We are aware about the wonders of hair extensions, but it becomes a nightmare when we need to choose a hair extension from a pool of brands available in the market. Hair extensions are considered to be an investment, the higher quality you buy, the longer is the shelf life and the more real they look. After all, what are hair extensions for?

Don’t you worry, we’ve curated some basic points which will help you find the best quality hair extensions according to your need:

How To Choose The Best Hair Extensions For Yourself?

Growing long, beautiful and shiny hair is a tedious task but all thanks to hair extensions that they’ve made our work easier. Healthy and beautiful looking hair is the key to your appearance and why would you not want that? The dilemma is that growing and maintaining those long locks or strands is such a time taking and a next to impossible task and that too throughout your life.

Without much further ado, let’s take you to the tour of hair extensions that makes your shopping a little bit easy:

1. Always Choose Remy Human HairCuz, It is the best!

Firstly, Remy human hair lasts longer that any other synthetic hair extensions. Secondly, they look natural, isn’t that what we want?

Remy human hair can withstand heat and water. You can treat them like your natural hair, straighten them or wash them, they are going to be your side always! It is one of the high-quality hair extensions that you can have.

In my opinion, Sleek Remy Couture Silky Weave is one of the best options, if you like your hair to be weaved. Braided hair styles are my thing and I love having them on my hair!

2. Find The Best Texture– It is utmost importance!

The only goal is to blend the hair extension into your natural hair! Well, it includes the texture as well. You need to touch your natural hair, feel the texture of your hair and this is how you choose the right textured hair extensions!

If you choose a hair extension which does not match your natural hair, you will end up looking messy despite all the effort. Examine your hair extension before buying one!

3. Choose the right colour– Jazz Up Your Look!

Never add blonde curls to brown ones, cuz they look pretty bad and might spoil your occasion too! Pay attention to your natural hair colour, find the right match and then take the plunge.

If by any chance, your hair isn’t one-dimensional, buy a dual colour blend hair extension. It will not only match but also makes your hair look awesome after styling.

Make the right choice, use your wisdom to the fullest!

4. Decide on the Length– Know your Type!

Long hair or short hair, it doesn’t suit all! Obviously, every length can’t suit everyone, right? Lady, you need to sort your priority. If you prefer short hair most of the time, don’t buy very long hair extensions because they won’t make you feel comfortable at all times. It’s best that you have a clear picture in your mind of how you want to look at various occasions and how you are going to feel.

Make sure you imagine where and when you want the hair extension! As this will make you look amazing and beautiful!

5. Occasions are important! – Never Ignore Them!

Occasions decide how you should look! Obviously, you are buying hair extensions so won’t be wearing them for just one occasion. Before buying them, just think about the occasions you prefer attending. If you really find hair extensions to be your friend for most of the occasions, then sure you should buy them and get that dreamy look!

Hair extensions are expensive, and they tend to go a long way, use your money and hair extensions wisely!

In a nutshell, hair extensions are a precious addition to your hair! It gives you the look of your dreams! Before you apply them, make sure you’re choosing an impeccable set of hair extensions!

Finally, have fun and steal many shows with your gorgeous hair!

Sarah x

Femmeluxe have an amazing sale on right now, so it is a great time to grab a few bargains as the seasons are changing and we are all trying to get more comfy winter clothes!

I talk about this website a lot on here as I am so impressed with their clothes. They fit me so well and have so many different things that are great prices and great quality.

As usual, I ordered all of the items in a small/medium which is a UK 8-10 or a size 10 if there was no S/M option and I find this is the best size option for me and they fit really well.

Grey Loungewear Tracksuit Set
Maria – S/M (8/10) / Grey


I have had a few of their loungewear sets before, but this is more of a tracksuit and not as thick, so I wouldn’t wear this to work but it is ideal for around the house, the gym or running errands. I always like grey from tracksuits and I found this set really soft. The bottoms are more like leggings than tracksuit bottoms and I actually quite like that as they are stretchy and figure hugging. They also have pockets and anything with pockets is a bonus!

