Vacation Ideas for People Who Love Adventure

Vacations are a time when we’re supposed to be able to get away and live a life free of the stress of daily life. Many of us see this as an excuse to let our adventurous streak out. What better time to let ourselves cut loose and have fun than during a vacation? Unfortunately, it can be hard to plan a vacation around the vague idea of ‘adventure,’ so what can you do?

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Here are the top vacation ideas for anyone who wants more than a simple road trip!

Get To Know National Parks Through Backpacking

Many people think of camping and backpacking as simple, but it can be extremely complicated yet fun if you do it correctly.  Plan a week of backpacking and camping in one of your favorite national parks.  This means following a trail, spending nights roasting fish over a campfire, and plotting out day by day based on how far you want to go.  Be careful; you may fall in love with the park and start looking at Whistler homes for sale.  This plan is best done if you take someone with you; getting lost alone in the woods can be dangerous; there’s safety in numbers with two people.

Travel To A New Country On Your Own

Even if you only speak one or two languages, it’s a good idea to travel to completely foreign countries on your own.  This experience can build up your interest in other cultures, allow you to see your place in the world, and give you daily interactions you could never replicate at home.

Traveling alone takes a lot of nerve, which is why traveling to a foreign country can be so incredibly alone. However, this gives you the chance to get to know yourself through getting to know others.

Take Up An Extreme Hobby

Have you always wanted to swim with sharks?  Are you interested in eventually climbing Mount Everest?  Unfortunately, neither of these hobbies can be achieved overnight. So instead, spend this summer training and learning the ropes.  Building up your skills can be a great plan to spend your summer.

If your goal is mountain climbing, spend your summer and fall climbing new and increasingly difficult mountains.  Eventually, you’ll become prepared for the biggest experience of your life, and it’ll be thanks to this training.

Travel In Interesting and Different Ways

From the Tesla Tunnels in Las Vegas to multiple companies that offer submarine and flight lessons: consider what type of travel interests you.  Taking flying lessons is the end-all-be-all of adrenaline and adventure vacation plans.  Ensure that your studies are from an accredited teacher, and don’t flake on any of your classes.  Most courses are just a couple of months long, and by the end, you’ll be airborne as the only person steering the craft.  Although this might not spark a career with you as a pilot, it will allow you to get out there and try something new.  Of course, if you’re scared of heights, you could always go for the submarine courses instead!

Go for your own level of adventure, don’t push yourself unless you know the payoff is worth it!

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