Cranes is a british brand created by brothers Ben and Dan and they are well known for their ciders. They have recently released a cranberry and blood orange liqueur which I think would be perfect for Halloween!

It is handcrafted from the highest quality cranberries sourced from Wisconsin USA and infused with natural blood orange juices & orange rind. There are 115 cranberries in each 50cl bottle!

I am not a massive drinker so I am not a cocktail pro but I do like one now and again to celebrate! I also think that even just mixing this with lemonade would taste fab and also keep the strong red colour if you wanted a “blood” drink for Halloween!

I plan to mix up a few different cocktails next week to celebrate 🙂

Cranes have an amazing list of cocktail recipes here. I want to try the love at first sip!

What cocktail would you make?

Sarah x

Liobites are award winning fruit crisps and smoothie bites created by Anna who wanted to create tasty, healthy snacks for her children. They have won the great taste award this year for 3 of the crisp flavours.

I am always looking for healthier snacks and ways to help me towards my 5 a day so wanted to give these a go.

They come in a variety of flavours:



Mango & Coconut Smoothie

Mango, Banana & Passionfruit Smoothie


Strawberry & Banana Smoothie

They are all 100% natural, vegan, gluten free, are one of your 5 a day and have no added sugar.

Sometimes it is not always practicle to have fresh fruit, so having some of these in the cupboard that you can easily grab is a great idea.

The smoothie crisps are a mixture of fruit purée formed into little crisps and taste really flavoursome. I liked the strawberry and banana ones best. They are just basically made of pure fruit but taste sweet and a little chewy. These would be great to encourage you to eat more fruit!

The fruit crisps are freeze dried fruit and taste really sweet. My favourite ones were the banana ones.

You can buy them online from Ocado 🙂

Have you ever tried these?

Sarah x

To celebrate National Chocolate Week, British luxury chocolatier Choc on Choc is launching the UK’s first Unicorn Cookie Cup in collaboration with Blondies Kitchen.

They will be available for a limited time, exclusively at Blondies Kitchen Milk & Cookie Bar, Bicester Village . The pop up branch is open until the end of January 2020!

The cookie cup base is made from Blondies Kitchen vanilla cookie dough, baked in a cupcake mould
and then filled to the brim with Nutella. Its topped with Choc on Chocs mini unicorn chocolate,
edible sprinkles and edible shimmer.

The mini unicorn chocolate is created using Choc on Choc’s patented production method that layers chocolate on top of chocolate and allows the brand’s master chocolatiers to produce any design imaginable.

Are you going to visit the pop up at Bicester?

Sarah x

Many of us would agree that our morning cup of coffee is one of the most important parts of the entire day, let alone just the morning itself. If you feel that way, then you are probably keen to make sure that you can do whatever is in your power to make that cup as good as you possibly can – especially if you are the kind of person who only has one cup of coffee a day. But the trick of making a good or even perfect cup of coffee really is something of an art, and there is much involved in the process which you will want to think about focusing on. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the elements of the perfect morning coffee, so that you can ensure that you can produce just that in the future in your own household.

Pic Source – CCO Licence

Quality Of Coffee

Of course, it is no great surprise that the most important thing of all is the quality of the coffee itself. As long as you can source good quality coffee, you will find that much else of the process of trying to make the perfect cup merely becomes very easy indeed, so this is the one thing that you should aim to put as much effort into as you possibly can. The best way to ensure that you are using fantastic quality coffee is to go out of your way to sign up for a coffee subscription. That will work not merely because the quality will always be amazing, but because you can trial a few kinds of coffee, learn more about each of them, and from there you can decide what your favourites are. That will ensure you are working with a much higher quality of coffee bean, but also one that you find personally delicious.

The Right Method

There are just so many ways to prepare a coffee that it is hard to choose between them, but the important thing here above all is that you choose one that works for you. That could merely mean that you enjoy it more than the others, or it might be that you have found it produces a superior texture or taste. Whatever it is, find it and stick to it – or use two or three if you like them all. It could be a percolator, a cafetiere, or a coffee machine where you can sit back and let it do it by itself. However you do it, find the way that works for you.

Pic Source – CCO Licence

Heat Control

One of the major things that you need to be aware of, regardless of which bean you use or what method you swear by, is that good heat control is essential to the perfect cup of coffee. You want to use water that is hot but not boiling, for the simple fact that boiling water has a way of burning the coffee and making it bitter. Even if you are just making a cup of instant coffee, you should think about stopping the kettle before it boils fully.

Sarah x

It seems to be that time of year now where I have lots of parties coming up. Not long until Halloween and then there is all of the Christmas celebrations and various birthdays in between. I wanted to get a few new dresses to wear this year as any dresses I bought last year and now a bit snug as I have put on weight (not a bad thing!). I picked out a few bits from Femmeluxe as I have been really impressed with their clothing recently.

I wanted to get a variety of things and step away from always wearing black.

Silver Metallic One Shoulder Midi Dress – Viola

Size 10


I love how shiny this metallic dress is, it is perfect for a party and is very flattering. Although I don’t mind strapless dresses, I really like a little more support and comfort of a one shouldered dress.

I probably could have got a size smaller as I think the dress is meant to be quite figure hugging but I don’t like majorly tight things so this was perfect. The length was good too.

Black One Shoulder Bardot Mini Dress – Jayna

Size 10


Pink One Shoulder Slinky Midi Dress – Dylan

Size 10


I went for this one in black and the light pink. You can’t go wrong with a black dress but I also wanted to change things up a bit and pick something I wouldn’t usually go for so I thought this really light pink would be a pleasant change. The dresses for really well and I love the one shoulder design and they also have a tie around the waist which I did up at the back.

Black One Shoulder Slinky Midi Dress – Dylan

Size 10


This dress has one shoulder but then the other side it has an off the shoulder strap which is really cute. You could always tuck it in if you didn’t want to wear it and it is easy to adjust where on your arm you want it. The dress is really comfy and is quite stretchy.

Gold Glitter Sparkly Shift Mini Dress – Lexia

Size 10


I already have this in the blue and purple and love it so much I had to get the gold. I love the fit of it as it isn’t too tight but it is still flattering. What I like most about the style is the length of the dress. The straps are adjustable which is great as well. I love how sparkly it is and it gives off serious mermaid vibes. I love how girly it is as it makes a real change to what I usually wear.

As I have mentioned before, I am always impressed with the prices from Femmeluxe as well as how quick delivery is!

Sarah x