5 Top Legitimate Websites That Offer Free Stuff

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Everybody loves freebies and most will agree with the fact that saving money is an extremely good virtue. However, being able to take advantage of free stuff is that much more gratifying. There are various places that you can take advantage of brand-name products on a regular basis for fee. Some of these businesses include Walmart that often give away samples that are free. Just a quick search when on the Internet will pull up an extensive range of freebie and samples for free.

Unfortunately not all the freebie websites have been created in the same way and in fact many of them are pretty useless. These sites often bombard your email inbox with so much mail everyday which causes you to keep reading and clicking in the false hope of getting free items that may be of use to you. Below is a list of 5 top websites that actually give free items that you may use or need.

1. BzzAgent

This website is associated with product testing which offers the opportunity to try out all types of products in your home. However, you will need to be prepared to invest a bit of time in order to test out these products as well as writing a review once you have tried them out. This is the type of website that will also reward you if you are able to assist in making their products popular within your contacts and friends circles. This is why the website is named Bzz Agent.

2. Get It Free

This website offers free products which are not only restricted to only sample products. They also include coupons, great deals and entry into the sweepstakes that offer a way for you to get hold of even more free stuff. Organized a bit like Pinterest, you can expect to view fantastic deals and freebiesin pictorial vivid illustrations which make it far easier to locate what you may be interested in.

3. All Free Stuff

This is the website that is aimed at pets. So if you have beloved animals in your home you may want to take advantage of a few of the free samples on offer. They also offer freebies for humans and whatever you may be in search of this site will not disappoint you.


At the end part of 2010, the rival to the site Freecycle was established known as iloveFreegle.org. Most of the Freeglegroups formed a part of the Freecycle Network. However, they soon broke away in order to form their own sites due to the untenable changes. Once you have signed up for free on the website you are able to post offers on what you would like to give away or post wanted ads on items you need. It is far smaller that Freecyle but has over 354 groups in the UK along along with 1.3 million members it seems to be catching up.

5. Gumtree

Gumtree.com is described as the “classified community” which is available in the majority of towns and cities in Ireland and the UK. This site is one of the best sites to advertise items for sale for free as well as smaller ads for jobs and rental properties. It also features what is known as a freebie-section. Some of the freebies on offer include free haircuts, animals and unwanted pieces of furniture or household items.

Why Do Businesses Give Away Free Items?

Many people often wonder what can companies gain by giving away free products? This is due to that these companies believe that the individuals who receive these freebies often turn into customers. If the recipient is able to enjoy the product, the company is able to grow their customer base.

Giving away free items often does not translate into immediate buying and the fact that the products are in active use is a far better proposition for the business. However, the person who receives these free items is the one to gain the most.

There are various websites which give away free products and samples but this is often accompanied by a bombardment of junk emails. Receiving mails from these websites is expected. 

The deal is that in exchange for the free items they will send you advertising in the form of emails. But unfortunately there are a variety of websites that will offer these freebies that will often never materialize. In addition, they have your email address which means they will continue to send you junk emails.

For this reason it is advisable to only use legitimate and safe sites that actually offer real stuff. Stay away from the sites that will only be able to offer you with “free” junk emails in exchange.

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