Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Your Pet?

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It is expected that almost two out of every three Americans will open their hearts and their homes to a companion animal. Even more so during a pandemic, when life can be frightening and unpredictable, the comfort and stability provided by a pet are essential. 

In this post, we will look at some of the ways that, when the time comes for your beloved pet to cross the rainbow bridge, you can deal with the grief and learn to live without their physical presence in your life.

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Saying goodbye to your pet

When is the best moment to do something?

Pet owners may find this to be the most difficult decision they have ever had to make. When making a decision, remember to consider what is best for your pet, no matter how difficult the decision may seem to be.

Because no two cases are alike, consulting with your veterinarian will be beneficial. Because they are less emotionally invested, it may be simpler for them to think about what is best for your pet and to guide you through the various options accessible to you. You can ask them as many questions as you want – no inquiry is too silly – because they are there to provide advice.

Do not forget to reach out to your family and friends for emotional assistance as well.

Getting ready to say goodbye

Unfortunately, we frequently feel as if we have little control over our pet’s fate at this period, which can be distressing for some pet owners.

Concentrate on the aspects of the situation that you can influence. For example, you can request that your veterinarian come to your home in order to make your pet more comfortable.

You can also consider where your pet will be buried or cremated after they have passed away. 

How to move on after the death of a pet

– Reach out to others who understand

The pain of loss is hard to bear, especially when the one you have lost is a pet who has been with you for many years. If this has happened to you, or someone that you know, then it’s time to reach out to others who understand.

The most important thing at this moment is that you’re not alone in your experience. A pet owner’s grief is often more intense than the grief of a person who has lost a human family member or friend because they have been with them for so much longer and shared so many memories together.

If there are local resources available for grieving pet owners, contact them and ask what they can do to help because sometimes just knowing that someone else understands how tough it can be can really bring some relief.

– Be kind to yourself

Take good care of yourself. While you are going through the grieving process, make an effort to engage in some self-care activities. This might be accomplished by making some more time for your regular self-care activities or by attempting something new that you believe will be therapeutic for you.

If you feel the need, take some time off from work.

Among the self-care activities, you might try at home are the following:

  • Hot bubble baths
  • Yoga or meditation
  • Journaling
  • Walking

– Find ways to memorialize your animal

Creating a memorial for your pet is a wonderful way to express your affection for them. If you enjoy creating things, consider writing, building a photo collage, or setting up a rest area for them either inside or outside of your home to keep them close to you. You can also look at some beautiful urns for pets to have them in your home with you at all times. Some people like to have ashes made into things like rings or necklaces to wear as well.

– Put their things away at your own speed

Some people may wish to give or pack away their pet’s belongings as soon as possible after a loss so that they do not need to see them while others may need to do it over a longer period of time. It may be difficult to let go of your pet’s belongings at first, but allow yourself to move at a speed that is comfortable for you.

It is important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to do things. If you do not want to keep the things for yourself, why not consider donating them to an animal shelter to help give another animal a bit of joy and happiness and carry on their legacy?

– Understand that the way that you feel is normal and valid

Being absolutely heartbroken after the death of a pet is nothing to be worried or embarrassed about – they are completely valid feelings and emotions. Remember, they are a part of your family as well.

– Recognize that the way that you grieve may be different from the way someone else grieves

According to the Kübler-Ross model, mourning is divided into five stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance or adaptation. 

Your path through these phases, even from one day to the next, will be unique to you and your circumstances. Each person goes through these stages at their own pace and in their own way, and they can go back and forth between them. There is no consistent way to approach grieving, denial, rage, bargaining, or any of those phases – it is not a linear process. 

We must acknowledge that people are experiencing these emotions, and we must encourage and lead them through each of these diverse emotional reactions.

– Hold a remembrance ceremony

People who have lost a beloved pet often find great consolation in gathering with friends and family to commemorate them. It is a time for them to say their goodbyes while also commemorating the pet’s existence. The ceremonies can be heartbreaking, but they can also be extremely cathartic.

– Make sure your whole family is supported – children and other animals

The loss of a fluffy pal has an impact on everyone in the household. You may need to comfort your other pets as well, as they are likely to be grieving as well. If you have multiple pets in the house, they will mourn the loss of their companion.

Children may also require further help because the death of a pet may be their first personal experience with death. This may be their first real opportunity to lose someone.  We have to make certain that we are able to assist them in times of sadness, death, and dying. It is a whole new experience for them, and it can be really frightening for them.

Above all, remember that it will take time to come to terms with the loss of a pet. If you do not obtain another pet straight soon, and even if you do welcome another pet into your household, there will be a period of adjustment before everything is back to normal. At the end of the day, you realize that your pet just wants you to be happy.   You never really “move on” — you just keep moving forward, and the attachment you have with each pet is unique. They can’t be replaced for a like-for-like companion. 

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When is the right time to get a new pet?

If you get a new pet before you have had enough time to work through your grief, and this may result in issues with the pet as well as with yourself. So, when is the best time to make a decision? Due to the fact that everyone grieves in their unique way, there is no uniform solution to that issue.

