Red Cameo create nail wraps but with a difference. These nail wraps are hard wearing and long lasting as you actually use a top coat with them and cure it under a LED lamp. Previously nail wraps you just stuck them straight on to your nails but I never really got on with them as they would start coming off in a couple of days. I love how you seal these on with the top coat. Not only does it prolong the wraps but it adds a layer of strength and a clear shine. They can last up to 2 weeks and there is a choice of 60 different designs.

I am really impressed with these, I have only tried the one set but I have another set to wear another time. They were easy to apply following these steps:

1. Choose a suitable size for each nail, remove the top clear protective film, rip the
selected instant nail art cover from the strip and gently peel off the back paper.

2. Position the instant nail art on the finger close to the cuticle. Press down over the nail and smooth out.

3. Cut off the excess part, and with the nail file, gently file along nail edge, ensure a good fit and the nail is covered. Make sure the instant nail art is pressed flat on the nail.

4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for other fingers.

5. If there are nail art accessories, you can apply them now to the appropriate locations on the chosen nails.

6. Red Cameo Instant Nail Arts come with a strong adhesive, which won’t damage your nail, but will stay on for a good while. However, you may prefer to apply a top coat to ensure longer lasting.

Apply the top coat CLEAR GUARD gel over the instant nail art, then dry under the LED lamp for approximately 2 minutes (press down twice) or until dry.

My favorite thing about these is how easy they are to cut to size so they are suitable for everyone.

Have you tried anything like this before?

Sarah x

You may think that being dairy free/vegan will limit what chocolate and treats you can have but this really isn’t the case. It can be a pain checking every label and knowing what you can and can’t have but there are plenty of chocolate brands out there. Vegan Town have come up with the Vegan Treat Box, where they put together a selection of vegan treats/chocolate.

The box is £19.99 and you can also save money on this by subscribing to 3 months at a time. It is a great way to save the hassle of going shopping/searching online as to what chocolate is dairy free or vegan. It is also a great way to try new things you didn’t know were out there. I didn’t even know you could get vegan smarties!

Each box will vary, so this is showing what I received in mine. You can see there are several large bars, as well as smaller treats and there is a really good variety of things included.

My favorite items were the vegan smarties and the ichoc cookie bar. I love all of the ichoc bars and they are my favourite vegan chocolate apart from vegos.

I think it is great value for money as the box was jammed packed! This would make an amazing Christmas gift or anyone vegan or dairy free too 🙂

Who wouldn’t want a box of chocolate delivered to their door?!

Sarah x

Have you heard of Zimpli Kids products? I always see them online and they look so fun, so I decided to try some. They aren’t just aimed for kids, they could be used for pranks, challenges, for children and for adults.

I tried out:

Snoball Play

Slime Baff

Gelli Baff

The two baff products are so easy to use.With Gelli baff you sprinkle the powder into your bath and it turns the water into goo and when you are finished you add the disolver and it turns back to a liquid. It is like magic!

The Slime baff is similar in which you add the powder into your bath and it magically changes but when you are done all you have to do is run the tap again to dilute it and then drain it away.

I am not going to lie, I had some much fun playing with these haha. I was worried they may stain the bath being coloured as I know what bath bombs do to the bath but these washed away no problem and didn’t make any mess at all.

With the Snoball play, all you have to do is mix the powder in water and you can mold it into snowballs. This would be perfect if you wanted a snowball fight on Christmas day or in the middle of summer. If you have a birthday party coming up or an event these would also be great. I haven’t had a chance to try them yet as I want to save them to use over Christmas if we don’t get snow!

Have you tried any of these products?

Sarah x

Since adapting to a vegan diet I have also been more interested in trying to use more vegan or cruelty free products. It is always hard to know where to start with looking at ingredients and is so much easier if something is clearly labelled “vegan”. I was lucky enough to receive some vegan hair products from Biosthetique to try out.
You can view their range at HairCareShop online here. There are three main ranges you can select from: Gentle, balancing and intense.


To give gentle and mild care using ingredients such as ginko and lavender.


Free from perfumes the balancing range is especially gentle for your skin and hair. Using ingredients such as ginseng and jojoba.


This will inject some energy into your skin and hair care routine with energizing ingredients such as mint and lemon to lift and revive.

The products I tried were:

Balancing shampoo – this is great as I suffer with greasy roots and dry tips. It helps to balance the natural oils in your hair and is great for sensitive scalps. I always find that products designed to re-balance your hair or skin are a great addition to your bathroom.

Gentle conditioner – this is a leave in conditioner which works great on my damaged and dry ends. I always condition my hair when I wash it but always want to give it that extra moisture and leave in products are great. This doesn’t weigh your hair down and gives it the moisture needed.

Intense mask – I try to do a deep conditioning treatment or mask at least once a week as my hair is very damaged from dying it so much. This one only needs to be left on your hair for ten minutes and it really does make my hair feel more manageable and softer.

I also received some gentle tea which was really good 🙂
Sarah x

As I previously mentioned, I self diagnosed myself with a slight dairy intolerance. If I had too much dairy I would get a stomach ache and my acne would flare up. I knew I needed to avoid it and I have been dairy free for about 6 months now and I don’t look back.

I know you can get allergy tests and things done at the doctors but that is often only if you have struggled for a while of if it effects you really bad. They won’t offer you a test if you think foods are causing acne. I also do wonder if a particular food may cause my migraines.

