A Brief History Of Bracelets

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Bracelets are a common form of jewellery that is highly popular today and has been popular for thousands of years. Archaeologists have found bracelets from various civilisations and made them by using numerous materials, showing humans have worn this type of decoration for a long time. Below is a brief history of the different kinds of bracelets, so you understand the origins of the jewellery you wear.

The Earliest Bracelets

Archaeologists have found evidence of bracelets that can date back up to 7,000 years, and these early bracelets were different to what is worn today. The earliest bracelets were made using tree limbs, shells, and grasses, and it was quite a while before metal was used to create them. The oldest ones have been found in China, Mesopotamia, and Egypt, and it was not till after the Bronze Age (2000 to 1400 B.C.) that you find precious metals being used, such as gold and silver.

Reserved For The Privileged Few

We find that the earliest bracelet designs from metal were often only available for people with a certain status, such as royalty. The skill and work required to create intricate bracelet designs meant that most people could not afford them. As a result, the poorest people continued to use natural materials such as wood and grasses to make their bracelets. In contrast, the fewer, more privileged people had beautifully intricate designs of antique bracelets created from precious and semi-precious metals.

A 17th Century Revival

When the 17th century came along, metalworking techniques had improved immensely, and it was now much more affordable to have intricate jewellery created. However, it was still out of reach of many of the population, so although they did have metal bracelets, the designs were often plain and simple. It would be a couple of hundred years before bracelets can be produced efficiently and at less cost, opening the doors for the masses.

All these antique bracelets can still be valuable today. The beauty of these pieces of jewellery is that when they’ve been well taken care of that most of their original parts are still intact, they can be sold at a higher price today. If you think you have one, you may wish to have a professional check it out for you and see its value.

The 20th Century

With the 20th century came a significant increase in technology, which also affected the available jewellery. In addition, the mining for the precious metals and gems used in the bracelets had increased, which meant more materials were available. The skill of the artisans creating jewellery also improved, and with an abundance of materials, lower costs, and increased demand, many more people started to wear beautifully designed bracelets.

As you move towards the latter half of the century, jewellery started to become mass-produced, flooding the market with affordable jewellery. However, the quality of the jewellery went down considerably, and many people still prefer handmade jewellery, especially those crafted prior to the 20th century, as these pieces have more character. 

Modern Day

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In the modern age in which we live, we now have many choices when looking to purchase beautiful bracelets. There are many types of mass-produced jewellery available to buy, but there is also an increase in skilled artisans creating beautiful handmade designs. 

Many people still love antique designs over modern ones, which means there will always be a market for them. For more information on the history of bracelets through the ages, a search on Google should lead you to more articles that talk about this topic.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Customers eCommerce Experience

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Ecommerce sales have boomed in recent years. No thanks in part to the way covid-19 has changed the way people shop. The shift to a more digital life is happening all around us, and it is no surprise that many businesses are creating e-commerce sites to boost their sales.

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So how can you improve the functionality of your e-commerce site and help you to improve sales?

Treat Your Customers

Recent stats attest that retaining your customers by an extra 5% can increase sales by 25%. Great ways to retain customers include offering discounts for their next purchase. Offering bigger discounts for spending more money or offering loyalty points for repeat customs, or entering all sales into a customer prize draw.

Improved Customer Service

People shop at all hours of the day and night. Especially if you offer international shipping options, they could have queries that need addressing when you aren’t able to be online. Chatbots can help you to respond to enquiries or requests for information when you can’t answer them.

AI chatbots can be programmed to answer simple queries and ultimately direct people to someone who can answer them during working hours. Additionally, adding live chat support can help you to respond to a person. In fact, over 71% of people prefer to use a live chat option if available. Click here to find out more.

Free shipping

Or, indeed, anything free. Customers like gifts, and oftentimes, the offer of free shipping can be the difference between a successful checkout or an abandoned cart.

Incentives to complete the sale or free items in their orders can help to boost your reputation and increase customer service increasing the likelihood they will continue to shop with you.

Integrate Social Media

Share what you do, share your offers and new products online for your followers to see. Build a community of existing customers via secret groups on Facebook and build our community online by increasing your presence on social media to encourage sales. Emails are an essential part of your social media campaign, too, so create a subscriber ist and make it as personal as possible.

Be confident in replying to customers and followers to help build a rapport with people and encourage them to engage and interact with you to convert into sales.

Personalise It

We live in the age of personalization. Personalized emails are no longer enough. Throughout the buyer’s journey, you must personalise the shopping experience based on various variables. Utilise recommendation engines to provide personalised product recommendations based on the user’s location, shopping, and browsing history.

Aside from that, eCommerce stores can use exit intent pop-ups, discounts, abandoned cart messages, and other methods to ensure that their customer experience game is on point.

In Conclusion

Think about what makes you return to your favourite e-commerce sites and look at how you can adapt this approach to your own e-commerce site. Viewing it from the customer’s perspective can help you to one your site and how to see how others interact with it when shopping.

