How To Make A Home Feel Cosy And Welcoming

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Any home should feel cosy and welcoming. Regardless of the style of the home or the size, there should be a homely vibe in every residential property. Whether it’s a rented property or owned, a house or apartment can still feel like a home.

With that being said, if the home doesn’t quite feel as warm and cosy as one would want it to be, then there are some helpful tips to make a home feel that way in 2023.

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Add in some thick throws to the space

Thick throws are a great way to help make the space feel warm and comfy. There’s nothing better than being able to enjoy a movie night, wrapped up in a throw on the sofa or in bed.

Throws can add that extra layer of warmth to the home and can also help with insulating the home a little more.

At this time of year when the cold hits a little more intensely, it’s useful to have throws in the space to add to that cosiness.

Create some warmth with a new fireplace

Adding some warmth to the space can be done with fireplaces. For a brief period, fireplaces weren’t considered as relevant but have since come back into popularity after modernisation.

With fireplaces now, it’s either an open log fire set up or it’s a fake fire that mimics the flames of a real fireplace but without the dangers of it setting the home on fire! There’s nothing like a warming fireplace to help keep the home warm at all times.

Use the right lighting for ambience 

The right lighting can make all the difference when it comes to setting the mood in the home. Warm lighting is typically a lot more effective than something harsh and clinical feeling. Think about incorporating some lighting with lampshades to dull the harsh brightness of some light in the space.

Fairy lights are also a great way of adding some extra comfort to the space. The dim but warm glow of the lights is festive but can be good as an all-year-round option too. Add some deliciously scented soy candles for added atmosphere.

Consider replacing any uncomfortable furniture

Is there any furniture that has become more uncomfortable to bear? It’s important to remember that some sofas and other home furniture for lounging in, may not stay comfortable forever. It means that it might be time for one or two items of furniture, need to be replaced.

Consider how long you’ve had the sofa or bed in question. It might be time to get a new one. 

Repaint walls with warmer colours

When it comes to the walls, despite them feeling cold at the best of times, they don’t have to look cold. Think about repainting the walls with warmer colours that will make the home feel instantly warmer. Avoid cool tones and go for colours that are going to work perfectly with the warm lights you’ve added to the space too.

Making a home feel cosy and welcoming is something that makes a big difference and brings that homely feel to the space.

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