3 Reasons Women Should Shop For Clothes In The Men’s Section

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Societal norms have meant that men and women tend to shop in different clothing sections. As a woman, you probably don’t think about looking at the men’s offerings – why would you? Surely there’s nothing there that is going to suit you anyway. Well, you’d be surprised! The men’s section is actually a brilliant place to go shopping for new clothes, and here are three reasons why: 

Better sizes

Finding clothes that fit you can be a massive pain. You’re a 10 in one shop, a 12 in the other, and then an 8 in a different store!! It makes no sense, and women’s clothes are also sized to create a very specific fit. Often, it can be hard to get certain clothing items to fit how you want because they might hug your figure too much. 

In the men’s section, you can find some very similar items that fit waaaaay better. Sweaters are the perfect example of this, especially in some styles. You have women’s fisherman sweaters that look really nice, but they don’t sit on your body that well. Instead, buying the men’s version can give you a really comfy oversized sweater that fits perfectly. 

More variety

Dipping your toe in the men’s section also opens your eyes to more fashion variety. It’s really hard to find any decent t-shirts as a woman. Most are cut in the same way and feature really bland and boring designs. Men have so many better options that you may absolutely love. 

Similarly, look at things like blouses and shirts. If you buy a blouse, you can pretty much only wear it one of two ways. But, if you buy a men’s shirt, you have something that can be worn in multiple ways to fit many outfits. It can be an oversized shirt/dress that’s paired with some nice shorts, or it can be worn open as a jacket, or tied up to create a cropped shirt – the possibilities are endless!

Can sometimes be cheaper

Yes, you can sometimes save money by going and getting clothes from the men’s section. How? Because the women’s section often has certain items that are designed to replicate men’s clothing! We’re talking about things like boyfriend hoodies or dad jeans – stuff that is created to look like men’s clothing but is still in the women’s section. 

Weirdly, these items are usually more expensive than going to the men’s section and picking out the exact same things. This is because they’re seen as ‘special’ in the women’s section, offering something unique and rare. However, men have so many of these items, so they’re not ‘special’ at all, hence the cheaper prices. 

You don’t have to dress like a man to enjoy men’s clothing. Anyway, the whole concept of men’s and women’s clothing is pretty archaic, to say the least. You should be able to shop anywhere and buy whatever you like. If you are looking for more clothes in better sizes and at sometimes cheaper prices, then perhaps you should look at what the men’s section has to offer.

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