As I previously mentioned, I self diagnosed myself with a slight dairy intolerance. If I had too much dairy I would get a stomach ache and my acne would flare up. I knew I needed to avoid it and I have been dairy free for about 6 months now and I don’t look back.

I know you can get allergy tests and things done at the doctors but that is often only if you have struggled for a while of if it effects you really bad. They won’t offer you a test if you think foods are causing acne. I also do wonder if a particular food may cause my migraines.

Lifelab testing are an online service which offer a variety of allergy/intolerance tests. I went for the complete test.

The test arrives in the post and can fit through your letterbox. It is very easy to do and it includes everything you need:

1x alcohol wipe
1x plaster
1x gauze/absorbent pad
1x transport tube
1x microvette 300 ql (sampling tube)
2x lancets CE 0344
1x return envelope
1x activation card with adhesive label

After registering your test online and completing the card, you then have to prick your finger and extract the blood. You fill the small container and then post this back in the envelope provided.

I took my blood on a Tuesday and posted it that afternoon, by Wednesday lunch time I had an email saying they received it and are testing my blood. My results then came back the next Monday via email.

This particular test is for:

Tested Items

  •  IgG4 – Salmon
  •  IgG4 – Cod
  •  IgG4 – Plaice
  •  IgG4 – Squid
  •  IgG4 – Blue mussel
  •  IgG4 – Octopus
  •  IgG4 – Pork
  •  IgG4 – Beef
  •  IgG4 – Lamb
  •  IgG4 – Wheat
  •  IgG4 – Oat
  •  IgG4 – Sesame
  •  IgG4 – Spelt
  •  IgG4 – Amaranth
  •  IgG4 – Carrot
  •  IgG4 – Cucumber
  •  IgG4 – Broccoli
  •  IgG4 – Garlic
  •  IgG4 – Maize
  •  IgG4 – Cabbage
  •  IgG4 – Celery
  •  IgG4 – Sweet lupine
  •  IgG4 – Egg white
  •  IgG4 – Egg yolk
  •  IgG4 – Cheese (Gouda)
  •  IgG4 – Casein
  •  IgG4 – Apple
  •  IgG4 – Orange
  •  IgG4 – Grape
  •  IgG4 – Peach
  •  IgG4 – Mango
  •  IgG4 – Almond
  •  IgG4 – Hazelnut
  •  IgG4 – Peanut
  •  IgG4 – Walnut
  •  IgG4 – Pistachio nut
  •  IgG4 – Cashew nut
  •  IgG4 – Potato
  •  IgG4 – Baker’s yeast
  •  IgG4 – Soy
  •  IgG4 – Tuna
  •  IgG4 – Trout
  •  IgG4 – Pollock
  •  IgG4 – Herring
  •  IgG4 – Oyster
  •  IgG4 – Shrimp
  •  IgG4 – Duck
  •  IgG4 – Chicken
  •  IgG4 – Turkey
  •  IgG4 – Rye
  •  IgG4 – Buckwheat
  •  IgG4 – Barley
  •  IgG4 – Durum wheat
  •  IgG4 – Millet
  •  IgG4 – Quinoa
  •  IgG4 – Gluten
  •  IgG4 – Tomato
  •  IgG4 – Onion
  •  IgG4 – Zucchini
  •  IgG4 – Olive, green
  •  IgG4 – Lentil
  •  IgG4 – Pea, green
  •  IgG4 – Bean, green
  •  IgG4 – Cow’s milk
  •  IgG4 – Sheeps milk
  •  IgG4 – Goat milk
  •  IgG4 – Banana
  •  IgG4 – Kiwi fruit
  •  IgG4 – Lemon
  •  IgG4 – Strawberry
  •  IgG4 – Pineapple
  •  IgG4 – Sunflower seed
  •  IgG4 – Pumpkin seed
  •  IgG4 – Mustard
  •  IgG4 – Sweet basil
  •  IgG4 – Ginger
  •  IgG4 – Coffee
  •  IgG4 – Cacao
  •  IgG4 – Button mushroom
  •  IgG4 – Rice
  •  IgE – Birch
  •  IgE – Hazelnut
  •  IgE – Olive
  •  IgE – Cypress
  •  IgE – Ash
  •  IgE – Timothy grass
  •  IgE – Rye
  •  IgE – Bermuda/Couch grass
  •  IgE – Bahia grass
  •  IgE – Ragweed
  •  IgE – Mugwort
  •  IgE – English plantain
  •  IgE – Cat hair
  •  IgE – Horse hair
  •  IgE – Dog hair
  •  IgE – House dust mites
  •  IgE – Cockroach
  •  IgE – Cladosporium herbarum
  •  IgE – Egg white
  •  IgE – Milk
  •  IgE – Cod
  •  IgE – Salmon
  •  IgE – Crab
  •  IgE – Shrimp
  •  IgE – Meat
  •  IgE – Wheat
  •  IgE – Rice
  •  IgE – Soy
  •  IgE – Potato
  •  IgE – Peanut
  •  IgE – Carrot
  •  IgE – Tomato
  •  IgE – Almond
  •  IgE – Apple
  •  IgE – Orange
  •  IgE – Peach
  •  IgE – Strawberry

