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It can be tough to shop for children, because if we don’t have them ourselves or aren’t always around them as part of our work or through familial obligations, it’s hard to know what they like. The parents can offer some instruction of course, but sometimes we have to figure out what the surprise should be ourselves.

It can be even harder to understand what a child wants when they’re of the opposing gender. While there’s absolutely no need to think you need to buy ‘a specific type’ of toy for a niece of nephew simply because of their sex, sometimes it can provide you with a little influence over how to direct your purchase.

In this guide, we’ll use that insight to help you consider a few gifts that may be applicable for your nephew, and what he might like most. This way you can remain the cool auntie or uncle you already are, and see them light up with joy during the celebratory event.

Let’s consider what gifts work best here:

Remote Controlled Toys

Remote-controlled toys are certainly excellent options for a child hoping to explore and spend more time outside. This can involve the excellent Sky Rover Knightvision Helicopter which has become something of a popular item, or perhaps you can choose an RC car they can create custom back-garden racecourses for. Physical toys like this can help your nephew get out and start exploring with practical toys, which can stop them from looking at a screen all day. That said, if that’s something they rarely indulge in anyway, you might consider:

Video Games

Video games can be very healthy for children provided their parents manage screen time and gate access to unsuitable content. For instance, you will often find that games like Minecraft can inspire creative thinking, while games like Terraria can help them enjoy organization, exploration and online play with their friends. It might be worth asking what games console your child already has, or perhaps setting them up with a handheld device if their parents approve. Make sure that the video games you buy are collaborative, and the theme is child-friendly without violence and other unsuitable content being presented. This way, your gift will be truly appreciated.

Active Additions

It’s healthy to help a child have every excuse to leave the house and spend more time in nature, and so active additions to their toy set can be a great idea. Perhaps you’ll speak to your siblings and say that you’re happy to pay for half of the cost for a brand new bike or scooter, helping you surprise your nephew with a fantastic and large gift on their birthday. Perhaps you could invest in their sporting equipment for a new practice they’re about to take after-hours at school, or even give them an instrument they’ll learn to play and cherish for years. Active gifts are some of the best we can offer.

With this advice, we hope you can find simple yet truly appreciated gifts for your nephew. They’re sure to love whatever you give them.

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