Who remembers the Nokia 3310? It used to look like a chunky, in-destructible brick. It was my first ever phone, you could call and text on it and play snake and that was about it. Nokia now have a smart version of this phone and it is insane. You can see the full details here and I think its crazy that it now has a colour screen.

It comes in different colours, I think the yellow is super bright and funky!

It supports micro sim which is the same size as an iphone and also has room for an SD card. The phone features a built in radio as standard too.

It is pretty easy to use, I got my priorities sorted by first figuring out the new colourful game of snake!

The built in camera is great quality too.

In comparison to my iphone 6 you can see it is a great size.

This would make a great first phone as often smart phones can cost hundreds of pounds.

It is easy to use, Nokias are also know for their durability. I used to drop mine all the time back in the day and the 3310 is honestly so robust. This model is ideal if you work on a building site or you need a phone to take to a festival or event that isn’t bulky. It

You can add apps to the phone, there are lots of games you can download and it has the standard apps pre installed like facebook and twitter. I think it is so reasonably priced for a smart phone. This one was £54 from AO.com.

So impressed by this as an alternative to my iphone and really pleased with how easy it is to use and how it isn’t bulky in my pocket!

Would you go back to using the famous 3310?!

Sarah x

You may have seen my previous post here where I shared my thoughts on the Anatomical tooth brush and tooth paste. I have also been trying a few other of their products as I am falling in love with this brand.

I have been trying:

Your taps are going to be turned on fruity bath gel

Oi you throbhead headache relief balm

The buff stuff citrus body scrub

What I like most about the bath gel is the fruity scent. You only need to pour a small amount under your running tap and it creates lots of fruity bubbles. It leaves you feeling fresh and clean, without a lingering scent. I like to team this with the citrus body scrub as the scents work well together and when you have finished washing you then smell like the scrub 🙂

The scrub is gentle on your skin, sometimes scrubs can be a little too harsh but this one is just right. It smells pretty damn good too.

Saving the best til last.. the headache relief balm. I suffer with migraines and have done pretty much my whole life and I had been using some sort of cooling muscle gel that was helping but now my go to (as well as ibuprofen!) is this relief balm. It has peppermint and lavender in which are both known as great oils to apply to your temples if you have a headache. The smell reminds me of deep heat but I really like it and find it soothing and calming. A big thumbs up from me and I will be putting this in my handbag for when I next get a headache/migraine!

Sarah x

Here I am, bringing you more vegan snacks, these ones are gluten free too so really good if you are dairy intolerant and eat gluten free too!

I honestly never knew there were so many snack bars out there and I love trying new ones. I am really impressed with this brand as they have such yummy flavours!

Good full stop create fruit and nut snack bars that are good for you, just as the name states. They are vegan, so no dairy and also gluten free. You can get them in Holland and Barrett and also a lot of health stores or direct from them online.

The flavours are:

Choc & mint

Fiery choc & chilli


Double choc

Cherry & maple

Mocha & caffeine

Mixed nuts

Double choc & chilli

Choc & orange

The texture of the bars reminds me of Nakd bars but not as wet, quite often the Nakd ones can be a bit wet if you know what I mean? These ones are the perfect texture and consistency.

My favourite is the Choc & orange, in fact I like anything chocolate flavoured! I like how the flavours aren’t too overpowering. I previously tried some sort of mint chocolate health bar and the mint was way too strong but good full stop have god the flavour balance just right.

I like how they have so many flavours are mixing things together like chilli and chocolate or cherry and maple. Sometimes I like to have chocolate ones rather than fruit themed bars as a treat. They are all good for you though and don’t have any added sugar which is great!

I will definitely bee looking for these when I next go to Holland and Barrett.

Sarah x

You know me, always testing new skincare to try and banish my acne for good. Nearly 30 years old, I would really have hoped to have grown out of acne by now! My latest product I think is helping is this serum from Spa marine skincare:

It is described as “A multi-functional anti-inflammatory concentrate of hibiscus flower and green tea acids fortified with salicylic acid to gradually exfoliate skin, even tone, smooth wrinkles and fine lines and decongest pores. Ideal for the treatment of most skin conditions. Flower Peel comes in a soothing seaweed based gel which prevents any skin irritation.” – http://www.veganbeautyskincare.co.uk

This sounds great for acne, anti aging, pigmentation, whatever your skin concern is!

I have used it a few times over the last couple of weeks and can honestly say I have noticed a difference. It really helps to remove dead skin cells on the top layer of your face and leaves your skin looking fresh and brighter. Usually things like this can be a little irritating but I had no problem using this.

It is easy to use, I was expecting to wash it off as it was described as a peel but you actually just apply it after cleansing your face and leave it to soak in. I like using it before bed a couple of nights a week. You can use your moisturiser after you apply the serum if needed and I can see a difference when I wake up.

Things like this I think they seem to work better if you only use 1 or 2 times a week as if you start using something daily your skin will become used to it and it wont work, this is why I always switch up my acne routine.

Really impressed with this and it looks like they do a lot of other great products from looking online, they are all vegan too!

Sarah x

September brings us sexual health awareness month. It is so important if you are having sex that you are aware of STDs(sexually transmitted diseases).

With more and more hormonal contraceptives available: the pill, implant, coil etc people are choosing these methods over the classic condom. These contraceptives can be extremely appealing. Imagine having the implant placed in your arm and being covered for three years… sounds amazing. It is great for someone like me, I am married and have one sexual partner but if you aren’t in a regular relationship you need to also be thinking about who you are sexually active with. You can’t tell if someone has a STD by looking at them. It is important when you change sexual partners to get them/yourself checked out.

STDs should not be a taboo subject, it’s something we should talk about openly with friends, family, or medical professionals. Sex is something people should enjoy and not something people should be embarrassed about discussing.

STD tests usually vary depending on what you are being tested for but with STD Check based in the USA they can check your blood or urine and make it so simple and easy. Peace of mind is so important and it can be nerve racking going to a doctors and not knowing how a test is performed or if you need to take your clothes off or what’s going to happen.

It can be embarrassing going to the doctors for something sexual related. I remember going for a smear test and I was so terrified the nurse was going to judge me and look at my lady parts and what underwear I had, she really did not care, they are there to do a job and in a professional manner. I would much prefer if a test was needed that I could do it from home!

With online STD tests you can get results in a couple of days and it’s so convenient. It is as simple as ordering a test online and then having your sample taken at your nearest testing lab location, and then awaiting your results in a couple of days.

100% Confidential STD Testing

5 Minute Testing with Results in 1 to 2 days

All Tests are FDA-Approved

Same Day STD Testing Available

Over 4,500 Testing Centers Nationwide

I wish they did something like this in the UK, I think a lot more people would get tested if it was this easy rather than having to get an appointment with a doctor or at a special clinic to have swabs and other tests performed.

Sarah x