It was so interesting to see what it came back saying as I was expecting a reaction to dairy and I had no ideas I would react to certain nuts!

The test results are emailed through and it also shows how severe the allergy/intolerance is.


I am now starting to wonder how nuts effect me? I eat cashews or cashew based snacks a lot, maybe this is causing my migraines and my acne?

I think if you are worried about having a reaction to something but you can’t pin point it yourself then it is worth getting a test done so you know what to avoid.

Are you allergic or intolerant to anything?


Sarah x


I have put together a few food and drink gift ideas for Christmas this year. The below may or may not be vegan. As this is a gift guide I wanted to appeal to a wider audience.

Taste cocktails espresso martini kit


Taste cocktails kits make a great gift, they contain whatever alcohol you need and the recipe card, occasionally you may need to add something you probably have st home.

It contains:

2 x 100ml bottles Tovaritch Vodka
1 x 60ml Coffee Liqueur
1 x 30ml Hazelnut liqueur
1 x 30ml Lazzaroni Amaretto
A recipe card telling you about the cocktails and how to make them

You will also need:

Espresso coffee
A cocktail shaker, and fine strainer
martini glasses, and tall glasses

I think these kits are great and I have had them a few times before. It is great to be given instructions too so you know how to make the drink!


IloveGin – Italian Summer box

£14-£19 depending if you purchase a one off box or membership.

I think the IloveGin boxes are such a great gift for any gin lovers. You can buy one off boxes or a membership. Each box contains the gins and the mixers. It is a great way to try new flavours. This box contains two miniatures (50ml each) of Malfy Rosa and Con Arancia Gins. The box also comes with the delicious Fever Tree Tonics, Classic and Mediterranean of their new Refreshingly Light range.


Personalised wine

From £11.99 depending on label/wine/packaging options.

I think personalised wine is a great gift idea. If you know a wine drinker I am sure they would love a bottle with an extra special label on! The label is high quality and you can pick exactly what it says on. You can pick from a selection of different wines and you can also pay extra for it in a display box.

The wine options are:

Bordeaux (Red Wine)
Rioja (Red Wine)
Sauvignon Blanc (White Wine)
Chardonnay (White Wine)

There are so many label templates to choose from and then you can add your own wording to them. It is easy to follow the checkout process online when picking what options you want.


Grethers pastilles

£6-£7 depending where purchased.

I think these would be great for anyone that regularly gets a sore throat, someone prone to being ill or someone that uses their voice a lot. If you have anyone elderly that loves sucking on sweets I think they would love something like his. They come in such a cute tin too!


Cranes Cider

Various prices depending on flavour options/where you purchase them.

You can buy cranes cider individulally in Asda or online.

They have three flavours:

• Cranberries & Limes
• Blueberries & Apples
• Raspberries & Pomegranates

These ciders are so much more flavorsome than just regular cider you get. My husband thinks that the best one is the blueberries and apple as he says it is so refreshing. I am not a massive drinker but he loves cider and was really impressed with the Cranes range.


Hugos Chocolate club

Pricing depends on membersip:

Monthly subscription
£22 per month

Three month membership – £63
£21 per box

Six month membership – £120
£20 per box

This would make a great one off gift or if you were buying it between a few of you then you could splash out on a membership. The boxes contain a mixture of milk, dark and white chocolate as standard and this is something any chocolate lover would gratefully receive.

