How can a NEBOSH course help further your career?

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A NEBOSH General course can help further your career considerably. The NEBOSH General course give you in-depth knowledge of occupational health and safety, improving your understanding of safety protocols and risk management. This knowledge is valued across various industries. Completing NEBOSH courses in Essex can show employers that you are committed to making work environments as safe as possible.

A globally recognised certification

The NEBOSH General certificate is globally recognised and respected. When you have a NEBOSH qualification on your CV, this shows employers both in the UK and elsewhere that you have undergone rigorous health and safety training and have skills that are valued around the world.

Competitive advantage

Another great reason for obtaining a NEBOSH General certificate is that it can help you stand out in a crowded job market. Many employers prioritise candidates with NEBOSH qualifications as they show that they will be bringing a high level of health and safety expertise to the workforce.

Industry compliance

Industries such as the construction sector have tough safety regulations. The NEBOSH Construction certificate courses ensure you both understand and comply with regulations. A NEBOSH qualification can make you an attractive candidate for a Construction related H&S role in which complying with safety standards is crucial.

Diverse career opportunities

NEBOSH courses cover various occupational safety aspects. This means the qualifications can open doors to a diverse range of career opportunities including jobs in construction, manufacturing and more.

Practical application

These courses emphasise the practical application of safety principles. The knowledge a NEBOSH course can give you is not only useful in work situations but other scenarios where you might be involved in an emergency.

Adding a NEBOSH qualification to your CV shows employers that you are a safety-conscious professional with a strong knowledge of health and safety principles and can make you an appealing candidate for a wide range of roles in Health and Safety.

What is involved in a NEBOSH course?

The NEBOSH General Certificate is divided into two units – NG1 and NG2. NG1 focuses on health and safety management and tells you why it’s so important to manage health and safety in the workplace. It also gives you detailed information on how health and safety management systems work and what they look like. The course will tell you how to understand people and processes when managing risk and provide vital details on health and safety measuring and monitoring.

The NG2 unit is focused on risk assessments and covers topics including physical and psychological health, musculoskeletal health, general workplace issues, chemical and biological agents, work equipment, fire, and electricity.

Why choose us for NEBOSH courses in Essex?

There are many fantastic reasons for choosing Target Zero for NEBOSH courses in Essex. We’re the ideal choice for you if you need one company for all your health and safety needs. We also offer bespoke customised training solutions to meet your specific requirements. Unlike some other training companies, we can work with parties of any size, from one employee to entire workforces. All training is delivered by experienced industry professionals.

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You can find out more about our NEBOSH courses by calling us on 0333 444 0018 or by sending an email to Our team are on hand to discuss your requirements with you.

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