Personalised mug from London Ceramics Co

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London Ceramics Co create personalised teapots, cups and mugs. You can pick from any of their designs to personalise with whatever colours or text you want or you can contact them to have something special designed. They also have a company called Outlandish Creations which create slightly ruder more verbal designs.

I love how many different designs they have to pick from and how you can pretty much create anything you like.

After picking out a design I was so impressed with how quickly it arrived, it was delivered within a few days and packaged really well to protect it in transit.

The quality of the printing is amazing and it is so professional. I love how clear the text is and also how bold the colour of the flowers are.

I think something like this would make a great gift for someone you love or even a little special treat for yourself!

I love some of the ruder ones from outlandish if you wanted to get one for someone with a sense of humour or someone that’s rude haha.

I went for the saying “Dream big” and I think this is quite an inspirational saying and whenever I use this mug I will be reminded to dream big and to really make the most of life and try to achieve my goals the best I can.

The flowers I went for are purple as this is my favourite colour and also our wedding colour was purple, my wedding dress had purple flowers on so this reminds me of what a special day that was!

Sarah x

Discussing All Things CBD For Your Dogs

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These days people are opting for the healthier version of products, they are reading the labels on the backs of products, checking the origins of manufacturing and enquiring about the treatment process involved in the production of these items. We want to live a long, full life and if it means doing a bit of extra reading then so be it.

We look after our homes, our family members and this most certainly includes our pets, if we’re all eating well and make nutritionally sound changes then they need to get on board, am I right? And a healthy pup is a happy pet.

So how can we take care of them better than we already are? Well, in recent years the extraction of what’s known as CBD oil which is found naturally in the wild growing hemp plant, has been a medical success in aiding the body’s ailments organically.
The process of extraction is quite complex to ensure it’s done as chemically-free as possible and to obtain the purest possible form that contains little to no THC (the psychoactive component of the oil), to see more of the method click here

Introduce CBD into your pets’ diet

There are various items and methods of adding CBD oil into your dog’s meal, some of which we will discuss in this article, and some you may have already tried.

For dogs, giving them the medicine of sorts is not always as easy as it looks in the movies where dogs practically ask for the drops. We need to be innovative and sneak it in without them realizing, basically what I do with vegetables for my kids who are ‘allergic’ to anything vegetable related. Queue the rolling eyes from my side.

One blog I came across when looking into CBD for my dog was where a woman had made home-made doggy treats and biscuits for her pup, and as they were cooling she dropped a few spots onto each biscuit so it could soak into the treat before it was completely set. And when she gave them to her ‘Bobby’ all he saw was a treat and he was none the wiser. Brilliant.

Other options are to simply mix it into the main meal in their bowl or make doggy gummies which seem to surprise and excite them at the novelty. For some great CBD recipe ideas and to brush up on your chef skills try something new this weekend and shock your pup with a unique treat.

What to look for in a CBD product

The extraction and manufacturing process of any product, CBD or other, is determined by whether chemicals were added in the collecting, processing and bottling stages, these will react with the oil and ultimately alter the purity of the final liquid. This will determine the difference between a high and low-quality commodity.

Try to find out where the hemp is sourced, most countries and especially in the States, have heavily regulated farming bill compliances that need to be followed and make for ethically produced products.

A big factor that industries are trying to push is adding flavorings and GMOs into the products thinking it makes them more appealing to consumers, and for some, it works but for the majority of people they are looking for natural organic items.

We want a substance that Mother Nature herself brings into the world, not something man-made and certainly not one that’s been overly tested in the lab and tweaked to what the industry thinks is the best version. Take a look at a knockout post on all products CBD and the blog articles related to its uses and effects.

The safety of CBD

If you’re buying a 100% pure hemp product then yes it is safe to give to your dog, with no traces of THC your pet can get all the benefits of a naturally great product and none of the harmful side-effects related to the psychoactive part of the plant, this is why it is vitally important to check that it is 100% bio and sourced with the environmental factors considered.

Your dog will be feeling his usual self in no time and isn’t that all we want from our ‘children?’

Sarah x

The Best Ways to Deal With Dog Hair

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Image credit – Pexels

It seems that everywhere you look these days, there are people raving about dogs. You can hardly blame them; dogs are cute, they’re friendly, and they’re a perfect companion that has been proven to improve their owners’ mental health. You’ve probably considered getting a dog yourself – there’s just one major drawback. The hair. If the only problem holding you back from having your own gorgeous pet dog is the worry that your home will be overrun with unpleasant smells and piles of dog hair all over the couch, read on. Here are some great tips to dogproof your home so you can enjoy a furry companion without worrying about the domestic consequences!

Choose Your Species

The first and easiest way you can avoid getting dog hair everywhere is by choosing the species of dog you want to own very carefully. If hair and cleanliness is a big issue for you, then you won’t want a species with long hair that is going to moult in the summer – so steer away from sheepdogs, Newfoundlands and terriers! You can find lots of advice online, but some dogs that don’t moult as much include poodles, dalmations, greyhounds and bulldogs. A great side effect is that these dogs also tend to by hypoallergenic, so you won’t have to worry about any allergic reactions to dog hair either!