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Ladies, Read These Lifting Myths Before You Workout!

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There are so many conversations that pop up when women want to lift weights. From the ridicule online by those who think they know better to the constant undertone of “weights will make you bulky”, women are often turned off the weights in the gym, and they really shouldn’t be. 

Lifting is one the ways that women can become leaner, improve their stamina and ensure that they are at peak performance. When you choose to lift weights, you also choose to make sure that your body is prepped and ready. Whether you do this with Steel reviews or you get some advice from your doctor about protein-rich foods, you need to ensure that your body is ignoring the myths. With that in mind, let’s look at those annoying myths that are thrown at women when they want to work out with weights.

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  1. You’ll get too bulky. We mentioned that one, and it’s one that still tops the list. It’s an old myth and it’s been debunked many times, and yet it’s still thrown out there! Women are often afraid that they’ll go all Schwarzenegger instead of getting leaner. The thing is, it happens to men because of their hormones and testosterone. Women don’t have the same levels of testosterone, which means that they will be leaner than men would! Lifting is massively beneficial for women, as it helps to strengthen the muscles and the bones.
  2. Muscle will turn to fat too fast. It’s a common myth, but muscle doesn’t miraculously change to fat. They are two very different things and it would have to be magic for this to happen. When you stop lifting, muscles will sag, and this ends up with losing tone and strength.
  3. You should switch out legs and arms. There is absolutely no need to work one muscle group at a time when you can work them all. It’s alway easier to maintain one muscle at a time, but it’s not productive. Choose workouts that encompass all the muscle groups and make sure that you are working out regularly!
  4. Weights are bad for your joints. It’s common that weights can put some stress on your joints. However, there are studies to show that when you exercise properly with the right form, you will strengthen those joints!
  5. You have to go higher with weights to see results. This also isn’t true! You can lift heavier weights, but there’s no need.consistency is the key here, not the weight of the plate! Your ability to work out regularly is going to be the contributor to the way that you look. 
  6. You need to take supplements. You don’t need to take supplements to make your body leaner with weights. Weight lifting isn’t going to be about adding snooker balls under your skin, and the only thing that you need to do is ensure that you are safe and healthy while you do it. 

You can lift and you should. All women deserve to be strong women!

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3 Benefits of Choosing a Local Window Installer

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Home improvement projects are always exciting for most homeowners. However, there are so many factors that can decide whether the projects will be successful and the results are ideal.

In addition to the comprehensive planning steps like obtaining building permits and figuring out the budget, people always need to find reliable contractors to help them put the fancy ideas into reality. No matter if you need to work with a professional landscaping Toronto company, a dumpster bin rental service provider or an appliance repair company, you should consider local ones. So does the window installer. For people who want to build a brand new house, they can not only work with local window installers, but also consider a custom home builder to get a consistent house.

Whether you want to install triple pane windows or get a window replacement done, you’ve got a decision to make. Should you go with a big company or seek out the services of a local window installer? While many simply go with the big company, you are doing yourself a disservice not to consider a local installer and we’ll tell you why.

Here are 3 strong benefits to going with a local window installer that you might not have considered.

Recommendations that you can rely on

A local window installer doesn’t have a huge database of customers. They do business locally and as such, word of mouth can really make or break their business. When you read an online review for a larger company, you never really know if those testimonials were paid for.

With a local window installer, all the reviews are likely from your neighborhood or close.

You can go and see examples of their work before you commit

Maybe you are considering having some vinyl windows put in or want to otherwise enhance your home windows and doors. With a larger company, you can’t really go and see examples of their work very easily.

With a local window installer, you can ask about work they’ve done and likely with a little drive you can see their actual work. You might even decide that you have some new ideas for your own window replacement based on the work you’ve just seen!

Personalized service means something – especially these days

Finally, with a big business there is a bit of an imbalance. You are seeking them out for their name, but to them you are often just a number. With a local window installer, you get personalized business that you can put a face and name to.

These people rely on your good word and on your satisfaction, so they are going to treat you much better than a big business somewhere that handles nothing but bulk business as fast as possible. With a local installer, you get custom care and if you have concerns about the work, you can bet that they will be addressed!

Nowadays, you can make lots of custom changes to a nice window or door. For example, you can choose the material and color for the windows; also you can customize the entry door with smart lock installation. There are tons of details you can discuss with a resourceful local window installer.

In closing

Going with a local window installer for your window and door needs is really the best choice if you want service that is personalized, quality, and that stands by their reputation. You can get recommendations from people in your area, you can see examples of their work, and you are definitely not just a number to them – you are a valued customer.

So, do yourself a favor and give it some consideration. A local window installer really is the best fit!

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Improve energy efficiency with the right windows

Energy efficiency is extremely important in any home. In the winter, heat can easily escape through old windows and doors, for example. You will end up paying that much more each month and the same goes for your air conditioner in summer.

