Hawaii Summer Trip: An Ultimate Guide

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Booking a trip to Oahu, Hawaii? Then, your’e in for a treat.

Quarantine has some people going insane as they try to juggle between work, personal and social life, and family. Some refer to IT support services when all goes wrong when working from home, some learn to adapt to this environment, while others plan a deserved vacation to distance themselves from hectic schedules. 

Whether you are visiting the majestic state of Hawaii as a method to escape or re-energize, planning a full vacation can be tricky and confusing if you want to get a complete experience. 

Make the most of your trip by reading this ultimate guide that will help you settle a bucketlist. These are only a few locations and activities that are popular and a sure way to make your trip unforgettable. 

Picture by Troy Squillaci on Pexels 

Make the most of your trip by reading this ultimate guide that will help you settle a bucketlist. These are only a few locations and activities that are popular and a sure way to make your trip unforgettable. 


Hiking is surely not for everyone, but many, if not all, of the trails in the island offer tourists gorgeous views of the beaches, city life, and countryside. However, hiking could be a dangerous activity that requires coordination, stamina, grit, and a strong mindset. 

The good news? 

Picture by Yuma Kim on Pexels

Oahu hiking trails are inclusive. There’s trails that only the bravest and experienced hikers will take on. On the other hand, there’s beginner-friendly hikes that can take one to two hours. 

Moanaloa Valley Trail (Legal Backway To Stairway To Heaven)

All you have to think about during this hike is the end goal. The trail to Haiku stairs is one of top attractions that allures the most courageous hikers. The seven to ten hour hike will lead you to the top of a radio station where you can view the infamous Haiku stairs, but be very careful about your next move. Going down the stairs is illegal due and will cost you a one-thousand dollar fine. 

Diamond Head Crater 

Another great trail to ease your way into hiking, Diamond Head Crater is paved all the way to the top but don’t be fooled, it is a full workout to get to the top. You’ll have the chance to hike a popular trail and mesmerize yourself with the view of Waikiki. Do bring money with you as the admission fee is five dollars. 

Manoa Falls Hike

Short, beautiful, and defined route that will allow you to take pictures, catch a breath, and memorize the adventure. For those who want food and drinks, there’s a visitor’s center at the start where you can treat yourself, rinse off, and go to the restroom. 

Lanikai Pilllbox Hike

If you want an easier hike, Lanikai is a great option. Not only is this hike short, approximately one hour and a half, but it’s also known for it’s amazing views. You’ll get a view of the ocean and have a chance to relax at Lanikai Beach. 

Koko Head Railway Trail 

Possibly the hike that will convince you the stairmaster is a breeze, the 1.6 mile trail leads to Kokohead Lookout and remains busy throughout the year. What makes this hike a challenge is the lack of shade when climbing more than 1,000 steps to the top.  

Memorable Destinations

Consider this a short, but sweet list of destinations to write for your bucketlist. Check out their reviews online and choose which appeals to you. 


Chinatown in Honolulu is bursting with restaurants, Asian marketplaces and antique shops, art galleries, and temples that reflect the culture and history of the community. 

Make sure to stop by and give a restaurant a try. You’ll be pleased to incorporate new flavors to your diet and discover the differences of Honolulu’s Chinatown, versus other locations. 

Aloha Tower 

In Downtown Honolulu, the Aloha Tower is a must-visit destination. Best of all is that you will be inside the Aloha Tower Marketplace full of shops and restaurants reflecting local history and taste. 

SKY Waikiki

Located on the 19th floor of a building, SKY Waikiki Rwa & Bar is an open-lounge restaurant that screams luxury and sophistication. Having a meal won’t be the cheapest, but if it aligns with your budget and you are on your honeymoon, have a date, or are celebrating a birthday, this is an ideal spot. 

With views of Waikiki, Diamond Head, and the city lights, you’ll feel as if you are having dinner on top of the world. 

Pearl Harbor

The list couldn’t be complete without including Pearl Harbor. The memorial captures the attack on Pearl Harbor by Imperial Japan that left a country in utter shock. It’s a top attraction that teaches the history behind the attack, the lives of American soldiers lost, and its aftermath. 

Botanical Gardens 

In the island of Oahu you will find extraordinary botanical gardens located at different ecological settings. The most notorious are the five sites that form the Honolulu Botanical Gardens which includes Foster Botanical Garden, Wahiawa Botanical Garden, Ho`omaluhia Botanical Garden, Koko Crater Botanical Garden, and the Lili`uokalani Botanical Garden. 

Picture by Karyme França on Pexels

All locations have distinct schedules, but all remain closed on January 1st and December 25th. Best of all is that a visit to these botanical gardens is free of charge, except for Foster Botanical Garden that charges tourists an admission fee of five dollars. 

  1. Foster Botanical Garden
  2. Wahiawa Botanical Garden
  3. Ho`omaluhia Botanical Garden
  4. Koko Crater Botanical Garden
  5. Lili`uokalani Botanical Garden

Don’t limit yourself to just these five. Hawaii has other beautiful picture-worthy gardens. 

Other Activities & Locations

Picture by Jess Loiterton on Pexels

The list above may not be what you have in mind so take a look at other activities and locations worthy of attention. 

  • Surf at Waikiki, North Shore
  • Kayak
  • Snorkel at Haunama Bay, Turtle Beach, Shark’s Cove
  • Skydive at North Shore
  • Scuba dive
  • Visit Ioani Palace
  • Try any restaurant on Kings Street
  • Don’t leave without having Poke

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