Some people find that the loneliness of an empty house makes grieving more difficult, and a new pet can be a comfort during this time. Others, on the other hand, may harbor resentment against a pet that was acquired too soon. This is the best moment to get yourself a new pet since you will have worked over your grief sufficiently to feel secure in the knowledge that you will be able to look forward to new relationships rather than backward at your loss. Depending on the individual, this could take a matter of days or weeks; for others, it could take months or years.

When a pet passes away, grieving is a perfectly normal and natural reaction. Never allow anyone to tell you that you are insane or ridiculous for grieving over “just an animal.” Never allow anyone to convince you otherwise. The end of a relationship is painful; thus, do whatever you need to do to get through the painful period. Cry, punch a pillow, chat to a friend or support group, and plan a memorial service that will allow you to pay honor to your pet while also saying farewell to him or her. Then, when the time is perfect for you, you will be able to share your affections with a new, carefully selected animal companion.

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Reasons to Get a Case for Your MacBook

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A Macbook is great for your creative projects and doing more bookwork things for your job. MacBooks are portable, powerful, and provide you with the tools you need to get various tasks completed. Find a quality case to protect your expensive device. Here are some reasons to get a cover for your MacBook.  

Adds a Sleek Look to Your Device

One of the fun things about having a Macbook air case is that it has a touch of style to your laptop. A slim case or colorful case can make your computer stand out. It’s an attention grabber, especially when you get a chance to customize things more.

If you’re at a networking event, people will notice you. Maybe you’re a DJ that likes to market in creative ways. You can have a case with your DJ name and even have a QR code to go directly to your links for people to follow you on social media and book you for an event.

Your case shouldn’t just be functional but fashionable for your creative outlets. It’ll help you be distinctive in different walks of life. 

Keeps the Dust and Dirt Out

Of course, you want to protect it from any spills that could happen with your dog spilling water on it or your kid’s juice from his sippy cup, but dust and dirt can be more problematic. 

These are things you might take for granted each day when you use them because it seems like surface things. However, your laptop fan absorbs all of this, and it can get deeply embedded in the hardware. 

It may be the reason why your laptop runs slower when you’ve had it for just under a year. A case can help you keep all the dust out for more longevity. 

Absorbs Shock Damage

Whether your laptop falls off of your coffee table, desk, or something else, you need to protect it from damages. You never know if you’ll be in a situation where your laptop can get bumped out of your hands or fall out of your bag.

The case helps give it the extra assurance that your portable computer will last longer. While it’s common for your computer to get some nicks and scratches now and again, you need the cover to help prevent any issues. 

Pick a laptop cover that will keep your computer intact for the long haul.

Sarah x

Loving my new Seizmont Moment Watch from Trendhim

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I had been wanting a new everyday watch for a while and I had received a few pieces from Trendhim for my husband before so decided to check out their watch range to see if I could find one I liked.

They have so many great watches to pick from, a good variety of colours and styles. I really wanted a watch that could be worn everyday and be causal but at the same time look smart enough I could wear it to meetings for work or smarter events.

Trendhim have a really great range of watches to choose from and they supply lots of different brands. They have a lot of leather strapped watches as well as metal ones and so a great range of pocket watches. I decided to filter by metal straps to try and find the perfect one.

Trendhim is an award-winning men’s accessories brand established in 2007 by Co-Founders Sebastian Petersen and Mikkel Andersen in Horsens, Denmark.

Their mission is to inspire all men to express themselves by offering a diverse range of fashionable and affordable men’s accessories. That’s why they have a diverse product portfolio with products ranging from suit accessories and jewelry to bags and wallets.

Their range includes a total of 13 house brands only available through Trendhim, and their products are shipped to a total of 28 countries around the world.

The house brands are:
● Waykins
● Lucleon
● Fawler
● Sidegren
● Seizmont
● Arkai
● Otsu
● Bohemian Revolt
● Lazy Bear
● Salt & Hide
● Northern Jewelry
● River Grooming

I went for the Seizmont Alfred Moment Watch which I think it’s absolutely stunning and just what I was looking for. It’s a mens watch but can be adjusted to fit most wrist sizes so suitable for women too!

– Water resistance: 3 ATM
– Japanese quartz movement
– The strap is interchangeable

This watch is comfortable to wear and can be adjusted to fit my wrist. I like how good quality the watch is and how expensive it looks.

I have always been impressed with things from Trendhim. They always have great deals and free delivery over £29

Sarah x

3 Ways To Make Positive Life Changes

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If the past year or two have gotten you down, you are not alone. If that time has afforded you some space to rethink your priorities – good for you. Go ahead and permit yourself to make some positive changes for a happier and brighter future ahead. Here are some ideas that range from a grand investment to small and easy to accomplish.

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Move to a new location.

Sometimes a move is just what you need to start fresh and change your course. When you are ready, check out my review here for new real estate listings and find your next best place to be. 

People move for a variety of reasons such as a new career or to be closer to family and friends. You might decide to move to take advantage of big-city amenities like concerts, sporting activities, and a variety of dining options. Alternatively, you might want to shed the bright lights and sounds of the city for a more peaceful country lifestyle with wide-open spaces.

