I really enjoy trying out new skincare and Wheesht are a natural, vegan and cruelty free brand that have a fab range of products, suitable for every different skin type. Having oily and acne prone skin I am usually quite specific about what products I use but when they are all natural I don’t tend to worry.

I have been trying out the following two products:

Palmarosa & lemon cleansing balm

This cleansing balm is packed full of great ingredients: jojoba, mango, lemon and many more. It is easy to use, you just need a small amount to warm between your fingers and then rub it into your face and remove with a flannel. I don’t often wear make up so just need a cleanser to clean my skin but this would be able to remove make up too. I really like the feel of this balm too.

Balancing day cream

This is a great cream to use in the morning as it’s not too thick and it soaks in quickly. so don’t often moisturise in the morning as I worry I will then look greasy and oily but I don’t have to worry about that with this cream and it is specifically designed for oily skin! It contains rosehip oil which is so good for your skin and you only need a small amount of cream. It smells really nice and has kept my face moisturised during the day without being greasy.

Sarah x

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It’s no secret that everyone loves taking a holiday, but going abroad every year can drain your bank account too quickly, and it’s no fun living paycheck to paycheck. Besides this, there’s also the environmental impact that long and often dull air travel can cause. When you think about it, holidays can often be a lot of stress for just a few weeks and a lot of money.

But this doesn’t mean you should abandon your jollies altogether; everyone needs a break, after all. Rather than jet-set halfway around the world, though, consider looking a little closer to home. In fact, consider looking at the potential all around where you live. 

Hiking and Camping

Hiking and camping are always fun, but it puts too many people off because of the chance of rain, of cold, of sleeping rough. But anyone with a passion for camping will tell you this is part of the fun. 

There are plenty of campsites all over the UK, and it’s inevitable there is one close by that you can visit. Staying overnight at a campsite isn’t expensive, and even if you stay longer, you’ll still not need to pinch pennies when you’re home. 

The variety of wildlife and scenery all over the country make camping and hiking worth it, while the fresh air and exercise is something we should all get more of. 

All the Tourist-y Stuff

People always say you should try being a tourist in your own city, and while this might seem odd to some, the people saying it have a point. 

The longer you live in a city, the more you become part of it. You know the best places to go, you understand the quirks of crossing the street outside the shopping centre (and ignoring the Green Man in the process). This makes you feel like you’ve integrated, but it also takes away a lot of the mystique. 

To get some of this mystique back, book a hotel room and live like a tourist for a weekend. See all the tacky sights that you typically avoid and have an experience that everyone else visiting does. 

Tap Days and Beyond

Tap Rooms are becoming ever popular amongst the craft beer aficionados, and visiting one is a fantastic way to get everyone together and spend an afternoon. You can search for local breweries in your area, book a table, and drink the day away.

Not only is it a good day out where everyone loosens up, but it’s also a change of scenery from your typical pub-and-club nights you’re used to, without any need to leave the city. When it closes, you know the area, you’re close by, so get a taxi home and enjoy the comfort of your own bed, rather than a lumpy hotel bed or stuffy dorm you might get on the other side of the world. 

Rediscovering Your Home 

It’s easy to see your hometown or city as just a home. However, treating it like a place where you can take a holiday will give you a new love for it. There is so much to do back at home; all you’ve got to do is look a little harder for it. 

Sarah x

I LOVE brownies and the great thing about brownies is that you can get so many different flavours. I came across Kiss and bake up who make fresh brownies in a variety of flavours and deliver them straight to your door!

They arrived packaged in cellophane and tissue in a sealed box which then is packed with bubble wrap in packaging labelled fragile. You can tell so much care has gone into making sure you receive them in the best condition.

On the lid of the box is a sticker that shows the flavours as well as ingredients and a best before date. There was a whole week one the date since they arrived, not that I could make them last for a week as they were gone within a couple of days!

The three flavours I tried were:

Coconut ice original brownie

Oreo brownie

Peanut butter and jam brownie

The brownies smelt so good when I first opened the box and honestly, I didn’t even know which one to have first! They look so good and they taste amazing. The oreo brownie was my favourite as I loved the pieces of oreo on top. Even though this was my favourite, I enjoyed all of them and the mint aero one they do also looks so good.

Sarah x

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If you read my posts regularly you would have seen me mention Femmeluxe a few times. I have recently picked out some really great jumpers and co ord sets as well as dresses and jeans. They have so many great things to pick from.

