What Kind Of Rave Masks Are Out There?

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Anybody who raves wants the best outfit so they can stand out in the crowd and have a great experience. If you are planning your next rave, then make sure you do not forget a mask. 

There are a couple of reasons you want to consider rave masks. It provides that feeling of being somewhat anonymous and allows you to let loose and self-express. 

The other reason is that if you get the right kind of mask, then it can bump up your outfit to the next level and add to the experience of what you are trying to create.

Today, everybody has masks hanging around from the pandemic. Leave those masks at home and consider a unique rave mask to accent your attire.

The possibilities are endless on the type of rave masks you can get. Below is a list of some of the popular onesthat work well at a rave.


• Animalistic

They will show the mouth and teeth on the mask. They can be grizzly looking or can be cute.

• Graphic design

Sky is the limit on what you want.

• Skull faces

They take your costume to the dark side and can look a bit scary.

• Superheroes

Fun if you are trying to create the superhero look

• Personalization

You can put your own words on it and say anything that you want.

• Bandana Style

You can find styles that come in psychedelic andvibrant colors.  


• Holographic

It has reflective material and reacts to light. Available in different graphics and designs.

• Light reactive

The masks will change colors at night.

• Light up Masks with LED

They are USB rechargeable and come switch up to 7 different face colors.

 • Technological sound activated with Led lights

The mask will change colors with the rhythm and the beat of the music.

Depending on how you rave, you can go for the Gas Mask style and put Vicks vapor rub inside to elevate your experience.

As you can see from the list above, these rave masksdo more than keep you ambiguous and looking great, it can add to your experience and everyone else’s experience with all the bright colors and flashy lights.

So, make sure you look spectacular when you go to your next rave. Do more than put together a great outfit for the rave. Be part of the rave itself.

Sarah x


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