Encouraging Your Grown-Up Child To Drive Well & Safely

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It can feel quite intensive for a parent to slowly let go of the reigns of their child, not that they will run off to a far distance where we will never see them again, but because a lot of their independence comes at once. Leaving home for the first time, learning to drive a car, getting their first job, within around two or so years all of this can happen.

For this reason, it’s good to take some time to process that, while also planning how you’ll let them fly from the nest in the best possible way. Let’s focus on one of those topics – driving. Encouraging your grown-up child to drive well and safely is a matter of knowing how to behave on the roads, keeping some ground rules in the car, and also maintaining their vehicle properly.

In this post, then, we’ll discuss all three of those matters, and throw in a couple of other worthwhile insights for good measure. Without further ado, please consider:

Watching Out For Other Road Users

It’s important to never take other road users for granted, because while we can drive safely of our own accord, it’s rare for other road users to be 100% safe, 100% of the time. As such, telling them to trust themselves on the road and to keep a sharp watch over other drivers, never leaving anything to chance, is a principle that will stay with them until they’re in their elderly years. The more they can be dynamic on the roads and respond to other’s driving habits (even if that means backing off for some distance), then they will remain safer in this space.

Their Car Is Their Environment & They Have Control

If your child is one of the first among their peers to begin driving, it’s easy for them to be pressured into giving lifts, into heading to the fast-food drive-through or to run errands for their siblings. It’s important that they have a sense of ownership over their vehicle and its interior, so that they can decline someone a lift or firmly tell someone to stop smoking or causing a disturbance in the vehicle. On top of that, having them make sure that they never give a lift for free will help with their long-term affordability.

Regular Maintenance & Servicing Are Essential

Of course, regular car maintenance is absolutely essential in more ways than one. Ensuring that they know how to replace their tyre, fill their water tank, and attend regular car servicing in their area either if a fault occurs or annually will help them take a sense of ownership over their vehicle, and in the long run that only keeps them safer on the road. Moreover, they can save a great deal in insurance provider fees if they know how to properly maintain a vehicle, even if that just means understanding what the warning lights are suggesting.

With this advice, you’re sure to encourage your grown-up child to drive well and safely going forward.

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