I usually order all of the items in medium or a size 10 and I find this used to be the best size option for me and they fit really well but I have recently put on a little weight so this time I have gone for a 12 as the last lot of size 10 trousers were a little tight. I would recommend sizing up if you prefer things to be a little lose, I don’t really like skin tight stuff!

What I like the most is that when you look at the products on their site it tells you what size the model is wearing so you can see if it comes up tight or baggy.

Blue Belted Pocket Detail Denim Mini Dress – Tehani

Size 12


I originally got this as I loved the puffed sleeve detail and I had visions in my head if I didn’t like it as a dress I could crop it into a jacket but I honestly love it so much as a dress! You can wear this however you want, with a belt tied around or without, you could even swap the belt out for a different one if you had a more statement one to wear. You could wear this with trainers/boots or heels depending on the look you are going for. It is really thick material, the same denim that a jacket would be made from. I also likes that is has pockets!

Stone Cargo Slim Fit Trouser – Sunny

Size 12


I already had these in a couple of other colours and they are so comfortable I wanted to go for the stone colour as this is really fashionable at the moment. They fit so well around the waist and are elasticated around the ankles for a tighter fit. The material is slightly stretchy and really comfortable.

Blue Light Wash High Waisted Extreme Rip Knee Denim Jeans – Bayre

Size 12


The quality of these jeans is great. I love the ripped feature on one leg. They are quite thick so ideal for this time of year and teamed with a jumper it makes a really comfortable outfit but still looks like you have made an effort to dress up. Ideal with boots or trainers depending what look you are going for and really soft and comfortable to wear. They are quite stretchy so are a really good fit at the waist and around the bum area.

Brown Camo Print Elasticated Trousers – Casandra

Size 12


I already have these in the green camouflage print and wanted to go for the brown/stone colour too. They fit so well around the waist and are elasticated around the ankles for a tighter fit. The material is slightly stretchy and really comfortable. I thought these would look great with dolly shoes in the summer or with army style boots in the winter. My favourite thing about these trousers is the elasticated ankles as I usually prefer trousers that are tighter at the bottom.

As I previously mentioned, the prices are so reasonable too and considering how cheap they are, they are really great quality. They really do have choices suited for everyone.

The delivery was super quick too which is great, as I hate having to wait ages for online orders to turn up! The prices are so reasonable too and considering how cheap they are, they are really great quality. I am always skeptical about ordering clothes online as you can’t feel them to know the quality but these are so good and for the quality I would have expected them to be more expensive!

Sarah x

*This post contains gifted items*

With Mother’s Day approaching, it can be difficult to decide what to buy. For me, I have to decide on presents for my mum, my step mum, my mother in law and my grandma. It can get difficult trying to pick what to buy everyone.

I have put together some ideas this year and have included personalised ones too 🙂




Rubis Classic Scissors


Beauty tools come in so handy and I am always in need of small scissors, whether it is to cut my nails or trim false lashes down, they are really useful to have. I have a pair of Rubis tweezers and they are my favourite pair as they are sharp and precise as well as being easy to use so I would definitely recommend this brand. The scissors are really great quality and a must have beauty tool.

Solid Perfume – Bella


I hate carrying around a perfume bottle as they are so bulky and often the small samples you get end up leaking all over your bag and only last one or two uses so a solid perfume is ideal. It comes in a beautiful compact tin so is ideal to carry around with you and great for travelling. It is so easy to use, you simply use your finger like you would with a tin of lip balm and then apply anywhere on your skin. It has shea butter in too so is easy to apply and kind to your skin. Bella is a refreshing floral scent and really beautiful, you can get it in a range of other scents too.

Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-Moisture Body Oil


I love the Ren Moroccan oil range and always have done. Their body lotion is so lovely but I recently discovered their body oil and fell in love. I smells amazing, as does everything else in the range! You only need a small amount and it makes your skin so soft. It would make the ideal gift for someone that loves a good pamper or deserves one!

