Is Keeping a Horse as a Pet Practical?

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These days, people can have almost any kind of animal as a pet as long as it’s not cruel to the animal and is practical for the owner. For many people, horses are on the border of what’s considered a domestic pet such as a horse and something more exotic. Horses aren’t exactly the most uncommon kind of pet to have, but the conditions required to take care of a horse are certainly not common. For instance, you’re going to need a lot of space in a rural area, or you’ll need some kind of stables which can be difficult to find in a city environment.

But if you’ve always wanted a horse as a pet or are interested in retiring a racehorse, then here are a couple of tips to help you make keeping a horse as a pet practical.

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Get to know a local specialist to help with medical issues

It’s a good idea to look for a veterinarian near you that has experience working with horses. An equine vet specialises in diagnosing and treating a variety of problems that are unique to horses, but they also offer routine care like dentistry and vaccinations. This can be extremely important for horses that are retired or if you’re relatively new to keeping your horse as a pet. If you have no prior experience with horses, then it’s a good idea to speak regularly with an equine vet or someone that has a lot of experience taking care of horses before you decide to keep one on your property.

Having their emergency contact information is the first step to keeping your pet horse safe. Don’t hesitate to call them whenever something is wrong or if you’re experiencing something strange.

Understand what supplies they need to stay healthy

Whether it’s medical supplies, feed, or cleaning equipment, keeping a horse usually involves spending a bit of money on various items that they’ll need on a regular basis. There are businesses such as Copdock Mill, wholesale animal feed suppliers, that can help you keep a good stock of these products at home or on your farm. It helps to always keep a flowing supply of these items because they’re usually not available in typical convenience stores or supermarkets like cat and dog food.

You may also need medical supplies which your equine vet can give you. Understanding what they’re used for and how they’re used can mean the difference between a healthy horse and one that is suffering from many different conditions.

While getting a pet can be a huge decision for some, others find that choosing one is simply a matter of going with the animal they love the most. If you’re a huge fan of horses and have always wanted to keep one, then you should understand that it requires a lot of space, time, and also money if you want to keep them healthy. So while it’s not the most impractical thing ever, you certainly need to take good care of your pet horse.

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