Lifelab testing are an online service which offer a variety of allergy/intolerance tests. I went for the complete test.

The test arrives in the post and can fit through your letterbox. It is very easy to do and it includes everything you need:

1x alcohol wipe
1x plaster
1x gauze/absorbent pad
1x transport tube
1x microvette 300 ql (sampling tube)
2x lancets CE 0344
1x return envelope
1x activation card with adhesive label

After registering your test online and completing the card, you then have to prick your finger and extract the blood. You fill the small container and then post this back in the envelope provided.

I took my blood on a Tuesday and posted it that afternoon, by Wednesday lunch time I had an email saying they received it and are testing my blood. My results then came back the next Monday via email.

This particular test is for:

Tested Items

  •  IgG4 – Salmon
  •  IgG4 – Cod
  •  IgG4 – Plaice
  •  IgG4 – Squid
  •  IgG4 – Blue mussel
  •  IgG4 – Octopus
  •  IgG4 – Pork
  •  IgG4 – Beef
  •  IgG4 – Lamb
  •  IgG4 – Wheat
  •  IgG4 – Oat
  •  IgG4 – Sesame
  •  IgG4 – Spelt
  •  IgG4 – Amaranth
  •  IgG4 – Carrot
  •  IgG4 – Cucumber
  •  IgG4 – Broccoli
  •  IgG4 – Garlic
  •  IgG4 – Maize
  •  IgG4 – Cabbage
  •  IgG4 – Celery
  •  IgG4 – Sweet lupine
  •  IgG4 – Egg white
  •  IgG4 – Egg yolk
  •  IgG4 – Cheese (Gouda)
  •  IgG4 – Casein
  •  IgG4 – Apple
  •  IgG4 – Orange
  •  IgG4 – Grape
  •  IgG4 – Peach
  •  IgG4 – Mango
  •  IgG4 – Almond
  •  IgG4 – Hazelnut
  •  IgG4 – Peanut
  •  IgG4 – Walnut
  •  IgG4 – Pistachio nut
  •  IgG4 – Cashew nut
  •  IgG4 – Potato
  •  IgG4 – Baker’s yeast
  •  IgG4 – Soy
  •  IgG4 – Tuna
  •  IgG4 – Trout
  •  IgG4 – Pollock
  •  IgG4 – Herring
  •  IgG4 – Oyster
  •  IgG4 – Shrimp
  •  IgG4 – Duck
  •  IgG4 – Chicken
  •  IgG4 – Turkey
  •  IgG4 – Rye
  •  IgG4 – Buckwheat
  •  IgG4 – Barley
  •  IgG4 – Durum wheat
  •  IgG4 – Millet
  •  IgG4 – Quinoa
  •  IgG4 – Gluten
  •  IgG4 – Tomato
  •  IgG4 – Onion
  •  IgG4 – Zucchini
  •  IgG4 – Olive, green
  •  IgG4 – Lentil
  •  IgG4 – Pea, green
  •  IgG4 – Bean, green
  •  IgG4 – Cow’s milk
  •  IgG4 – Sheeps milk
  •  IgG4 – Goat milk
  •  IgG4 – Banana
  •  IgG4 – Kiwi fruit
  •  IgG4 – Lemon
  •  IgG4 – Strawberry
  •  IgG4 – Pineapple
  •  IgG4 – Sunflower seed
  •  IgG4 – Pumpkin seed
  •  IgG4 – Mustard
  •  IgG4 – Sweet basil
  •  IgG4 – Ginger
  •  IgG4 – Coffee
  •  IgG4 – Cacao
  •  IgG4 – Button mushroom
  •  IgG4 – Rice
  •  IgE – Birch
  •  IgE – Hazelnut
  •  IgE – Olive
  •  IgE – Cypress
  •  IgE – Ash
  •  IgE – Timothy grass
  •  IgE – Rye
  •  IgE – Bermuda/Couch grass
  •  IgE – Bahia grass
  •  IgE – Ragweed
  •  IgE – Mugwort
  •  IgE – English plantain
  •  IgE – Cat hair
  •  IgE – Horse hair
  •  IgE – Dog hair
  •  IgE – House dust mites
  •  IgE – Cockroach
  •  IgE – Cladosporium herbarum
  •  IgE – Egg white
  •  IgE – Milk
  •  IgE – Cod
  •  IgE – Salmon
  •  IgE – Crab
  •  IgE – Shrimp
  •  IgE – Meat
  •  IgE – Wheat
  •  IgE – Rice
  •  IgE – Soy
  •  IgE – Potato
  •  IgE – Peanut
  •  IgE – Carrot
  •  IgE – Tomato
  •  IgE – Almond
  •  IgE – Apple
  •  IgE – Orange
  •  IgE – Peach
  •  IgE – Strawberry

It was so interesting to see what it came back saying as I was expecting a reaction to dairy and I had no ideas I would react to certain nuts!

The test results are emailed through and it also shows how severe the allergy/intolerance is.


I am now starting to wonder how nuts effect me? I eat cashews or cashew based snacks a lot, maybe this is causing my migraines and my acne?

I think if you are worried about having a reaction to something but you can’t pin point it yourself then it is worth getting a test done so you know what to avoid.

Are you allergic or intolerant to anything?


Sarah x