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When you start to think about online gaming you automatically think of the kind of games you play on Playstation or Xbox on a headset against your friends but there are so many other gaming avenues out there. I have recently been spending more and more time looking online to find some new games to play as I was getting bored of my Playstation.

If you don’t have a games console or you are getting bored of them you can find a great range of games to play online for free. I came across which is now one of my go to sites to play games online as they have a really good range of games to play, not just solitaire.

With the UK being in and out of lockdown for over a year we have all spent a lot more time at home and it has often left me in a very bored mood. Although I do have a good range of games consoles, playing the same things over and over can get very boring so I went online in search of some different games to play, which is how I came across this site.

Their site has lots of different games to pick from and they are constantly adding new games so there is something for everyone. I also quite like being able to play games on my computer rather than on a console through the TV as it means when I have been sat at my PC all day either at work in the office or working from home then I can play games during my break without having to move!

I like the variety of games they have. While their site primarily focuses on Solitaire games they also offer other collections of games including the following categories:

– Mahjong games

– Hidden object

– Card games (like gin rummy, crazy eights, euchre, hearts, etc)

– Connect 3 games (like zuma ball)

– Shooters or candy crush type games

– Other fun online games (like pacman, tennis, etc.)

There are plenty of games to pick from and they have something suitable for all ages, I just wanted to share with you a glimpse of what I have been playing recently.

Do you ever play games online? What is your favourite games site and what do you like to play?

Sarah x


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