Trying out a few new hair products

This post contains gifted products:

Paul Mitchell – Clean beauty repair shampoo

Paul Mitchell are a great haircare brand that have just bought out the new clean beauty repair range. This is ideal for anyone with damaged hair.

The shampoo helps to clean your hair without stripping out colour or drying it out. It lathers well and smells really nice.

Paul Mitchell – Clean beauty repair conditioner

The conditioner helps to smooth out the ends and leaves my hair feeling softer and stopped my hair looking so frizzy and my split ends don’t look so bad. It smells good and really helps to make my hair look in better condition.

Paul Mitchell – Clean beauty repair leave-in treatment

Using this after the shampoo and conditioner from this range has really helped the appearance of my hair. This can be put on damp hair and left in to help smooth the frizz out of your hair. Really impressed with this range.

Manta – Healthy hair brush

Not only is it important to use good products to wash and style your hair with, it’s also important to use a good brush. I have been using this on damp and dry hair and it works a lot better than a wide comb for damp hair. It is comfortable to hold and glides through my hair well.

Sarah x


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