Tips To Create A More Intimate And Cosy Bedroom

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There’s nothing better than having a bedroom that’s cosy, warm and inviting. Whether you share this space with your other half, or you’re flying solo, the bedroom is a sanctuary that should be intimate and personal to you.

Creating such a space is very much down to your own personal preferences. However, if you’re looking to create a cosy space for your bedroom this year, then there are some top tips worth considering to achieve this objective.

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Go dark for those cosy vibes

When creating a cosy vibe, be sure to opt for a darker colour scheme. This will help the space feel smaller and therefore more intimate in its setting. While it’s not ideal for smaller rooms, it’s often the compromise you’ll make or have to choose between when aiming for the ultimate in cosy vibes.

Consider warm darks though, rather than going for cool tones. After all, you want to feel like you’re stepping into a warm space, rather than something that makes you shiver from its appearance.

Install blinds to add privacy

To ensure you’ve got plenty of privacy within your bedroom space, it’s worth installing blinds. Blinds are a great way to lock the outside world out and to shut out the light whenever you fancy an early night or a movie night with snacks in bed.

If you’re going to install blinds, it’s well worth having them be insulated and even blackout in additional features. Not only does this help lock in the warmth of the room but it also means you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without any flashing lights or morning light waking you up too early.

Opt for the right bed linen

Bed linen is an important one, especially as you want to create a comfortable feeling when you’re lying on and in the bed. Tog levels are something to be aware of when purchasing duvets. The thicker the tog, the better. However, you may want to opt for a lighter duvet during the summertime.

Consider adding some blankets to the bed also, especially during those cooler months. There’s nothing better than being enveloped in a mountain of throws and marshmallow-like cushions.

Hang curtains around the bed

If you benefit from a four-poster bed or you’re looking to update a worn and tired bed, why not opt for one that provides its own curtains? It’s a great way of closing off the space even further and having that privacy when it’s needed.

While it’s not the look for everyone, you can always look at different options and lighter forms of curtain material to hand around the bed’s exterior.

Soften the light to set the ambience

Lighting is critical when it comes to creating those cosy vibes. Don’t go for too harsh a light and be selective when it comes to lampshades so that they don’t expose too much of the lightbulbs. A warm yellow light is better than a harsh clinical, white light.

Hopefully, with these tips, you can transform your bedroom into a more intimate and cosy space.

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