It’s Never a Bad Idea to Use Responsive Web Design

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The experience your users have online will make or break you’re the success of your website, and its ability to transition content into purchases and conversions.

Despite the fancy functions your websites may have, the fact is if your website doesn’t function the same across a variety of devices then there’s high chance, you’re not going to make any sales.

Whether you like it or not, your customers attention span isn’t as great as you may think, so you’re going to need to keep them hooked. Making the simple switch to responsive web design guarantees that user visits are consistent, despite which device they may be using.

Be on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, your customer believes they deserve the very best experience and will only be drawn to continue browsing your site if they see you have made adjustments to accommodate this belief.

This is another reason why Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) must become your partner in crime in the online world.

SEO Runs the Online Climate

Embracing responsive website design enables users to easily alter between laptops and desktop computers to smartphone and the orientation of each device. The website will now modify to whichever size screen the device has, without losing website quality.

Responsive website programming means that smaller screens present a minimum number of columns and text which means users no longer must zoom into mountains of text. The fact is that the quality anticipated by online users today is a lot higher than you may think.

As an up-to-the-minute business owner, your audience expects that you meet their online needs as well as lifestyle needs. But doing so reaps rewards such as online conversions and customer loyalty.

Where to Begin

Now is not the time to be scared. The online world may seem daunting but let’s remember, it’s about brining your users and business together. So, with that in mind, let’s discuss thumb-friendliness and mobile optimisation.

Over 50% of global website traffic comes from mobile devices, so it’s a great starting point to begin optimising your website for mobile usage. The user’s need for convenience prevails over extensive imagery and long pages of written content. Finding your products whilst on the go shouldn’t be a challenge on your responsive website.

In the past, businesses would operate two different websites which hold the same purpose but are designed for use on one device, which would be desktop or mobile. In light of this, cost effectiveness also comes into play with responsive web design – what sensible business owner will spend more than they need to?

All you need to ensure is that the layout of your website as easy thumb-friendliness (we’ll explain in just a second) and high resolution. Thumb friendliness ensures that every button and the navigation bar is laid out in using a centre alignment for ease of access.

Need Help?

Responsive web design can help you become the leading business in your industry, no matter what industry that is. All and any type of business can benefit from professional web development from a digital marketing team.

Your best chance of online success lies with Stockport website design agencies, who use their decades of knowledge to enhance each and every website they design, so that it is holistically responsive. Website development which incorporates SEO and a strong social media presence will see oyur businesses revenue soar.

Don’t let your business be left behind in the non-stop online world. Harness the power of a responsive website today.

Sarah x

More loungewear from Femmeluxe

This post contains gifted products:

If you read my posts regularly you would have seen me mention Femmeluxe a few times before and I had recently picked out some really great co ord sets, as well as tracksuit bottoms, tshirts and jeans. I wanted to pick up a few pairs of tracksuit bottoms and loungewear this time. They always have so many great things to pick from but for now I wanted to get some more comfortable pieces.

Grey Cuffed Joggers- Lizzie


Size 12

The size is spot on for these pair of joggers as they are baggy enough to be comfortable lounging in all day but not too big that they fall down or I trip over the bottom of them.

They have so many shades to pick from in the Lizzie style and I really like the shade of grey. I always usually go for black, navy or grey on tracksuits and I think the shade is really nice to go with a black or white top.

White & Black Marble Print Cuffed Joggers – Caiden


Size 12

Marble print is really in at the moment and these are really comfortable as well. They are true to size and I always find the loungewear from Femmeluxe to fit me well.

These are perfect to wear at the moment whilst at home but also will be great to wear if popping to the shops as I love the look of baggy tracksuit bottoms with a t shirt and a pair of high top trainers.

Grey Tie Dye Oversized Sweatshirt Loungewear Set – Natalia


Size L (12/14)

I find all of their lounge wear sets are super comfy. The material is quite thick for a lounge wear set and I love this print for clothing. The trousers fit perfectly and I love having a top to go with it. Ideal for wearing around the house or to work out or for going out.

I think to get two items of clothing for this price is so good. You can either wear them together or wear them with anything else really. The trousers would look good with any hoodie/jumper or top really, they don’t necessarily have to be worn as the set.

Sage Check Print Oversized Button Up Pocket Shacket


Size L

This is really thick and great to wear over a plain t shirt. It is really oversized and I think it looks really cool with joggers or would look good with leggings or jeans. It’s really comfortable and well made.

The delivery is always really quick which is great, it only takes a few days to arrive. I hate having to wait ages for online orders to turn up! The prices are always really reasonable too and considering how cheap they are, they are really great quality.

I have always been skeptical about ordering clothes online as you can’t feel them to know the quality but these are always great.

Sarah x

Bring Amtico into Your Home for Christmas

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The winter season brings the desire for warmer setting throughout your home, but not taking away from a stylish design. Of course, Amtico vinyl flooring is the go to brand for finding complete harmony between domestic function and interior design.

