children to cuddle with or take to bed in the winter. In the summer you can even out it in the freezer! Lavender is my favourite scent and is so calming so this is ideal if you aren’t feeling very well to use instead of a hot water bottle.



Pitch Perfect: 3-Movie Boxset

You can get some great boxsets on Amazon from £6, some of the most popular ones are:

Movie boxsets:
>  *   Fast & Furious 8-Film Collection (DVD £24.99, Amazon)
>  *   Transformers: 5-Movie Collection (DVD £19.34, Amazon)
>  *   Pitch Perfect: 3-Movie Boxset (DVD £6.99, Blu-ray £18.00, Amazon)
>  *   Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures (Blu-ray £17.99, Amazon)
>  *   Fifty Shades: 3-Movie Boxset (DVD £11.99, Blu-ray £14.99, Amazon)
>  *   The Godfather Trilogy: The Coppola Restoration (Blu-ray £14.99, Amazon)

I personally love pitch perfect and plan to spend a Sunday binge watching all three films in a row. It is great value to buy DVDs as a box set if you want to watch more than one of them.


Fanatic football gift box


Fanatic create these fab football gift boxes. You can select the box depending on what team you support and you can select if it is for an adult or child. They will also ask your clothing size. I received a sample box to review but if you were to buy one you would receive 5/6 items based on the selected team. My box featured a hat, bottle opener and socks. These are the kind of things they would feature, as well as tshirts, a mug, a calendar and various other products. I think this would be a great gift for a football fan and they have a great range of teams on there. I had to pick Arsenal obviously 🙂


I hope I have given you some ideas 🙂

Sarah x

Image Source: Unsplash

If you are looking to add some colour and texture to our home decoration, art deco is an ideal style to include. This glitzy style emerged in France shortly after World War One and soon encompassed the world, influencing the design of almost everything, and with some careful purchases, you can brighten up your home décor with this glamorous style.

Bold Geometric Shapes

Art Deco is all about bold geometric shapes and rich colours, so you should have a base foundation that employs such designs. You can source online dealer of fine art deco furniture with a simple online search and this will help you to source desired items. Incorporating rich colours and strong geometric shapes into your home décor can make any setting look brighter and by enlisting the help of an online antique dealer, you will have no problem sourcing specific items.

Image Source: Unsplash

Limit Your Art Deco Pieces

There is a real danger of overdoing it with art deco and with the rest of the room neutral, the art deco items add the right amount of colour and depth. One should limit the number of art deco pieces to 3 or 4 in a single room and they should be of the right colour and shape to complement the existing décor.

Online Inspiration

For many homeowners who wish to incorporate art deco into their home, searching online for some inspiration is always a good idea. It can be hard to visualise how a specific item would look in your home setting and a Google image search will give you many fine examples of how art deco can be successfully incorporated into a room’s settings.

Neutral Pallets

If you base the room on neutral colours, adding some colourful art deco items with shiny and rich fabrics will give the room that balanced look. Art deco style wall art is a perfect way to do this, with prints and even hanging fabrics, which go a long way to bringing that much needed colour and depth to an otherwise neutral setting.

Image Source: Unsplash

Be Selective

Art deco comes in many forms and while there might be a few items that “seem to fit”, you really should be selective in what you actually add to a room. Rather than settling for something that looks okay, source items that look like they really belong, which can be done if you browse a few online antique dealers’ websites. If you forge an alliance with one such dealer, you can ask them to source specific items to order and with their extensive connections, finding the right items should never be an issue.

If you need some inspiration, there are informative articles available online that offer interior designing tips for the homeowner, which might help you with your selection.

Vases and other ornaments make for the perfect features in a room that offers a hint of art deco style and by choosing your colours carefully, you can achieve an overall balance.

Sarah x

Really impressed with Home Bargains Halloween range. Here are a few bits I picked up:

Halloween eyelashes – these are great if you are wearing fancy dress or even if you want to dress regularly and just go for a more dramatic eye make up or complete face make up look.


Hallow-scream make up set – great to either go for more dramatic make up or to completely change your face if you are going in fancy dress. Everything you need and lots of colours to use.


Skull glass and straw – I plan to use this all year round, I love anything with skulls on so halloween items are great!


Bopper headband – a simple but effective addition to your everyday outfit. Maybe you are working on halloween and cannot go as fancy dress but you can get away with this headband?!


Hanging skeleton – not too sure where I plan to hang this, but again, pretty sure it will stay up far past halloween….


Feather mask – great addition, like the headband, if you are wearing normal clothing.


3 metre bunting – who can go wrong with bunting, I plan to put this up around the ceiling in my living room.


Happy halloween bunting – more bunting! This would be great in the conservatory.


10 printed balloons – if you are having a party then balloons are a must have!

Window decoration – I am not sure if i want to put this on the living room window for the neighbours to see or maybe in our conservatory. They stick easy to glass and the little pumpkins are cute.

And of course it is worth checking out what Halloween sweets they have for trick or treaters(and yourself!)

Do you decorate your house for halloween?

Sarah x

I shared a post with you a few weeks back about what Tesa products I had been using around the house. Today I wanted to let you know about their craft range you can buy online.

They do so many items, from various tapes, to glue dots and glitter glue. You can see the full range here. My favourite product I have tried has to be the glitter glue as it is perfect if you are into crafting/card making or even to add a simple embellishment onto a wrapped present. They come in various colours, and well, I love anything glittery, haha.

Growing up, my mum always handmade cards and was into her crafts so I have always had an interest in things like that and watched how she made things. A glue stamp would come in so handy if you are layering different pieces of card or paper or even to stick photos on a card or make a display. It is so easy to use!

They also do a double sided film on a dispenser that is so easy to use as you can then pick the length and cut it easy. This should be good in crafting and also in wrapping presents, rather than having ugly tape on the outside, you can use it to join the wrapping paper neatly where it overlaps. I prefer double sided tape to normal tape.

Planning to share these with my mum so she can use them in her card making 🙂

Do any of you do any paper crafts or anything?

Sarah x