Get A Good Hoover

Of course, there will always be some inevitable dog hair, and this is where you’ll want a high-quality hoover. This will make your life so much easier if you can quickly suck away any stray hairs. Electrolux is a great brand for cordless vacuums (which are particularly convenient here) and you can even get electrolux cordless vacuum repair parts easily online, so you’ll never be stuck in the lurch if your vacuum gets broken or clogged up.

Invest in Training

One easy solution to dog hairs on the sofa is to not allow them to get on the sofa! If you do get a dog, training it thoroughly is a must. Puppy school is a great way to do this if you don’t have time, and you can ensure your dog knows exactly what areas are off-limits, for example, sofas, beds and kitchen tables. If your dog has a dedicated doggy-bed to sleep in, this will help lower the spread of dog hairs across your house and mean you have a much smaller area to hoover.

Dedicated Grooming

If you have your heart set on a long-haired dog such as a husky, a terrier, or even a Bernese mountain dog, don’t despair. You can still solve the problems of moulting easily by creating a regular grooming schedule for your dog. By using a towel and brushing your dog over the towel, you’ll collect a lot of the hair that might have naturally fallen out all over your house – plus it’s a great bonding routine, and your dog will absolutely love all the attention. If you can’t manage this, there are a host of doggy salons that have sprung up which will help keep your dog nicely in trim, and help to lessen the amount of hair around your home.

Sarah x

Picking out a watch from Trendhim

AD – This post contains gifted products

My husband had been wanting a new everyday watch and I had received a few pieces from Trendhim before so decided to check out their watch range.

They have so many great watches to pick from, a good variety of colours and styles. Nick really wanted a watch that could be worn everyday and be causal but at the same time look smart enough he could wear it to meetings for work or smarter events.

Trendhim have a really great range of watches to choose from and they supply lots of different brands. They have a lot of leather strapped watches as well as metal ones and so a great range of pocket watches. We decided to filter by metal straps to try and find the perfect one for Nick.

Casio is a brand that has been around for as long as I can remember and their classic watches are timeless. They are always in fashion and are also so easy to adjust(if I wanted to borrow it!!)

The watch Nick picked out is the Casio retro classic in stainless steel and for £39 including delivery I don’t think you can go wrong!

The best features about this watch are:

Adjustable stainless steel wristband

12 or 24-hour format

LED backlight



Countdown timer

Alarm clark

Casio have a great range of watches all with these features so you could always opt for a gold toned one or many of their colourful rubber strapped watches.

The watch is perfect for Nick to wear everyday and I have always been impressed with things from Trendhim. They always have great deals and free delivery over £29

Sarah x

Kitchen essentials during lockdown

AD – This post contains gifted products

The last few months have been really tough for most of us with the UK being put in lockdown and a lot of us working from home when we aren’t used to it!

I wanted to share with you some things I have picked up that I feel have been essentials in the kitchen.

It can be really tough if you are used to being out of the house all day to then find yourself at home, either by yourself or with other members of the household and it is so important to try and keep on top of the housework and keep everything in the bathroom and kitchen extra clean, especially during a virus outbreak and also if you are at home 24/7 you are making a lot more mess than usual!

Another thing I have noticed since being at home is that I am snacking a lot more than usual and at first it was actually really hard to get biscuits and chocolate as they were sold out on our online food shop and I have been too scared to go to the supermarket! I have also been drinking a lot more hot drinks than usual.

We got a new kitchen bin as our current one we have had about 5 years and I wanted a slightly bigger one as ours gets full up so quickly! It’s important to have a decent bin as it’s used daily and it makes sense to get a slightly larger one so we don’t have to empty so often. The addis grey waste bin is perfect as it’s the ideal size for the bottom of our larder and I love the feature at the bottom where you can rest your foot when you pull out the old bin bag! It is nice enough to have put in the kitchen if there was room or if we didn’t have a cupboard and the lid is easy to open.

Another thing that has been essential is dishwasher tablets! Being at home and constantly using mugs/glasses as plates you would be surprised how often the dishwasher gets full! We don’t have a full size one, we have a smaller one and it’s been going on twice a day most days! It’s important to get a good dishwasher tablet that will clean your stuff properly and that you don’t run out, so getting a box of 110 should keep us going for a while.

On the subject of cleaning, it is so so important to keep washing your hands during this outbreak, even more than usual. I found a lot of hand washes can be drying to the skin but the dove range can be really moisturise so a good dove hand soap has been a must have next to the sink!

Like I said, as well as keeping everything clean in the kitchen, I have also been snacking a lot and having a lot of hot chocolates so the next two products have been a god send.

If you are a snacker or want to get a big box of snacks to share in your household or at work then this is amazing. The big biscuit box has 71 bars inside! I could definitely east this all to myself over a few weeks but I have been having the odd one here and there but it’s great to have such a variety and also will be good when I go back to the office to take in and share as each bar is individually wrapped. I forgot how much I love toffee crisps!

At home we have a coffee machine which uses pods but I am not a massive fan of coffee so I bought some hot chocolate pods a few months back and have been making my way through those. I have been adding hazelnut coffee syrup to them to give them a different taste and it tastes so good! This is meant for coffee but you can mix it with any drink if you want a nutty taste.

All of these can be purchased from Viking direct who have an amazing range of kitchen appliances, cleaning products and food/drinks.

What have been your kitchen essentials during lock down?

Sarah x