6 Van-tastic Reasons To Get A Van

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A van is a very versatile vehicle – it can serve all kinds of functions that a car cannot. Below are just some of the big reasons to consider getting a van.

Transport larger loads

The biggest perk of owning a van is that you can carry so much more stuff in it than a car. This can give you much more freedom as to what you can transport. When buying furniture from a local store or disposing of furniture at a recycling centre, you can transport it yourself instead of paying someone else to do it. When moving home, you may be able to transport possessions yourself without having to pay movers. If you’re a tradesman, a van could allow you to carry more tools and equipment to jobs. 

Use it to store items

A van can also serve as a shed on wheels. You can keep tools in it or other large equipment that you can’t store elsewhere in your home. Just make sure that you lock your van and consider parking it in a secure place

Carry more passengers

Vans can also be used to carry passengers. If you own a business, you can use a van to transport several employees to jobs while also carrying tools – something you can’t do in most cars. If you have a large family, you could even convert a van into a minibus with lots of seats for people to sit in. Vans can even be used by sports coaches for transporting your team to events.

Improve your business image

If you own a business, buying a van could be good for your business image. Turning up to a job in a van instead of a regular personal car will show people that you’re a professional company that’s willing to invest in specialist equipment. You could even look into vinyl wrapping and add visual branding and contact details to the side of your van, helping to market your business on the go. 

Potentially save money

A lot of people worry that a van will cost them too much money, but there could be ways in which you can save money with a van. Compared to carrying heavy loads in a car, carrying heavy loads in a van is generally a lot more economical – vans are designed to be able to carry heavy loads on less fuel. On top of being fuel-efficient, vans could save you having to pay delivery fees on various items by giving you the power to pick these items up yourself. Other costs can be more expensive for a van than a car such as insurance, but it depends on where you buy insurance. You can find out more here about van insurance. Tax and maintenance costs will vary from model to model.

Sleep in it

Vans can also be converted into cheap camper vans for sleeping in while travelling on a road trip. Larger vans will easily fit a mattress in. This will save you money on hotels and could give you a better night’s sleep than sleeping in a tent. You can find out more information on converting a van into a camper van here.

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