Whatever your reason for wanting to move, be sure to do your research and pick a home and location that you will be happy with.

Try a DIY project to change your home’s interior.

A common do-it-yourself trend that has become achievable is to resurface your home’s cabinet doors and fronts. This is an opportunity to make a major upgrade to your kitchen or bathroom without emptying your bank account. With this option, you will only make changes to the exterior surfaces and leave the interiors as is. You can change paint colours and hardware to obtain the look you want in your home.

Here is a helpful video guiding you through the process with useful tips.

Change your look.

Making a life-changing alteration does not have to be an enormous endeavour. It can be a small step that makes you happy. If you feel like a different look is in order, go ahead and experiment.  

Try reconfiguring your beauty routine by testing some new products. You can start small by swapping out a pink or nude lip colour for a bold red or brown shade. Wear those colours with different clothing to decide how you feel about them. 

Next, move on to complementary eye colours that are a step or two outside of your usual routine. Experiment with cat eyes if you wish. There are several makeup tutorials available online that are sure to be useful and relatable for you.

Now it is time to assess your wardrobe. If you generally like the clothing that you wear, consider picking up a few pieces in new or contrasting colours. Thrift shops or online thrifting sites are great ways to expose yourself to different clothing styles without investing too much time and money. You may even find a few vintage items to really set your look over the top.

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Now is as good a time as any to make changes in your life. What you do is up to you. Be happy.

Sarah x

Scientifically Proven Things Your Dog Will Love

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Dogs and wolves diverged from a common, now extinct, wolf ancestor around 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. Since then, domesticated dogs have been forming relationships with humans and behave very differently from their wild counterparts. 

We all know instinctively that dogs show and feel love. But it can be hard to get on their wavelength sometimes. After all, we’re human, and they’re not. 

The good news is that science is riding to the rescue. Researchers are discovering all sorts of new ways for us to show our dogs that we care. Here’s what to do if you feel that your pup is in need of some love and attention. 

Massaging Their Ears

The ears are among your dog’s most sensitive areas. What’s more, because the tissue is thin here, it can be hard for it to clear out waste products. 

Massage may help with this process. Research shows that it stimulates the production of feel-good hormones in dogs, similar to what happens to humans after a run. Dogs will also often fall asleep after an ear rub.

Providing Raw Food

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Raw dog food for beginners might seem like a bit of a minefield. But remember, dogs descended from wolves, and their wild forbears only ate raw meat. There was no one around to cook it for them. 

For dogs, raw meat in today’s world is a bit of a delicacy. Relatively few owners ever serve it up. However, it can be a real treat and might even offer health benefits since it is closer to what pups would naturally have eaten in the wild anyway.

Telling Them You Love Them

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Given that pets can’t really understand human language, telling your dog that you love them sounds a little strange. But, according to science, it can be very effective. Monitoring of dogs’ brains show that their reward centers light up when humans express loving sentiment. So, in a sense, they can tell that you care, even if they don’t know precisely what each of the individual words means.

Getting On Their Wavelength

Dogs, of course, have a language of their own. And understanding this makes it easier to communicate with them and tell them how much you care. 

Remember, most dogs don’t like being hugged. It makes them feel trapped and under threat. Also, pay attention to their body language. Once you understand canine cues, it becomes much easier to give your dog what it wants. 

Rewarding Them

We’ve known for hundreds of years that dogs love rewards. They’ll do practically anything for them. Food is their biggest motivator, it seems. 

When your dog does something for you (such as grab the mail), do something for them in return. Give them a treat to say thank you for all their hard work. Dogs appreciate this form of communication because it provides them with something real – something that they can sink their teeth into, literally. 

Are you doing any of these scientifically-proven things that your dog will love? If not, why not?

Sarah x

Birchbox Vs Glossybox – Best Beauty Box?

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Almost everyone one of us knows that there are loads of subscription boxes out there in UK’s online market but not many of us knows which one is worth choosing, so I thought why not to share the best of best subscription boxes for women with you, sounds good right! You just need to sit back, relax and let me show you what the best is for you.


Birchbox is a well-known and UK’s #1 subscription box for women. Birchbox delivers a personalized box each month to you straight at your doorsteps, fully loaded with the products form well-known brands along with some exclusive products from the new brands which you won’t be able to find or purchase locally.

Birchbox is now known as the market leading subscription beauty box because of treating their subscribers with the perfect boxes and excitement every month.

If you want to subscribe to their service, their monthly subscription starts from £12.95.


While talking about beauty how can we not mention the Glossybox? Glossybox is another most popular beauty subscription box who keeps their subscribers more than happy and super satisfied by delivering them 5 exciting beauty products in a beautiful box each month right at their doorsteps. Honestly speaking, the moment you receive and open your box you will get a feeling that how beautifully this box was packed especially for you to ensure that you get the best of best they have more than 300 beauty enthusiasts around the world working to deliver you the best experience every month. Their monthly subscription starts from £13.95 but the products you receive are worth trying.

This was the best of all subscription boxes and I felt like I do need to share them with all of you. You can share your thoughts with me by dropping a comment below; I’d love to know what you think.

Sarah x