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Decided to miss Valentine’s Day and now regret your decision? You’re not alone. Millions of couples will have decided against celebrating the day of love, not least because it was a Monday. However, there’s still time to arrange a home date night to inject some romance back into your relationship.

A little planning goes a long way to helping you build the perfect night in. Follow the five tips below, and you won’t go far wrong.

Clear Your Diaries

Celebrating February 14th restricts your plans to a specific day of the week. By choosing the day of your date for yourselves, you can bypass those problems. A Saturday date is particularly popular, especially if you wish to enjoy some daytime activities before your night in. However, you may find that your work schedule is better suited to a midweek date. Either way, the key is to set some time aside for each other. Parents can also ask the grandparents to look after the kids for the night.

Your date night is about giving each other your undivided attention. Embrace it.

Buy Some Gifts

Valentine’s has been and gone. So, there’s no point in buying a card right now. Nonetheless, a small romantic gift can get the home date off to a perfect start. Alternatively, you could write a love poem or have wedding vows put onto a canvas. Either way, you can build the excitement for your day of romance by creating a simple treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. It could even mean visiting sentimental spots around town.

Gifts combined with thoughtful ideas will get you both in the mood for romance.

Don’t Waste Time

Your home date night will almost certainly include a romantic meal. However, you should not forget that spending hours in the kitchen will eat into your date night. A takeaway delivery will be far more convenient. If you still want to enjoy the benefits of cooking together, why not opt for a tasty milk shake recipe instead? It’s quick, easy, affordable, and will serve as the perfect addition to your takeaway.

Strawberries and a chocolate fondue fountain can be very popular too.

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Focus On Fun

As the above point shows, a focus on fun is essential. You can find plenty of board games for couples that are designed to bring you closer together while also adding intimacy. They are the perfect addition to a home date night because they offer more memorable moments than simply watching a movie. Although there is a good chance that you will still watch a film together too.

Just make sure it’s something suitable like a romcom. Horror films aren’t ideal.

Plan Your Future

You don’t want to spend the whole night thinking about the future as this will make you forget to live in the moment. Still, you can set some time aside to think about your next vacation or the home upgrades you wish to make over the coming year. Thanks to online platforms, you can even research the holiday destination and take virtual tours of your favourite areas. At the same time, you can discuss your past memories.

The fact that you skipped February 14th will barely register in your minds.

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