How To Look After Your Car’s Paintwork

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The condition of the paint on your car can make or break it. You’re going to want to keep it looking pristine for as long as possible. Not only will it keep it looking great but it will also help your car retain its value if you’re looking to sell it at a later date. 

Here are some low maintenance ways to keep it looking showroom ready. 

Be careful where you park

When you’re away from your car, all types of things can happen to it. Sap from trees, bird droppings and salt from gritters can all degrade the paint on your car. Try and avoid parking it directly under trees and bushes, or under streetlights where birds might roost. 

At home, you should try and park your car somewhere out of the way such as a garage, or flyover carport which will protect it from a lot of potential debris. 

Wash regularly 

Over the week, your car can build up a lot of dirt, dust, sap and other debris, not to mention the damage from UV rays. But washing your car regularly can significantly prolong the life of your paintwork. 

Be thorough when you’re washing your car to remove all of the grime from it and dry it too. 

Use wax

After washing and drying your car, polishing it with a coat of wax will give it an extra layer of protection, making it easier to wash off the dirt next time. It also filters out UV rays which can fade your paint colour. 

There are many types of wax, from liquids to solid pastes and can be either made of synthetic or natural ingredients or a mixture of both. 

It will make your car look super shiny too. 

Use a specialist sealant

Wax is great for your car but it doesn’t last very long. So rather than having to do it every six weeks, you only need to do it every six months. When applied, it will have a glass-like shine that will last. 

If you’re planning on getting a specialist sealant on your car, then make sure that your paintwork is in good condition as the sealant will only highlight any scratches. 

You can apply this sealant yourself or spend a little bit more money having it applied professionally to ensure a flawless finish. 

Fix and scratches and dents

Everyone has a little bump or scrape now and then which can damage the paintwork. While it might be tempting just to leave it, not repairing it can cause a lot more damage as the water gets underneath the metal, causing rust. Once the car starts to rust, it’s a much bigger repair and it can be difficult to get a colour match on them.

If the paintwork on your car is beyond repair, then it may be time to take the plunge and look into getting a new vehicle. First of all, you will need to consider your budget and how much you’re willing to pay on a monthly lease. A car is a necessary piece of equipment if you suffer from reduced mobility, so Pentagon motability schemes could be ideal for you. Their scheme allows you to use money from your mobility allowance towards the lease of your new car, so that you can maintain the independence you deserve.

Final thoughts 

If you want to keep your car looking good, you’re going to need to keep on top of the maintenance of your car. If you get into good habits early, then you can keep your car’s paintwork looking amazing for years to come.

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