6 Ways To Keep Calm (When You Don’t Want To Meditate)

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Everybody feels stressed from time to time. If you want to stop stressing but don’t have the patience for something like meditation, while it may have plenty of benefits, if it is not your thing there are so many other ways to feel calm. Here are some of the best. 


You may think that this is not your thing at all, but the reality is that you don’t need to worry about the best carp baits and the type of rod that suits your needs, but instead you can focus on the benefits of sitting still and unplugging from life for a few hours. It’s amazing that it can improve your self-esteem, your concentration, and keep you fit. You may not want to keep an open mind for meditation, but this is the perfect opportunity to sit in silence by yourself and actually catch something you could have for tea! 

Watch Something Funny

Humour is vital. If you take yourself less seriously, you’ll be a lot happier (seriously). Laughter is an amazing way to take the edge off anxiety and it could even improve our immunity. If you feel stressed you might need a heavy dose of laughter in your life. 

Get a Pet

If you grew up in a household where pets weren’t allowed, now might be the perfect opportunity. There have been many studies on the interaction between humans and animals that suggest having a pet will reduce your stress. If you get a cat, the waves they emit when they purr automatically calm you down. 

Go for a Walk

How much exercise do you really take? You don’t have to go and hit the gym, but going for at least a 30-minute walk on your lunch break can make you feel less stressed and more enthusiastic. A walk is one of those perfect ways to get away from any form of stress. If you ever feel like you need to escape your situation for a little bit, go for a walk, and it’s amazing how much more clarity you have afterwards. 


One of the most common side effects of excessive phone use is anxiety. If you spend a lot of time on social media you can easily push your brain into overdrive, especially if you worry about every single reply you make. Not only does unplugging make you more productive but it will make a massive difference in your stress levels, especially if you use social media in the run-up to sleep. 

Get Creative

Many creative activities become a fantastic way to channel your stress. It’s a method to help you shift your focus onto something away from the anxiety in your head. It also injects fun into what could be a very stressful life. Meditation is beneficial and can certainly add numerous positives to your life but if you really don’t have the opportunities or the patience to deal with this, there are plenty of options out there to choose from that can calm you down.

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