One thing I have really missed since eating a vegan diet is having a whole box of chocolates to munch on. I know you can get so many different bars of chocolate and bags of chocolate goodies but I haven’t seen many proper boxes of chocolates. I came across Nouri online and just had to try their chocolates!

In their box of chocolates you get four different flavours: chocolate and hazelnuts, coconut and chia, matcha green tea and sesame & cardamom.

They are all vegan with no added sugar and are gluten free too. If you don’t fancy a whole box or want to just try one specific flavour you can buy a small pack of 3 or a pack of 10 of an individual flavour.

My favourite has to be the chocolate and hazelnut, I love anything chocolaty and nutty! The chocolates are very rich and tasty. They taste like a really posh box of chocolates and you can taste the quality and tell they have only used the best ingredients.

I can honestly tell you that these chocolates didn’t last too long as I ate them all within a few days they were so good!

Something like this would be ideal if you know anyone vegan or with a lactose/dairy or gluten allergy.

I love finding new vegan treats ūüôā

Sarah x

Its that time of year where it is perfectly acceptable to have candles burning all the time and all over the house! I find with candles they can often be hit or miss, they can smell nice the whole time they burn or they can smell good when you first light them and then they lose the scent. I find it important to try and find a good quality candle that will smell good right until the very end! My favourite one right now is this grapefruit and Seville orange from visibly vegan.

I love the simple packaging as I am not keep on coloured candles, this way you can have it in any room in the house and not have to worry if it matches your colour scheme if you have one. It smelt great when I initially got it out the box and it is so lovely once you start burning it. I have been burning it every day and it is about a third of the way down now and still smells as great as when I first opened the box so I am really impressed. It fills the room with the beautiful scent and I love how long it is lasting.

If you buy one through¬†¬†and use code tradem18 you can get ¬£5 off ūüôā

What is your favorite candle?

Sarah x

I have been trying to use more natural skincare now that my acne has calmed down and have been trying lots of great things. I am really impressed with the naturaline range and have tried a few things:

Aloe vera/eyebright eye make up remover

I always like to remove my eye make up before I wash my face so using this on a cotton wool pad is eyedeal(see what I did there haha). I often get sensitive eyes so as this is more natural it doesn’t make my eyes sore when I remove my make up.

Cucumber/guava facial wash

This wash is great to use in the morning. I like to wash my face as soon as I get up to help wake me up and feel refreshed ready to start the day. The cucumber is so hydrating and refreshing.

Edelweiss day cream

I like to use a small amount of cream after I wash my face in the morning, anything too heavy and my face feels too greasy. This cream feels very soft to apply and I only use a small bit over my whole face to keep it hydrated all day but without being greasy.

Really impressed with this range!

Sarah x

Nutreelife have created a new selection of vegan and gluten free bars. They are all high in protein and plant based as well as being soy free/ dairy. I think it is great how many products you can get nowadays that are free from lots of things as so many people have allergies and it is hard to find snacks.

Each bar has a different formula depending on what you want to eat it for:

Detox –¬†Our Activated Charcoal and Blueberry Bar is ideal to cleanse and support everyday health. The Activated Charcoal works to improve digestion by binding to certain compounds and reducing bloating, while the Blueberry provides essential antioxidants for a detoxing effect.

Recovery –¬†Designed to aid recovery and increase energy levels the all-natural way, the Turmeric and Black Pepper Bar contain active ingredients as well as plant-based protein. Curcumin is the active ingredient found in turmeric, which has incredible anti-inflammatory benefits.

Energy boost –¬†Containing plant-based protein crispies, Beetroot and Guarana, this bar is the ideal way to provide vital energy the natural way. Beetroot, which is rich in nitrates, helps to increase the nitric oxide levels in the blood, which can help in providing the body with a consistent source of energy.

Wellbeing –¬†In a delicious pistachio flavour, the Cacao, Chlorella & Coconut is designed to support overall wellbeing. With three key ingredients, Chlorella is an algae that is rich in essential vitamins and minerals known to support immune system health. In addition, Cacoa is packed full of phytonutrients, which are a great source of magnesium. Finally, Coconut provides energy and improves digestion.

My favourite is the energy boost, not just for the fact that it helps to give you energy when needed but it is my favourite tasting one out of the four. I quite like the texture of the bars and that they are all peanut based as I love peanuts. I really do think its great they appeal to anyone that is gluten free as well as vegan/dairy free or soy free.

You can buy a mixed box or buy a box of just one variety, so if you want to try them all before you pick a favourite then you can. I love the chocolate brownies you can buy on their website too.

Have you tried these?

Sarah x

I love AnuUK products, I have had a couple of their candles before and the scents were so beautiful and the candles such great quality. I have been trying out the essential oil burner which I think is so beautiful and was only £22. They have such a great range of oil blends to use in the oil burner too which you can pick up from £5.

I am really into meditating recently and trying to create a calm atmosphere in our bedroom to relax before going to sleep. I have found that burning candles or using an oil burner has really helped. You can get so many great oil blends that help to calm you as the scent is released into the air.

It is as simple as lighting a tealight underneath and then placing water and dropping the oil into the top bowl. If you find that you fall in love with a scent then you can also get the ceramic diffuser to put in your car or hang up in another room or somewhere. I think this is a super cool idea and have never seen anything like it before.

The scents:


The scent: Fresh lavender fields, herbal

The energy: calming, relaxing, connecting


The scent: forest walks, fresh air, connection to nature

The energy: grounding, supporting


The scent: Fresh, herbal

Consistency: Light


The scent: Sharp, herbal, fresh

Consistency: Light

You can of course mix the scents together, my favourite one has to be opulence with a bit  of lavender added.

Have you used an oil burner before? Do you have a favourite scent?

This would make a great Christmas gift ūüôā

Sarah x