So, to ensure that you don’t spend too much on your energy bills, you should look into installing the right windows and doors to ensure maximum insulation. It is true that you need to take into account many factors when choosing the new products, but you can save much time if you work with your local window installers. They should have the right knowledge and experience to help you find energy efficient and affordable products. 

Low-E coatings

Low-E coatings are also known as Low Emissivity coatings. They help limit the amount of energy lost through your windows. They are very thin layers that you can hardly even see. They help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter so they are an excellent investment. 

You can also consider triple pane windows, which have the best performance in conserving energy. They are quite popular in cold places like Canada. 

Insulating your windows

There are many different ways of adding insulation around your windows. These include rubber sealing, magnetic inserts, caulking and draft snakes. Different methods will suit different budgets and each method has its own pros and cons. Make sure that you choose the right option to suit your needs and budget. 


The windows you install will define the theme and design scheme of your property. They can set your property apart from all the rest. Old or worn windows are a security risk, they are unattractive and they will also allow for air (and possibly water) infiltration, leading to energy loss. 

Speaking of window styles, remember that they don’t just allow air into your home. If you install bay or bow windows, you can actually make your home more spacious and bright! It’s not an optical illusion either. You can use the space created for extra seating, a reading nook or even a place to set your beautiful piano. There are many ways of putting this space to great use while achieving energy efficiency.

Patio Doors

These doors can make or break the room leading to your patio. You can take your pick from sliding or regular patio doors. If you opt for doors with hinges, make sure that you have enough space for them to open completely. If not, sliding patio doors are your best bet. The right energy efficient doors can really open up your living space and create the impression of a bigger room. 

Different frame materials

The materials from which your window frames are made are also important. Each type of material conducts heat and cold temperatures differently. For instance, metal frames will transfer heat and cold very easily. Vinyl frames do not offer much conductivity which means that they offer better insulation. Not to mention the fact that they have chambers in between which helps slow the temperature transfer process. If you are considering installing new entry doors, you should think about fiberglass doors, which is a great energy efficient option for homeowners. 

Installation process

Windows should always be installed by a professional in order to ensure that they work properly. Incorrectly installed windows will allow air and water infiltration which can even result in damage to the surrounding walls. 

Add Curtains

In addition to choosing the right windows for your home, you can take it a step further by installing curtains. They will help block out the sun in summer and act as an additional barrier against the cold in the winter. A beautiful custom drape can also elevate your home style.

Improved home value

Once you have installed new windows in your home, you can be bold enough to up the asking price. You should consider the financial investment that you have made and figure this into your final asking amount. Of course there will be many other additions you can think of. For example, you can install new epoxy garage floors or repair kitchen appliances to elevate your home.

You need to invest in quality rather than simply choosing the cheapest option available. Your new windows should be covered by a warranty and the vendor should provide you with all the product details you need to make an informed decision. The quality product and reliable installation services are a must for providing the lasting protection and comfort for your home in the future years.

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Everything You Need For The Perfect Playroom

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Are you looking for the right ways to create the perfect playroom in your property? Here are some of the key options that we recommend that you do explore here that could be ideal. 

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A room

First, you need to choose the right space in your home for a playroom. You might have a room in your home that is already free and isn’t in use. If that’s the case, then it makes sense to use this space. Alternatively, you might need to clear out a space in your home. You can do this by using a storage solution. They will keep your furniture and items safe until you need them again. This is useful if you don’t have additional storage space in your home. 

You could also think about converting an area of your home into a playroom. The attic or basement are both great options and the cost of a conversion like this may not be as high as you might expect. 


Playrooms are the perfect space for kids to let loose and get rid of some of the built up energy. They can also be a wonderful area where kids can get creative and maybe even be as loud as they like. If you are interested in ideas and possibilities like this, then sound proofing is highly recommended. The right soundproofing will guarantee that your kids can be as loud as they like and they won’t disturb you. The best way to soundproof is to add foam to the walls that you can get from any home depot store. 

Tech and Toys

A playroom needs to be entertaining. You should aim to set it up to guarantee that it’s the perfect space where kids can play solo or with another. It can even be an area where you can spend time with your kids. It largely depends on what you want to use a space like this for. To ensure this is the case, you need to invest in the right toys and tech. You should definitely consider adding a TV to the playroom. This can easily be fitted onto the wall. That way, you don’t have to worry about it toppling over when you’re not in the room.  

A beautiful design

Finally, you need to ensure that your playroom does have a beautiful design. You may want to explore the concept of colour psychology here. Colour psychology is the concept that different colours impact our mood in a variety of ways. For instance, red makes you feel angry. However, if you want to ensure that this is a great creative space for your kids, then, you should consider painting it green. Alternatively, pastel colors for a soothing, relaxing environment. 

We hope this helps you understand everything that you need to consider when you are creating the perfect playroom for your kids. If you take the right steps here, then you will be able to guarantee that the room provides everything your children need and fits beautifully as a new part of your home.

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