Maskologist Lavender Youth Miracle Sheet Masks – 4 Pack


Sheet masks are a massive trend right now and Maskologist have created these lovely lavender youth promoting masks. You can buy then singularly or as a pack of 4 and they also do a really nice sounding rose one to help your skin glow. The lavender youth miracle mask helps to reset the skin, making it plumper and more radiant. It leaves your skin feeling amazing and looking so fresh. It is pretty much a professional facial in a box! These masks are completely biodegradable as they are created without the plastic mesh base structure of other hydrogel masks so once used they are fully dissolvable in water so can be used as a body treatment in the bath, bonus 🙂

The Manta – Hairbrush


This is honestly the best hairbrush I have ever tried! It is so easy to hold and it is flexible so it can bend to suit your scalp. It is a lot less harsh than other brushes out there so helps to prevent breakage and as a plus, it can also be used on wet hair. A lot of times you see specific brushes for wet hair as this is when your hair is most vulnerable but this one is safe to use all of the time. It comes in a few different colours and I think the white and rose gold one looks so pretty!

Prezzybox – Handmade Wellbeing Bath Melts Collection


This beautiful set is vegan, cruelty free and  free from harsh chemicals,. It would be ideal for anyone that loves a good pamper and loves a nice bath. Made with essential oils, each carries natural benefits, and ensures a relaxing bath. They are beautifully made too and look too nice to use!

They come in 4 different scents – sweet orange (happiness), geranium (balance), eucalyptus (clarity) and lavender (relax).

The Healing Hut – Pregnancy Massage Oil


The healing hut have an amazing range of vegan and cruelty free skincare products. The pregnancy oil is a calming lavender blend created to help soften your skin. It is ideal to use whilst pregnant or once given birth to help with any stretch marks. An ideal pampering gift for an expectant mother or a new mother 🙂

The Healing Hut – Pro-age Eye Cream


This organic eye cream is ideal for normal, mature and tired looking skin. It contains natural oils and extracts to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles. As with the rest of this range, it is vegan and cruelty free. I find that I much prefer putting natural products near my eyes as they are very sensitive so something like this is great for anyone with sensitive skin too.

The Healing Hut – Ultra-hydrate Chamomile and Jasmine Night Cream


Night cream is important to use as this is when your skin rejuvenates itself and when the products have time to work. Jasmine and Chamomile are especially good for dry and sensitive skin, they work together to regenerate cells and combat inflammation. The scent is beautiful and having this applied to your face by your nose can also help you to relax and sleep better. I think this would be great for new mothers that maybe aren’t spending much time or money on themselves as a little pick me up and treat.

The Healing Hut – Apple and Avocado Face Mask


I really do recommend the healing hut products, especially if you are buying from someone that lives a vegan/cruelty free/organic lifestyle. Their products are really well priced and made with a lot of care and love. They are the ideal pamper products to treat someone to. Doing a face mask can be really relaxing as well as good for your skin.

Clay face masks are great for all skin types and the perfect booster for your skin when it’s not looking its best. Clay is particularly good for fighting inflamed or oily skin. Apple, Avocado and Aloe all contain antioxidants and vitamins A,C and E to protect the skin against environmental damage, and ageing.




Asda Photo – Photo Slate 7.5″ x 5.5″


I wanted to get a nice photo of my myself with my mum for her to display as she has just moved house and is in the middle or decorating and adding pictures and ornaments etc. I have used Asda before for personalised products and have always been impressed with the price and quality. The picture is printed on a piece of slate with s a stand and you can have it made in various sizes. I thought this would look really nice on display.

Asda Photo – Personalised Porcelain Mug


The personalised mugs from Asda are a really great quality too. Their online tool to customise the layout/size of the photos is so simply to use, I designed and ordered both products straight from my phone. I wanted to get a nice mug for my step mum so opted for a picture from her wedding day to my dad. The picture came out really well and the mug looks really good!

Live In The Light – Candle Gift Box


I have mentioned live in the light before, they are one of my favourite go to websites for natural skincare and they have released this beautiful candle gift set which would make the ideal present for any candle lover. All of the candles are natural and in the set you get:

Frosted Glass Tumbler – 7.75oz
Medium Tin – 3oz
Large Tin – 6.7oz
Set of 4 Tealights
Large Pillar – 14oz

Scents may vary box to box but the ones I got all smell amazing! You get so much for your money and it’s all packaged really well in a box and is just such a lovely present.

Prezzybox – Copper Plant House


This beautiful plant house would be the ideal present for someone wanting to add a bit of greenery to a kitchen or bathroom. I think this would look great on s shelf or window ledge with an aloe vera or cactus in. It has a concrete foundation block and then a copper coloured frame making it look like a little house, really cute!