Black Block High Neck Chunky Jumper Dress
Celeste – M (8/10) / Black


I am really into jumper dresses at the moment and I also love black and white so this was ideal. It is knitted and is such great quality for the price, you usually pay a lot more for something like this. It is so cosy and you can wear it with bare legs or with leggings/tights if it was really cold.

This knitted dress would also look great with any shoe options, little dolly shoes, boots, or even knee high boots!

White Polka Dot Fishnet Sleeve Shirt
Iona – 10 / White


Black Polka Dot Fishnet Sleeve Shirt
Iona – 10 / Black


I picked this shirt up in the white and the black as it looked so cute, I couldn’t decide what colour I liked more! The details on the shirt is lovely, I love the cuffs and I love the thin lace detail down the arms. I prefer the black one but that is probably as black is my favourite colour. It is slightly see through, you can’t really see my bra in the pictures as I wore a white one but with the white shirt you could make a feature of it and wear a black or brightly coloured bra!

Delivery is super quick and I am always impressed as the clothes turn up in a couple of days, great if you need a last minute outfit!

Sarah x

Myself and 15 other members of the UK Beauty Blogging Community have teamed up to offer you the chance to win a 6 Month Birchbox Subscription and Beauty Bundle!

Birchbox are a beauty box subscription service that you can have delivered to your door monthly and it is full of great new products to try. I love beauty subscriptions as it is a nice surprise as you don’t know what you are going to receive, unless you snoop online and see what everyone else got in that months box! It is a great way to try new things and things you might not have usually bought to try 🙂

Meet The Bloggers

The Beauty Bloggers teaming up to bring you this fabulous giveaway are all listed below. Make sure to check out their blogs for amazing content covering everything from beauty reviews to how to save money on your monthly beauty hauls.

Reinventing Neesha | Sarah Trademark | Lottie Lately | Pain in the Head | Laura Leiva

The Prize

1 Lucky Winner will win themselves a 6 Month Subscription to Birchbox as well as a Beauty Bundle also supplied by Birchbox.


  • This giveaway is open to UK residents only
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How To Enter

You can enter via the Rafflecopter entry system below. You can complete as many of the entry options as you like. The more entry options you complete the more chance you have of winning!

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sarah x

I wanted to pick up a few bits to keep on my desk at home to help me with my blogging and stuff and came across Office Monster who have an amazing range of office supplies. I was really surprised at how great the selection was and also how cheap some of the items were!

The things I picked out where:

Q-Connect Quick Note Cube 76 x 76mm Pastel KF01347

I love the colours of these and they are really handy!

Q-Connect 2 Ring Binder Frosted A4 Red KF02482

I will be using these to keep any important paperwork in.

Q-Connect Mesh Pen Pot Black KF00864

This pen pot is handy for all of my highlighters. Really like the mesh design, it could also be used to hold make up brushes!

Artline Calligraphy Pen Set Assorted Width Black (Pack of 4) EK-240W4

I want to start drawing more and trying out calligraphy so this set it perfect for beginners.

Q-Connect Mechanical Pencil Medium 0.7mm (Pack of 10) KF01345

You can’t go wrong with a mechanical pencil!

Q-Connect Assorted Highlighter Pens (Pack of 6) KF01909

I really liked the colour options for the highlighters and these will come in super handy!

I like to make a lot of notes to help me with blog post ideas so it is ideal to have a folder to keep useful things in as well as some highlighters and sticky notes.

Sarah x

If you read my blog regularly you will know I am always trying new things whether it be clothing, skincare or food, I will always be happy to step out of my comfort zone and try something different.

I had never heard of chicken cracking before, I used to eat pork scratchings as a child so just guessed these would be a chicken version so thought why not, I will give it a go!

The chicken cracklings are available in two different flavours which you can buy from Amazon:

Chicken Crackling Sea Salt

Chicken Crackling Habanero Chilli

What is great about these is that you can eat them as a snack straight out the bag or you can add them to meals if you wanted. They would be great to add to a salad!

They are gluten free and a great source of protein. You can heat them up too if you wanted a warm snack. I prefer the sea salt ones as not a massive fan of chilli, but saying that, the flavour isn’t too overpowering so it is nice 🙂

You can enter to win some to try for yourself!

The Original Chicken Crackling Giveaway #8

Sarah x