The most popular choice of luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is Amtico as you bypass the negative aspects of authentic wood flooring. Vinyl flooring brings the beautiful appearance of real wooden flooring, with the promise of lasting quality.

Shady Colour Palettes

Deeper toned wood doesn’t fill an room with doom and gloom, which is the common misconception. Dark woods give a pleasant contrast of tones and highlights, which combine well with almost any textures or fabrics, so matching it to your carpets and rugs is no problem.

Styling for your rooms to bring in warmth will ensure that all visitors feel immediately at home and content, without noticing a lack in material authenticity.

The amazing think about luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is that the lighter shades can still maintain warmth but brighten up the room in a subtle way which still delivers a cosy atmosphere. Classic urban designs can even benefit from light vinyl flooring, as they work well with surrounding foliage and soft cosy fabrics that you may find in your conservatory or bathroom.

Emphasise Beauty

The wide scope of designs at your fingertips means that you’re always going to find a style which suits your taste and helps emphasise the character of your home in a beautiful way.

Consistency can always be achieved with luxury vinyl flooring because each and every shade is an extension of another, meaning matching tone to create patterns gives you a unique way to break up the design of each room and enable style diversity.

The Need-to-Knows

Liquid will forever be a predominant threat to flooring.

Luckily, Amtico vinyl flooring is well protected from moisture damage by its amazing waterproof properties which keep water on the PUC surface layer so it physically can’t drip below to the foundations of your property.

That same PUC layer also has non-slip and anti-stain and scratch properties. Meaning that, with thanks to modern manufacturing, you’re escaping from hours of scrubbing and potentially fatal accidents.

Savvy Satisfaction

In the dead of winter, Amtico vinyl flooring is the ideal choice to pair with underfloor heating.

Simultaneously, summer months won’t affect your fabulous new flooring because these sturdy planks and tiles are unyielding against the strains of foot traffic and a busy family home.

Amtico luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is renowned for its Abstract, Form and Amtico Signature Woods collections. Whichever functions your requires form your flooring, you best believe that Amtico is a Christmas dream come true.

Treat yourself to the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas with Amitco luxury vinyl flooring.

Sarah x

Trying out a facial razor and more plastic free haircare

This post contains gifted products:

I have recently been using a facial razor as well as trying out some more plastic free haircare products.

I have been testing out the No Mo-stache Facial Razor to help shape my eyebrows as well as using it on some peach fuzz on my face. Derma planing has become a big thing over the last year and it’s great you can give it a go yourself at home. Using a razor like this on your face helps to eliminate peach fuzz whilst also exfoliating the top layer of your skin. It’s so easy to use and I think it’s a great price too.

The No Mo-stache Facial Razor is available exclusively at Cult Beauty at for £6.50

The plastic free hair products I have been using are from Biovene and are £3.99 each:

Biovene argan oil and mint hydrate repair solid shampoo

Biovene argan oil and mint hydrate repair solid conditioner

Solid haircare is easy to use and you would be surprised how little you actually need! The argan oil and mint range contains: Argan oil, Peppermint, Macadamia oil, Beeswax and Shea butter.

This range is ideal if you are looking to improve on the shine of tour hair and all require hydration. Antioxidant-rich Argan oil helps combat hair fall, maintain a healthy scalp and repair damaged hair caused by color and styling.

The bars are suitable for all hair types. They are dermatologist tested, plastic free, pH-balanced, vegetarian – without sulfates, parabens and palm oil and not tested on animals.

Have you tried any of these?

Sarah x

B Organic

This post contains gifted products:

B organic create hand-made products in small batches. They use the healing properties of plants and flowers, and concentrate them into luxuriantly aromatic products. Some come fragrance-free. Everything is natural and organic, including food-grade ingredients, organic plant extracts, essential oils, gels, balms and creams.

Lemon hand sanitiser


This hand sanitiser smells really good. It is strong enough to kill bacteria but it doesn’t leave that alcohol smell on your hands as it’s lemon scented. It doesn’t leave your hand with that sticky sanitiser feeling and it soaks in really quickly. It’s a good size bottle to put in your bag!

Hydrating organic face cream


I love this face cream as it feels so nice when you apply it. It soaks in well and doesn’t leave your face greasy. air smells really good and is really hydrating. My skin has been quite dry due to the time of year and weather, as well as having the heating on. It’s nice to find a cream that can be used day or night and that soaks in well. You only need to use a small amount too.

Foot balm – peppermint and tea tree


My feet have been really dry recently but using a foot cream and night has really helped to soften them. I put a small amount on my feet every few nights and then put a pair of socks on and go to bed. My feet wake up feeling softer and feeling really nice. I like the smell of this and I love using mint based creams as find they feel really refreshing.

If you like the sound of these then I am also hosting a competition on Twitter where you can win all the products mentioned.

Click here to enter 🙂

Sarah x