3 Reasons To Go See A Dentist NOW

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When it comes to personal health, oral care is often treated as less urgent than other medical concerns. That leftover fear from our childhood trips to the dentist can hold us back from seeking immediate care even when necessary. The memories of the dentist’s chair and the intimidating tools can deter even the most brave-hearted. However, our oral health is just as vital as any other aspect of our wellbeing, and dental emergencies require immediate attention. Here are some instances when the need to see a dentist becomes urgent.

A pain that won’t go away

The most apparent sign of needing immediate dental care is severe and persistent dental pain. Unlike other bodily aches, dental pain is not something that subsides with time. If anything, it’s a clear signal that something is wrong, possibly an infection. Ignoring dental pain can lead to the infection spreading, and given its proximity to the brain, this is particularly concerning. Untreated gum infections can lead to sepsis, a life-threatening condition. So, if you’re experiencing persistent dental pain, it’s imperative to book an appointment at your dental practice immediately.

Persistent bleeding

Bleeding from the mouth is another clear sign of a dental emergency. While occasional bleeding during vigorous brushing can be common, consistent bleeding unrelated to brushing should be a cause for concern. Unlike a minor cut or scrape, bleeding in the mouth may indicate a more serious issue like traumatic injury, an infection, gum disease, or an ulcer. If you notice such bleeding, seeking immediate dental attention is crucial. Not to mention that bleeding which won’t stop – wherever it is – can indicate an underlying condition which could be more serious, so take the time to get it checked out

A lost tooth

A lost tooth, while it might seem trivial to some, is another indicator of a dental emergency. Adult tooth loss is not something to be taken lightly, even if sustained in a collision during a sporting contest. Often, when a tooth falls out, it might be due to another tooth growing in the wrong direction or nerve damage. Remember, the resulting open wound provides a direct line to the bloodstream, and any bacteria present in the mouth can lead to severe complications. If you lose a tooth, seek dental help right away to prevent further problems.

While these are some of the more serious symptoms that demand immediate attention, it’s important to note that even minor oral irritations should not be ignored. Believe it or not, many serious illnesses are first detected during routine dental check-ups, and early detection is the best tool we have against severe illness. As nerve-wracking as it may be to revisit those childhood fears, it’s essential to remember that a trip to the dentist could potentially be life-saving.

In conclusion, dental care should never be taken lightly. While the memories of dental appointments might be daunting for some, it’s essential to look past those fears when faced with a dental emergency. When it comes to oral health, immediate action can prevent severe complications. So, if you find yourself in a situation described above, brace yourself, pick up the phone, and schedule an appointment with your dental practice right away.

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