4 Tips on How to Increase Space in a Small Bedroom

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Are you struggling to design a smaller-than-average bedroom? Small bedrooms can be transformed into cozy and inspiring spaces if you know how to increase the space. You must follow some simple tips and tricks to make it look more spacious. Many tricks bring more light and airiness into your small bedroom. There is no right or wrong solution for transforming a small bedroom, as every room has its own character and features. However, there are specific tips that might work for everyone. It is up to you what you want from your bedroom – whether you want it as an escape from the world or a place where you can relax after a long day at work.

Add Mirrors to Increase Light

Mirrors are fantastic for brightening up a small bedroom. They can be hung on the walls, the bed, or the ceiling. The most important thing is to use the right style of mirror that reflects light. You can find various styles, shapes and sizes of mirrors in decor shops and online. If your bedroom has a window, you can also place the mirror in front of it. Having a mirror in front of a window will add more light and create a bigger visual illusion by reflecting the view outside. 

Use the Right Colour Schemes

Colour schemes are not only for larger spaces. A small bedroom does not mean you have to stick to neutral colors. You can also use bright and colorful wallpapers in your small bedroom if you choose the right colors. Darker and richer colors will make your small bedroom look smaller. Try using lighter and brighter colors to bring more life into the space. Stick to neutrals to increase light and use the decor, pictures, or artwork to add pops of color where needed.

Use the Walls For Storage

An obvious way to increase the space in a small bedroom is to maximize the wall space for storage. Adding shelves is the go-to option when using the walls for storage, as are hooks to hang items that might otherwise need to be stored on the floor or in cabinets. While you can’t hang everything on the wall, you can utilize the vertical space to allow you to get more into the room. For example, the back of a bedroom door is an ideal space for shoe storage or even adding pots for stationery, depending on how the door opens into the room.

Add a Platform Bed

High-profile beds or platform beds are beds that are raised off the ground to allow for storage solutions to be placed underneath. You can get these beds with various features, including gaming stations underneath, desks, wardrobes, shelving, and more; look at loft beds at Cuckooland for more inspiration.


Remember, following a consistent theme or style is key to a well-designed room. Whether you are trying to transform a large or small bedroom, these tips will help you bring more light and airiness into the room.

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