Impacts of COVID-19 on transportation

Unfortunately we haven’t seen the back of Covid-19, it has effected many of us all around the world in so many different ways.

When Covid started we were all so worried about catching it and wearing masks and keeping ourselves isolated that we didn’t realise the bigger picture. Covid didn’t just make people ill, it has made massive changes on employment, the economy and transportation.

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Transportation has been impacted in so many different ways:

– Fuel prices have sky rocketed

– Flights and public transport are more expensive

– Taxis are harder book

– Vehicles are more expensive to buy and run

– Your credit rating could have been impacted resulting in it being harder to get a loan for a vehicle

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My husband and I have been looking at selling our car and van and buying a car to share as we really don’t need to be running two vehicles. Once you sit down and work out how much it costs to run a vehicle when you take into consideration insurance, tax, mot, service, fuel and day to day costs it adds up quickly.

When getting a new car there are so many ways to go about it, you can trade in an old one, buy a new one outright or look into getting finance/a loan or leasing. There are options for everyone. The easiest way to work out what we can afford monthly is to try out an online calculator which can help you calculate what you can afford to pay monthly and then you can look into what car you can afford with that amount.

It’s been really helpful to sit down and actually work out what we can afford before we start looking for a new car so at least we have in our minds what we can afford. It’s also important to find out how much car insurance is for whatever vehicle you are looking at before committing to the purchase to make sure that’s affordable too.

Have you noticed how much more it costs to run a vehicle? Or have you bought a new car during the pandemic?

Sarah x


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