You don’t get fitter in the gym, but outside of it you do. That’s not a statement design to confuse you, it’s scientific fact. During our workouts what is happening is the breaking down or cells. Our muscles are suffering tiny little tears, which is what we need in order to shock our bodies into becoming stronger. When the body senses this, it begins to make repairs and make our bodies stronger in the process. This happen outside the gym, while we rest and or sleep. What we eat is just as important as our workouts. The workout itself is purely to hurt our body so it can get shocked and start a process of making sure that next time something similar happens again, it will be ready. So you don’t get fitter while you workout, but outside and away from your workouts you do. What could aid you in this?

Get to bed!

You only truly begin to heal when you’re sleeping. The body can begin to replenish damaged muscle tissue with nutrients and protein but the real healing process begins when you’re in REM sleep. REM sleep is when the brain will activate chemicals that send signals to the body to begin releasing different cells to go to the places in your body that are damaged. An increase supply of white blood cells will also be launched and they will travel to wherever they can find damage. The only way you can get the most benefits from your workouts is to get to bed on time. You really do need 8 hours of sleep every single night. Not 5, 6 or 7 but 8!

Scraping away the old

When your workout, little tiny microscopic tears are formed. This means that little but little, an area will have old and dead cells clustering around a tear which will eventually heal. If this is allowed to happen, scar tissue can form which is a very hard wall that stops proper blood flow and also slows down repair. If you take a sports massage course such as Dave Taylor Training you’ll get the inside knowledge of this profession and since it is sports deep tissue massage it can be called a hidden artform. The techniques you’ll learn will allow you to scrape away the old cells from an area and allow fresh new blood cells to come in and rejuvenate your body. Professional athletes will pay huge sums of money to such professionals that can aid their body in faster and more efficient recovery so take this knowledge seriously. 

Eat healthy

It’s sound like a completely obvious thing, but eating healthy is far tougher than you might think. It’s one thing to workout but to make sure that for 3 or 4 meals throughout the day you are make sure to limit carbs and increase fruit and vegetable intake takes a lot of willpower

Get the sleep you need to recover properly, and this means getting into a REM sleep phase. Learn about how you can utilize deep tissue massage for yourself and how it might be able to wash away the old unhealthy cells to flush in the new blood. 

Sarah x

I am always looking for healthy snacks to try. Whilst I do not eat a vegan diet 100% of the time anymore, I still try to eat healthy and eat better. Plantain chips are a healthier and tastier option to crisps.

I have been trying three different flavours from Purely: naturally salted, nice & spicy and wild garlic.

I have never been a massive crisp fan but when I do eat crisps I like to go for simple flavours so these three were ideal to try. Their chips are gluten free and vegan so great if you have intolerance’s or are vegan. You would be surprised how many crisps have dairy in!

I find plantain to be quite thick and crispy, I really like the texture of it. I think my favourite had to be the nice & spicy ones. The bag was quite big, you get a lot more in a bag than a normal pack of crisps. I really liked the spicy flavour. The other two tasted great as well but this one stuck out.

Have you ever tried plantain?

Sarah x

I have been trying two different flatbreads from Thomas Fudge’s: Cheddar & shallot and Chickpea and sesame.

I wanted to find some snacks that would be great with hummus or avocado, something that was easy to grab. They would also be great with soup or broken up in a salad.

I really like the chickpea ones, they are handy to keep in my desk drawer at work! Whilst I no longer stick to a vegan diet due to health complications, I am still trying to eat well and these are great healthy snack instead of crisps or chocolate. I love anything with chickpea in!

The cheddar ones are really tasty too and these would be great with some cream cheese spread on top! You can buy them in most supermarkets for £1.89 a box.

Have you ever tried these?

Sarah x

A weekend getaway can be a great way to relax and escape the stresses of everyday life. But a weekend escape often means having to leave your pet behind. But why should they have to miss out and all the fun? Taking your pooch away for an adventure can be a fantastic way for you all to spend time together, meaning nobody has to miss out on the fun. 

Enjoy a trip to remember with these tips for planning the perfect weekend getaway with your dog.

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Work out how far you can travel

Different animals have different tolerances for travelling, and some dogs might not cope with travelling for too long in a car. It’s worth doing some practice drives to see what’s realistic when it comes to travelling so that you know your dog is happy and comfortable. Even if you can’t travel long distances with your dog, there are still some nearby spots you could enjoy for a change of scenery and the chance to get away for a bit.

