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Being a content creator or business that uses social media to increase its reach and awareness is likely to have a stable following. 

Should you have a small or large following on social media, isn’t it best to inspire those people and make your community thrive? It will help you grow your business and also make your audience happy.

If you are a creator or a business that loves the idea of transforming its audience into an engaging community, here’s more. 

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Create a community website

Creating a community website will help you grow an organic and engaged audience while you can monetize your business. It is a space where you can create and share exclusive content for your subscribers. Meanwhile, they can talk amongst themselves (and with you) to share their opinions with like-minded and genuine people.

If you want to learn how to create a platform to host your community, then you can do so online. Seeking help from a third-party service will enable you to build a successful community platform so that you can start to build a thriving and profitable community. 

Always be easy to contact

Customers and followers will easily lose interest if you lack interaction with them. When they ask you a question, they will expect a response. If you don’t give them one, they will likely look elsewhere. 

Hence, always being easy to contact and readily available will help to improve your customer’s experience and ensure that they are satisfied. The more you satisfy their needs, the more they will thrive. 

Reply to comments

As well as replying to questions through emails or messages (as well as on your community website), it is a good idea to always reply to comments on social media pages. Doing so will show your audience that you are interested in them. 

Turning your following into a community is best achieved when you are personable and take time and effort out of your day to show them appreciation. 

Reshare followers content on your own page

If you are a business or a content creator that is looking to make their community thrive, then it will be a good idea to reshare followers’ content. 

For example, if you are an eCommerce business and see that customers share images of your products on their social media pages, then you should take your time to repost them. This will expose the followers to your audience, which can help them grow, and also show them that you love what they have created. 

Even sharing your follower’s tagged stories to your own stories on Instagram will have the same effect. 

It can be simple to transform your following into a thriving community. Creating a community page for you and other followers to interact with will allow customers to interact with like-minded people. Furthermore, being active and reliable through your social media pages will ensure that you keep your followers satisfied, which will turn them into loyal and returning customers.

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