7 Ways To Give Your Dining Room A Luxurious Upgrade

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7 Ways To Give Your Dining Room A Luxurious Upgrade

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If you’ve got a dining room in your home, you will doubtless try to have your family eat there during all family meals. After all, it’s an excellent way for everyone to update each other on how their day has gone while eating their dinner, for instance.

However, you feel as though your dining room could do with an interior decor update as it has been a while since it last got decorated. This time, you’d like to give your dining room a more premium and luxurious feel.

What changes should you consider for your new-look dining room? If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at the following inspirational options you can consider for your upgrade:

1. Invest In A Period Sideboard

Have you ever noticed that the best looking dining rooms in people’s homes always have a chic sideboard? They are an essential feature of any luxurious themed dining room, and you should get one for yours if you don’t already have one.

Sideboards come in various shapes, sizes and styles, but you should consider getting an authentic vintage example for their superior build quality and premium looks.

You’re likely to come across such examples on eBay, offline auction houses, and even Facebook Marketplace of all places!

2. Install Dimmable Lighting

If you’ve got a single standard light fitting in your dining room, another way to give your dining room a premium look is by installing some dimmable lighting.

The light fittings you get installed to facilitate such an upgrade will depend on your tastes and interior decor styling. For example, you may want some fitted wall lights, or you may prefer some contemporary LED dimmable downlights.

Whatever your choice, ensure that your light fittings and bulbs are compatible with wall dimmer switches. It’s worth having a qualified electrician to install dimmable lighting in your home.

3. Buy An Oak Table And Chairs Set

Do you have a regular table and chairs from a well-known Swedish manufacturer of flat-packed furniture? If so, now’s the time to sell or donate them and upgrade to a luxurious oak table and matching chair set.

The reason you should opt for oak is simple: it’s a premium wood that will stand the test of time.

You can purchase your new table and chairs from a High Street furniture retailer, or you may prefer to have a bespoke oak table and chairs set made exclusively for you as a one-off design.

4. Consider Buying A Vintage Rug

You’ve likely got carpet or wood flooring in your dining room, and it’s possible you may not have thought much about changing it. Perhaps you don’t want to upgrade your carpet or flooring, especially if it matches other downstairs rooms in your home.

Is there still a way to improve your dining room floor to help create an authentic premium look? In short, the answer is yes!

The easiest way to achieve that goal is by purchasing a vintage rug that’s big enough to fit underneath your table and chairs.

Why choose an accessory like a vintage rug? Such a choice will give your dining room a more luxurious look compared with new, modern alternatives.

5. Upgrade Your Place Settings

What have you got in mind for your dining room table’s place settings? If you’re a bit stuck for inspiration, how about some restaurant-quality tablecloths from Richard Haworth as a starting point?

Whichever brand you choose, premium tablecloths made from superior linen are perfect for creating the ultimate luxurious dining room look in your home.

There are other things you can do to upgrade your dining room’s look, such as investing in better cutlery and dinnerware – more on that in a moment!

6. Invest In Silver Cutlery

Do you just use standard stainless steel cutlery as you’d purchase at your local supermarket or High Street retailer? If so, consider retiring them and replacing them with some attractive silver cutlery instead!

Firstly, silver cutlery looks fantastic in any premium dining room setting. Secondly, silver naturally has antibacterial and disinfectant properties. Lastly, silver cutlery will make every meal feel special and the dining experience will seem like one in a Michelin star restaurant.

7. Purchase Some Luxury Dinnerware

Last but not least, it makes sense to upgrade your dinnerware at the same time as your cutlery. Presentation is key whenever you present a meal to anyone dining in your home – even if it’s just other householders.

There’s no point in upgrading everything in your dining room to be more luxurious if you’re only going to serve food on mismatched or even plastic plates!

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