The Best Questions to Ask When Shopping for a House

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When shopping around for a property, it can be hard to say no when you see one you fall in love with. But, unfortunately, there’s not much you can learn from looking at just the outside of a home. Even after a tour of the inside of the property, it can be difficult to get a clear reading on whether a home is perfect for you or not.

These are the best questions to ask when shopping for a home and why it’s important to ask them.

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What to Ask the Seller

Sellers can be a little cagey when talking about their selling properties. They want to sell it for as much as possible as quickly as possible, but it can be hard to buy a property without knowing a few things. Ask them about any flooding or fire damage that might have happened, ask if they like their neighbors, and ask if they feel safe walking the neighborhood at night.

Although these can seem obvious, or even like basic questions, they’ll tell you a lot about the property, the neighborhood, and why they’re giving up this awesome home. 

What to Ask Your Realtor

Your realtor is a professional whose job is to know everything about the property if you have questions, so you must get answers to your questions from them. For example, you should ask what steps to buy a house are the most expensive, what the property values in the area have looked like, and what you can do in a place like where the house is.

These will help you plan for a future where you may have to sell the home, will give you a chance to know what to expect in the buying process, and may allow you to better understand what life might be like if you live there.

What to Ask Yourself

The most important questions when buying a home are the questions you ask yourself. These are things like ‘how much can I afford and live comfortably’ so that you don’t buy a home that stretches you too thin, ‘how much space do I need now, and how much will I need in five to ten years?’ and of course: ‘would I be happy living here?’.  

These questions will have different answers depending on the homes you see, or the month you decide to start shopping, so don’t be afraid to change your answers down the line. Check-in with yourself occasionally and ensure this purchase is still something that excites you. If you’re buying the home with a romantic partner, ask them the same questions to gauge how they feel about it.

You Deserve the Property of Your Dreams

Whether this is the first home you’ll ever purchase, or it’s one of a long string of investment properties, be honest with your answers, and don’t be afraid to ask others these questions. They’ll all help you realize whether each property is going to be the one that’s worth it or if it’s just a home that you like the idea of.

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