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The last few weeks I have been trying out a new brand of haircare, Scandinavian Biolabs. I have been looking for a while for new hair products to out to try and help my hair grow.

I bleach and dye my hair a lot so it has always been really damaged and as I don’t like to cut it much either then it just doesn’t seem to be growing. I am making a conscious effort to trim my ends every month or two and have been using these different products on my hair.

You can buy these three individually or as a set: Hair growth routine for women

The products have the following benefits:

✓ Naturally-Derived & 100% Vegan
✓ Reduce Hair Shed & Stimulate Growth
✓ Strong & Durable Hair
✓ Improve Hair Density
✗ No Sulphates | No Parabens | No Harsh Chemicals

Bio-Pilixin Formula hair strength shampoo

As this is sulphate free it doesn’t lather as much as regular shampoo but it still cleans just as well. It helps to prevent the build up of product without stripping out all of your natural oils and doesn’t coat your hair in chemicals so gives it a chance to absorb your natural oils over the next few days after washing. It smells really nice and you only need a small amount.

Bio-Pilixin Formula hair recovery conditioner

This smells really nice too and feels very rich and nourishing when you apply to the ends of your hair. You only need to apply to the ends of your hair and you don’t need much. It’s advised to leave on for 2 mins but I usually leave it for about 5-10 and it makes my hair really smooth and so easy to comb through.

Bio-Pilixin Formula hair growth serum

This serum is designed to go directly on your scalp rather than on the ends of your hair so it’s great to use on the evening before hair wash day! You only need a couple of drops and you massage it into your scalp to help promote healthy hair growth. it does tingle slightly and feel a little warm but that means it’s working!

I find using all three together I have noticed my hair is a lot more manageable, not as frizzy and does seem to be growing!

All in all, I have been really impressed with the products I have been using and will be buying more when I run out.

Sarah x


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