Self Care: 4 Ways To Care For Your Body Every Day

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Self-care can have different connotations for different people. However, it is something everyone should be doing at all times to boost their mood and mental well-being. Taking time out for yourself isn’t selfish, and putting yourself first is something you should be doing on a frequent basis to make sure you have everything you need to help you power through life without neglecting yourself.

But with 81% of people saying we need a greater focus on self-care and the average time spent on such activities being just 17 minutes per day, how can you relax and give yourself what you need on a daily basis to help you avoid burnout?

Eat Well

One such way to inadvertently include self-care into your day is to eat as nutritious a diet as possible. Include as many whole nutritionally dense foods as you can, and enjoy everything in moderation. This means eating wholemeal foods, more fruits and vegetables, lean meats, etc and limiting your intake of processed foods; the 80-20 balance is often a good rule to follow. This means 80% of your diet is healthy, nutritious foods, and 20% is the foods you enjoy indulging in.

Move More

This doesn’t mean embarking on a vigorous exercise plan from being sedentary; it simply means finding ways to fit more movement into your day. It can be increasing your step count by an extra 1,000 steps or more if you can, dancing around to music at home, doing a workout or anything else at all. The aim is to increase your energy expenditure in any way you can, and the extra movement or exercise you do in the owl theme impacts your overall physical and mental health.

Take Time Out

Don’t forget that you also need downtime in all of this too. You need the time to switch off and relax doing something you enjoy or nothing at all. You can head to bed half an hour earlier and stay off all devices, take a long bath, play some games on your phone such as those you can find at, or read a book. Whatever helps you to switch off and relax, do it every day or as much as possible to help you preserve your health and implement easy self-care into your day.


The average adult needs around 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. But it’s not just the duration of the sleep that matters; it’s the quality of it. You need consistent and continuous sleep that will help your body relax and repair itself, ready for a new day. Sleep, along with exercise, is one of the most powerful ways you can care for your body, and improving your sleeping patterns and routines is one of the best self-care practices you can do on a daily basis. So whether this is going to bed earlier, reducing your caffeine or alcohol intake close to bed, practising yoga or meditation before bed or removing electronics from the bedroom, find what works for you and improve your sleeping routine.

You can do many different things each day to improve your self-esteem without even thinking of it. Building these habits is your day and can help you do just that.

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