Why The Quality Of Product Packaging Matters More Than You Think

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You have a million and one things to contend with when running a small business. When it’s time to conjure up some product packaging, you have even more things on your mind! At the forefront is the urge to make your packaging as attractive as possible. That’s great; attractive packaging reels in prospective customers. Many brands make sales based purely on how good their packaging looks compared with others. 

All your efforts are focused on the visuals meaning you forget about the quality of the packaging. Poor-quality packaging can cause a host of worries for your business that stop it from improving. That’s why this post will explain why the physical quality of product packaging matters more than you think! 

Good Quality Packaging Preserves What’s Inside 

Making your packaging from high-quailty materials ensures that whatever’s inside stays in excellent condition for longer. The easiest example of low-quality packaging doing the opposite is when companies sell food. We’ve all opened a packet of ham, only for the packaging to be flimsy, and it doesn’t seal properly. This means too much air gets into the packet and the ham spoils in a day. 

It’s a very “on the nose” example, but you get where we’re coming from. Make your packaging from good materials and what’s inside will stay in the best possible condition. This prolongs the customer’s enjoyment of your product and gives them a better overall experience of your brand. 

High Quality Packaging Makes Your Business Look Good

Test this theory by looking at any packaging for an Apple product. Apple is known for crafting amazing unboxing experiences for customers; all the materials are sturdy and every aspect of the packaging feels of a high quality. Touching the box or removing things from sleeves immediately makes you feel like you’re dealing with a high-end brand. This is the effect you want your products to give, so they need to have quality packaging. 

Take your Apple product and compare it with a random tech brand from Amazon. The difference will be startling. If you removed all elements of branding and did a blind test holding the packaging, you could immediately determine that one is from a much higher quality brand. Make consumers think highly of your business with good quality packaging. 

Great Quality Packaging Aids The User Experience

Quality packaging does more for your customers than you realize. Remember, labels are part of the packaging and they provide important information about how to use certain products, etc. Poor quality packaging means these labels can rub off, leaving the user with no idea how to use things or of any potential safety concerns. 

If you used a quality vinyl sticker printer to make these labels, they’d stay on. Brands do this all the time and having labels that don’t wear away is more important than you think. It ensures the user always has a great experience and is never confused by how to use the product, etc.

See, the physical quality of product packaging plays many roles for your company. It’s not something to undermine; focus on the aesthetics by all means, but don’t forget to make your packaging from quality stuff.  

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