Find somewhere suitable

The next step is for planning your weekend away is to find some suitable accommodation. You’ll find dog-friendly cottages all over the UK which provide luxury accommodation in some incredible locations. Choose somewhere with plenty of outdoor space that your dog can run around in and some great nearby locations for long walks.

Make sure they’re healthy

If your dog is in poor health, travelling and being away from home might not be in their best interest. Would you want to be on holiday while you’re unwell? Give your dog a check over to make sure there aren’t any issues that might make travel stressful. If they’re off their food, sleeping a lot or showing other signs of illness, make sure you get them to the vet for a more thorough check.

Get your car ready for travel

Everyone gets tired, agitated and grouchy when travelling, and your dog will be no exception. Making your car as comfortable as possible for your pet will make the journey smoother and help them to feel safe and at ease. You’ll want a specially designed crate or a seatbelt can keep your dog safe, which you can line with blankets, toys and other comforts to help them last the trip. Read some tips on safe car travel for pets to help make the journey easier and give you some ideas on keeping your pet happy on the road.

Pack enough food

While you might be able to eat in country pubs and restaurants, it’s unlikely that you’ll find somewhere that caters for your pooch too. Packing enough food (plus a little extra) to last the weekend will mean that your dog remains well-fed while you’re away. You could take some travel-friendly pet bowls with you so that they can eat by your side, or stop to take a break if you’re planning some long days of walking. Don’t forget to pack some treats to so that you can reward your dog for good behaviour while you’re away from home.

Carry plenty of water with you

A country escape is the perfect opportunity to explore nearby landscapes and do a lot of walking. Just as you would take enough water for you during a walk, you also need to consider the needs of your dog, especially if you’re going to be doing a lot of exercise. A portable water bowl is a great idea to take with you and can easily be packed away in a backpack. Take plenty of bottles of water with you so that you can all stay hydrated during your walk.

Follow the rules of the country

Heading off somewhere for the weekend is a great opportunity to explore somewhere new, for both you and your dog. A new place with plenty of new smells and places to run around can make your dog extra excited, which can be a joy to watch. However, it’s important that you exercise caution when you’re in a new place, as there may be rules and regulations that you’re unfamiliar with. Beaches might have ‘no dog’ policies, or ‘no dogs off leads’, while you should always observe the countryside code when you’re in the country. Be respectful of the rules, they’re there to protect you, your dog and others from harm.

Help them to behave 

When you’re staying somewhere that isn’t your home, you need to be extra cautious of your dog’s behaviour. Making sure that they don’t scratch or chew at the furniture is important if you want to have any security deposits returned! Keep them occupied with deer antler dog chews, which make a fitting gift for your trip. Don’t leave them alone in your accommodation – the whole point of bringing them on your trip is to spend time with them, so make sure you plan dog-friendly activities throughout the weekend.

Bring plenty of home comforts

While you might relish the idea of being away from home for the weekend, your dog might feel a bit homesick. Even though you’re by their side, it helps to have a few familiar items nearby that they can sniff and be comforted by. Pack things like toys, blankets, and even their bed if you can, so that they feel much happier in their surroundings and soon forget about home. You might even want to consider having them sleep in your room during your stay to help them feel more at ease.

Planning a weekend away with your dog is a good way to include them in all of your adventures. You can enjoy a range of experiences as a family that will help you create some excellent memories and help everyone to feel relaxed and refreshed. Make a wish list of places you’d like to visit and get planning! Want to venture a little further? Read some tips on taking your pet abroad and enjoy even more adventures across the globe.

Sarah x

I have seen so many people talking about rosehip oil and how good it is for your face and is ideal if you suffer with any skin concerns. I wanted to try it out to see if it would help with my acne and help to heal my acne scars.

The one I have been trying is from a brand called RosehipPLUS and you can buy their range on Amazon.

The oil is extracted from the seeds without heat, solvents or chemicals, guaranteeing the oil’s purity and quality. RosehipPLUS only use the seeds from the rosehip berry, but some other oils can have a dark reddish hue, this is mainly due to the flesh from the berry being used. RosehipPLUS are the only range to remove the flesh from the berry before pressing, hence it’s warm golden colour This one-of-a-kind technique means that the maximum levels of nutrients are retained, ensuring that skin gets all the goodness from Rosehip Oil.

You only need a few drops and I like to apply to my face after I have washed it before bed. It soaks in quickly and smells really nice. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I have noticed my face looks and feels softer and my acne scars around my jawline are improving. My medicated acne cream from the doctors can often be quite harsh and drying so using an oil like this is perfect to rebalance my skin and put that extra moisture back in.

I never used to use oils but I love them nowadays.

What facial oils do you use?

Sarah x