The Healing Hut – Oriental Jasmine Plant Wax Candle


Jasmine is a proven anti-depressant, the essential oils sweet aroma works to combat moods and boost energy. It can also provide the right scent for the perfect night’s sleep. It is the ideal scent to have in the bedroom. This candle is the perfect size if you wanted to take it with you if you were travelling and struggling to sleep whilst away from home. Candles make a great gift and this one is vegan and cruelty free.

Cardology – Spring Wellies Pop Up Card


I don’t usually get cards for people but this is another level! It is a 3D pop up card that is a pair of wellies with flowers coming out of the top and a bird on. I have never seen a card quite like it. I think it’s a great idea and they have so many designs, you can even get one that is a teddy bear! I think it’s really cool!


Food & Drink


Rhythm 108 – Sweet’N’Salty Almond Bar

Rhythm 108 – Hazelnut Cookie Dough Bar

£1-£2 each

Price varies depending on stockist.

You can purchase boxes direct or if you want to buy singularly you can usually get these in the free from section of supermarkets or independent vegan/health stores.

These are ideal if you are buying for someone with a gluten or dairy allergy or someone that is vegan as all of their products are organic, gluten free and vegan. The cookie dough is even one of your five a day?!

I don’t eat a vegan diet but the chocolate bars are some of the nicest ones I have ever tasted. When I was eating a vegan diet I was obsessed with the hazelnut praline one. They are so tasty and they taste like really posh, high quality chocolate.

These both would make a great gift, whether you want to buy a selection of different ones or treat someone to a big box 🙂

Mummy Meagz – Rocky Road

£1.49 each

This rocky road bar is vegan and gluten free so again this is another ideal treat for anyone that is eating a vegan diet or has a gluten or dairy allergy. I love the design on the packaging and it tastes so good! I am a big rocky road fan and this is the perfect size as a treat and they have so many different flavour bars to pick from 🙂 They even do their own version of a creme egg!

il Gusto – Miniature Oils & Vinegar Gift Set


This set contains a great mixture of oils and vinegars in a presentation box. I think this would be great for anyone that is into cooking or looking to better themselves in the kitchen(like myself!). It is a great way to try different flavours I wouldn’t usually have picked up. The set contains 8 x 40ml bottles:

Garlic Oil
Hazelnut Oil
Chilli Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil “LASITHI” – Organic
Raspberry Balsam Vinegar
Mango Balsam Vinegar
Tomato & Basil Balsam Vinegar
Calamansi Balsam Vinegar

I love how they come in a box too and il gusto have so many other bottles to try, you can get some really good gin selection boxes too.

Cricketers – Artisan Gin


Cricketers gin is a small batch, artisan crafted, London Dry Gin. It features the local Berkshire botanicals: wild marjoram, milk thistle and blackberries, these unique flavours harmonise with zesty orange, spicy coriander, and subtle tones of liquorice to deliver an exquisitely smooth juniper-forward gin. It is great mixed with just a plain tonic so you can really appreciate the flavour or you can of course create your own mix by adding it to something flavoured.

This is a must have for any gin lover and not just for people that like cricket!




Seaton Gifts – Heart and Checks Reversible Multicoloured Scarf


This beautifully made scarf is reversible. One side of this soft scarf features a check weave in a mixture of vibrant colours accented with navy blue or grey hearts. The other side shows the pattern in reverse with multi coloured hearts against a navy blue or grey background. It has soft frayed edges. The scarf is really soft and would make a really great present, especially this time of year and the colours are great for winter/spring.

Cover-Up Phone Case – New Zealand Paua Shell Explorer Black Case 


Cover-Up have an amazing selection of phone cases made out of wood, stone, felt or shell. The shall range is stunning and they have so many different type of shell to pick from. I think a really stunning, unique phone case like this would be a really good gift. The case is very hard wearing and they come in so many different options as well as lots of different phone models.

The Healing Hut – Necklace


This beautiful necklace is a set of angel wings with a heart hanging in the middle. It is such a lovely piece and very elegant. The healing hut has a good range of jewellery, not all of them are on the online shop at the moment but you can always contact them to find out what they have in stock or visit them if you are local to Hook.

The Healing Hut – Wish Bracelet


I think this bracelet is really sweet and thoughtful. The idea behind it is that you give it to someone as a gift and make a wish, over time as the thread frays it means your wish is coming and eventually when it comes off your wish is meant to come true. It is adjustable and will fit most wrists 🙂

I hope I have given you some good ideas!

Sarah x

*This post contains gifted items*