“Chilled Maté – (pronounced mah-tay) is a refreshing drink based on an extraction from the Yerba Mate plant – (pronounced yer-bah mah-tay). The plant grows naturally in many regions of South America including in the Amazonian rainforest. The drink was originally steeped, similar to a tea and consumed by various native tribes within the Amazonian basin.  To them the drink gave them both physical and mental alertness as well as being a great provider of vitamins and minerals. ” – chilledmate.com

I have been trying out their two different flavours – natural and sicilian lemon & brazilian lime.

Both flavours are:

  • natural source of energy
  • less than 10 calories per 100ml
  • healthy and authentic yerba mate
  • ethically sourced

I didn’t really know what to expect when I first tried the drinks. I wanted something healthier than a fizzy drink as if I don’t want water and want a can of fizz I usually go for coca cola and that really isn’t good for you.

These drinks are such a better option for you and are a pleasant change from water or squash if you fancy a treat.

Both flavours are vegan friendly.

The natural one tastes like a fizzy fruity tea almost, the taste is very unique and I can’t really compare it to anything I have tried before but it is very refreshing and a real pleasant change from a can of cola or lemonade.

The lemon and lime one has that same taste I described above but with a hint of lemon and lime, like a flavoured sparkling water. It was quite refreshing and would be great as a treat in the summer if you want a cool fizzy drink but want something healthy.

Have you ever heard of this brand?

Sarah x

Now that I am slowly introducing dairy back into my diet I am coming across so many snacks I never knew existed! I got my hands on a couple of treats from Popcorn Shed and I honestly don’t know how I didn’t eat them all in one go!

“Popcorn Shed are rewriting the rules of snacks, in the UK and beyond!

If I am honest, I only ever really had sweet and salty before or toffee. You can eve get cheese flavour?!

The two that I tried were Salted caramel and Berry-licious.

The salted caramel ones were so good! They had milk chocolate on them too and were so moreish.  You could really taste the difference between this brand and your regular supermarket own popcorn. They are so luxurious and would make a great gift for someone as well as a nice snack/treat for yourself!

I have never tried or imagines berry popcorn before but I was pleasantly surprised. It is great they are gluten free, this is the kind of thing my grandad would love but I often struggle with little bits to buy him as he has to stick to a strict gluten free diet.

I really want to try more of their range, the cheese one sounds interesting!

Their whole range is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians which is great.

Do you like popcorn? What is your favourite flavour?

Sarah x

I have been trying out different types of tea from Shibui tea. I decided I wanted to explore the world of tea and see what other flavours I might like.

Shibui leaf tea very kindly sent me out 8 samples to try:

English breakfast

Early grey

Rooibos & orange organic

Chocolate & ginger

Tropical green

Matcha & sencha organic

Mulled spice organic


I usually drink english breakfast and occasionally have green tea or peppermint so i was excited to try some other options.

The teas I tried were from the pyramid bag range and easy to use. I have tried loose tea before and never really go on with it so I much prefer when it is in a bag!

I really enjoyed trying the different flavours. I gave the last two to my mum to try as I am not a gingerbread or mulled spice fan and she really enjoyed them. Out of the others I really liked the tropical green and the matcha & sencha best.

What is your favourite tea?



I am always looking for healthy snacks to try. Whilst I do not eat a vegan diet 100% of the time anymore, I still try to eat healthy and eat better. Plantain chips are a healthier and tastier option to crisps.

I have been trying three different flavours from Purely: naturally salted, nice & spicy and wild garlic.

I have never been a massive crisp fan but when I do eat crisps I like to go for simple flavours so these three were ideal to try. Their chips are gluten free and vegan so great if you have intolerance’s or are vegan. You would be surprised how many crisps have dairy in!

I find plantain to be quite thick and crispy, I really like the texture of it. I think my favourite had to be the nice & spicy ones. The bag was quite big, you get a lot more in a bag than a normal pack of crisps. I really liked the spicy flavour. The other two tasted great as well but this one stuck out.

Have you ever tried plantain?

Sarah x

I have been trying two different flatbreads from Thomas Fudge’s: Cheddar & shallot and Chickpea and sesame.

I wanted to find some snacks that would be great with hummus or avocado, something that was easy to grab. They would also be great with soup or broken up in a salad.

I really like the chickpea ones, they are handy to keep in my desk drawer at work! Whilst I no longer stick to a vegan diet due to health complications, I am still trying to eat well and these are great healthy snack instead of crisps or chocolate. I love anything with chickpea in!

The cheddar ones are really tasty too and these would be great with some cream cheese spread on top! You can buy them in most supermarkets for £1.89 a box.

Have you ever tried these?

Sarah x