5 Things ECommerce Customers Hate In Summer

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Ecommerce has been popular for many years. But it is fair to say that the pandemic has helped many small businesses. Selling online has been a revelation for many shops. However, there is still a lot to learn to build a profitable and reputable presence for late eCommerce bloomers. Improving your online services with the addition of a live chat, for instance, can be a game-changer. The combination of Ai chatbot and live chat support can ensure your customers always find help when they need it. Pair your support system with direct integration with social media platforms. This will ensure customers can reach out easily to your brand when they need support. When many households are enjoying a break during the summer months, it’s good to consider updates and changes for your customers. A live chat is one of those fundamental transformations to catch up with queries whenever people are on the site. But there is a lot more you can do to keep customers happy this summer.

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Struggling to access the site

A slow loading site can put anybody off. But the summer season can dramatically affect load time for a variety of reasons. First of all, as more people are on holiday, you might notice a sudden increase in traffic. If your server solution isn’t suitable, the website may not be able to handle the high traffic volume. Additionally, high temperatures can also affect data centres, especially for self-hosted servers. You will need to invest in cooling systems such as data centre cabinets to prevent overheating risks. 

Feeling harassed by display ads

Display advertising is a popular remarketing strategy used by many brands online. If you are not familiar with display ads, you can start a campaign using tools such as Google AdWords (or the Bing equivalent) to target visitors who haven’t converted on your website. However, the practice can get irritating when people have a lot of extra time. Summertime and Christmas holidays tend to encourage additional online browsing. Most of your visitors may only be checking options for later or killing time on your website during these periods. They do not want to be targeted by ads. 

Super summer offers

Summer sales are a fantastic marketing technique. But, when every business organises seasonal discounts at the same time, customers can be overwhelmed. As many customers are still struggling to recover from the pandemic financial loss, the last thing they want is a targeted emailing campaign informing them about your latest offers. Receiving too much marketing communication can encourage customers to unsubscribe from all the brands that reach out during the summer holiday. 

Delayed deliveries

Deliveries can be delayed for a variety of reasons. However, eCommerce shops have a tough time trying to meet their customer expectation this year. Indeed, the pingdemic from the Track and trace app can make it hard for shipping and delivery teams that are not fully vaccinated yet. Additionally, the UK is experiencing a truck driver shortage as a result of the combined pingdemic and Brexit effects. 

The popups of doom

Laptops are for workdays. During the summer, your customers prefer their smartphone devices. Unfortunately, the cookies and newsletter signup popup are easy to ignore on a laptop screen. But on a mobile, they can affect navigation and hide the screen. People get irritated because they can’t visit your site without interruptions. 

In conclusion, it’s worth considering how your digital and operational services affect your customers this summer. Frustration can lead to a drop in revenues in the long term.

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