Why You Should Hire a Comedian for a Private Party

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Planning a private party can be one of the most fun activities, especially after the recent years of quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic. But what about hiring talented entertainment for the event? Not all private parties require entertainers, but if you’re planning that kind of shindig, here are some reasons you will want to consider hiring a comedian to add some spice and laughter to the night.

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1. Health Benefits

Laughter is good for you. Everyone knows that! There are fewer and fewer opportunities, or so it seems, to laugh in life. So many people are too busy to even sit down in the evening to see the late night comedy shows that so many millions watched ritually as little as twenty years ago. Hiring a comedian for a special event is a great way to insert laughter and joy back into their lives again. They may even be compelled to seek out more joyful experiences as a whole if they are entertained enough!

2. Simple Set Up

Private parties are most likely smaller than events like galas and conferences that may hire larger acts, like full bands. A comedian requires a microphone and amplifier only, for the most part, unless they have props. Having said that, hiring one for a private event is affordable on the equipment level.

3. Building Connections

We build connections as people by sharing experiences. We do so even more efficiently when those experiences are positive. The chance to laugh together at a private event is a chance to realize that bonds are possible with people who find the same things funny (or for those who don’t find certain things funny!). 

4. Affordability

Unless you’re trying to hire Someone on the top tier of comedy, chances are that the comedian you are hiring will come as a more affordable entertainment act than a band. Bands require payment for every band member, plus all the equipment and venue aspects that they require to perform. This could include renting an expensive space. A comedian, as mentioned above, needs far less to deliver a valuable show. 

5. They Are Easy to Find

If you’re looking to plan a comedy show and are new to the event planning game, rest assured that there are some tried-and-true methods of choosing talent. Comedy clubs have stand-up nights all month long, and their guest performers are most likely in line with the type of event you’re planning. No matter the size of the city, and even in plenty of towns, there are open-mic comedy nights for the amateur stand-up act to get their wings. And in our new age of social media and apps, there are innovative ways of discovering talent of all kinds. 

There are even apps that list entertainers for hire that you can peruse to look for talent to book. Comedians like josh denny are listed on specialguestapp.com, a brilliant new platform with a mission to make it easy for anyone in the USA to hire talented local entertainers for events of all kinds: weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, private parties, and more.

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