Christmas Gift Guide Series 2022 – Homeware

Christmas Gift Guide Series 2022 – Homeware

This post contains gifted products:

Every year I like to put together a gift guide for Christmas. It can often be hard to think of presents for some people and I always struggle with thinking of ideas for certain people so like to plan ahead and share my ideas if anyone else is struggling!

I also find it a lot easier to do all of my shopping online and I have tried to include a wide range of products as well as things for a variety of budgets.

Please check out my other gift guides I am publishing this week as there are 5 in total and organised into categories 🙂


Engravers Guild – Swarovski Elements Dartington Wine Glass


This glass is made of Dartington glass and embellished with Swarovski crystals. It can be personalised with whatever phrase you wish and it’s etched neatly onto the glass. An ideal gift for any wine lover.

Stickerscape Bottle Bags

£8.95 each

These bags are great if you are gifting wine to someone this year. They are good quality and come with a variety of phrases on and can be reused next year!

Asda Photo – Light Up Photo Box


I have always been a fan of creating personalised gifts via Asda as they have a great range of things to pick from and you can use your own photos to create the designs online. It’s easy to create your product online and they are always great quality.

This light box is such a good gift and can be turned on at the flick of a switch.

Cutch – The Christmas Cutch Edition No25 Reed Diffuser


I have always been a fan of candles from Cutch and this year they have bought out this beautiful scented reed diffuser. It is the ideal gift for anyone that appreciates home fragrances and it looks really posh too. I love the scent of this too.

Love Layla – Pens

£2.75 each

Love Layla have a great range of pens with a variety of phrases on so there is something for everyone. They also have an offer on so if you buy more they work out cheaper.

Love Layla – Mugs

£13.50 each

These mugs are well made and come with a great range of phrases on. A mug is a great gift this Christmas and you could even fill it with their favourite sweets or a bag of coffee.

Love Layla – Christmas Cards

£3.95 each

Most of us spend so much time looking for the perfect gift we forget about finding the perfect card. Love Layla have such a great range of cards, there really is something for everyone. You don’t necessarily have to get someone a gift this year, just a thoughtful card is enough!

Love Layla – Notebooks

£12.50 each

These cute notebooks come in a good variety of designs and they feel really well made and are ideal for someone that loves making notes and writing things down all the time.

Love Layla – Wrapping Paper

£4.50 each

What I love most about this brand is the fun designs. They have wrapping paper that really stands out and it’s really fun. This is the first thing people will notice when you give them their Christmas gift so why not ensure you get something that will make them laugh and smile before even opening the gift!

Fresh Face Pillow Company – Anti Wrinkle Pillow


This pillow is a game changer. When we sleep we don’t spend the whole night in the same position, we naturally toss and turn causing stress on our faces and hair but with this pillow it holds your head in place meaning it is better for both face and hair. It can help to prevent wrinkles caused by too much moving in your sleep and also means if you want to put skincare on to soak in your face overnight it won’t get wiped off. Being silk it is also so good for your hair and prevents frizz and damage.

At Home In Paradise – Lemon Lavender Candle


This candle comes in a beautiful tin and they have a good range of scents available. I had never heard of mixing lemon and lavender together but it has now become my new favourite scent. Candles are a great gift as they can be kept for display and lit on special occasions or lit before bed as a calming scent. This candle burns well and smells so good whilst it’s burning.

MultiColouredCrochet – Handmade Crochet Christmas Baubles


These make a great alternative to your usual plastic or glass baubles. They come in a nice range of colours and they feel more homely than normal baubles. They have been handmade and you can see how much love and care has gone into making and packaging them.

Dorothy Berry-Lound Art – Sweet Heart Tin


These cute heart shaped tins are available in a range of of designs that are created by different artists. They also have a great range of other items from coasters to cushions in the same designs. I love how cute this tin is as it’s ideal to have to store jewellery in next to the bed.

The Feminist Shop – We Could Be Sheroes Mug


I like the design of the mug and the metal handle. They also have a great range of clothing items too. A good gift idea for anyone that loves empowering women.

Postboxed – Cat Lover Gift Box


This is the perfect gift for any cat lover as has a great selection of cat themed items. Postboxed have a great range of different boxes so there is something for everyone!

This box includes :

– Wild and Woofy Cat Pin and Tag Set
– Marvling Bros Grow Your Own Pet Comforter
– Little Book Of Cats
– Arthouse Unlimited Miaow For Now Silky Milk Chocolate

Typhoon – Elements Dark Marble/Acacia Rectangular Board


The serving board is ideal for putting out snacks on over Christmas and I love how posh and stylish it looks with the marble section too. The marble section of the board is naturally cool so is ideal for keeping cheese platters at the correct temperature.

They also have more boards in their range so something to suit everyone.

Your Image 2 Canvas – Personalised Square Word Art 16X16


This is a great personalised gift for anyone. You can pick any words you like to be added to the canvas and it comes in a great range of sizes and colours. It’s so well made and looks so good.

Oxo Good Grips – Vegetable Chopper with Easy-Pour Opening


Quickly and safely chop onions, peppers, and more in one easy motion, and easily pour chopped fruits or veggies without removing the lid. The stainless steel blade pattern and recessed cutting area keeps food in place while the lid provides leverage for efficient chopping.

This is a great gift for anyone that spends a lot of time in the kitchen or someone that doesn’t cook much and needs an easy push to prepare fresh meals.

Merchoid – Gremlins:
Gizmo Santa Hanging Ornament


Merchoid have a great range of Gremlins tree ornaments and are a great idea for any gremlins fan. I already had a couple from this range and they are so well made so pleased to add a couple more to my collection.

Merchoid – Gremlins:
Mohawk In Fairy Lights Hanging Ornament


Another great addition to my gremlins tree collection. They are all hand painted and you can tell a lot of care has gone into making them. The perfect christmas gift for any gremlins fan.

Merchoid have lots of different movie and tv based gift ideas.

I hope I have given you some good ideas!

Sarah x


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    Thank you for including my sweetheart tin in your list, just one of many lovely products I have available at my Contrado store.

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