The particular box I got which was Septembers contains 4 items:

Coco chocolatier honey milk chocolate

Duffys fine chocolate with coca nibs and oak smoked salt

The chocolate cottage eton mess and lemon meringue chocolate

Neals raspberry delight chocolate bar

This would be perfect for any chocolate lover and the products are really good quality and I had to have a taste tester due to my vegan diet and I was told they all tasted amazing!


Capacitea tea set


The gift set contains 3 tea boxes each with 12 teabags plus a capacitea glass mug.

Glass Mug (500ml)

Chinese Green Tea (36g)

Chinese Yellow Tea (36g)

Chinese Jasmine Tea (36g)

I have been trying a lot of teas recently. I never really got on with loose tea though so something like this is perfect. I am loving the green tea right now. Green tea is so good for you and this one tastes really nice. This would be the perfect set for any tea lover, you could also check out what other flavours of tea they do.

The tea tastes really great quality but not too strong and I love how cool the clear glass mug is so can see the drink.


Diamond Shaped Whiskey Glasses


These look awesome! They are sold as whiskey glasses but you could put any drink in them. I have never seen anything like these before so they really stood out when I was browsing . If you know someone that enjoys a tipple of an evening then these would be a great present. They also will look amazing left out on display when not in use!


I hope I have given you some ideas 🙂

Sarah x

I came across this great dairy free/vegan online shop called Dairy Free Triangle. I decided to put together a small order and try a few bits. They arrived quickly and it was packed with a cool pack to keep it chilled in transit.

What I tried:

Various cheeses – From £2

Spray cream – £2.20

Mayonnaise –  £1.80

Baked beans with vegan burgers – £1.79

As you can see, everything is so reasonable priced. Often vegan products or free from products can be so expensive, especially if you are looking at the free from section in a supermarket. It is so nice to find somewhere that has such a great range of products and at a good price and with such quick delivery. It turned up in a couple of days and I was so impressed.

They have such a great range of cheeses, that is one thing I really missed and so far most of the ones I have tried have tasted like plastic! Not heard of GreenVie before but really impressed with their two cheeses I have tried. I love cheese in a wrap with a meat alternative, on pasta or pizza, or in a toastie. I love the Mediterranean style one the best.

The mayonnaise is spot on, I bought one a few months back which wasn’t much bigger and was like three times the price and this one tastes exactly the same and exactly like I remember mayo to taste. Ideal for sandwiches and wraps.

I didn’t even know you could get vegan squirty cream so this has been a game changer for puddings in my house! It goes with everything haha.

The beans and burgers was a pleasant treat on toast one day for breakfast. I have been having regular beans but missed like beans and sausages and stuff so this was so nice to have.

They have lots of gluten free things too 🙂


Sarah x

Lazy day treats can be bought in lots of supermarkets. Not only are they vegan but gluten free too. I love products that are gluten free too as they are great for people with an intolerance. I worried that when I decided to eat a vegan diet that I would miss out on chocolate and tasty treats but that definitely is not the case!

The range are free from:





Hydrogenated fats

And suitable for Vegans and Coeliacs.

Since eating a vegan diet I have been a lot more aware of what is in foods as I have to check every label. My granddad has to eat a gluten free diet so I am always on the hunt for nice treats for him too so these are something we could share.

Most vegan stuff you can tell it isn’t like regular chocolate but these honestly you wouldn’t even know they were any different.

I love the tiffin the best, it is so good I had to refrain myself from sitting and eating the whole pack!

I think these packs are great as a treat or if you know anyone with any allergies get them some to try 🙂

Have you seen this brand or tried them?

Sarah x

Still continuing my plant based/vegan journey… I have been trying so many new foods the last few months and have been sharing a few with you guys. This week I have been eating a lot of patacones plantain chips. Ask me a month a go what they are and I would have said.. huh?…

These chips are made from sliced plantain, fried and then seasoned. They are a great bar snack and are advertised to go well with rum. I am happy to just sit at home and work my way through a bag!

They taste almost like fried batter but at the same time a really posh tasty pack of crisps. I am actually sat eating a whole bag as I type this! Why has no one told me about plantain before?!

Have you ever heard of these?

Sarah x