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Writing a blog can be a lot of fun. But actually getting people to consume your content is another matter. Yes – your articles are great for you. But, for whatever reason, they’re not having the impact you’d hoped for when you first set up your community. 

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If you’re struggling to drum up interest in your blog, you’ll love this post. In it, we discuss all the simple things you can do to get people interested in your posts and keep it that way. 

Always Write On Trending Topics

As a blogger, you sometimes feel the urge to just write about whatever comes into your head. But that’s a very hit or miss strategy. Yes – your content is undoubtedly high quality. But if people don’t have it on their minds, it probably won’t make much of an impact.

The trick here is to go with the flow and write about things that interest people right now. Scan social media and forums to see what’s trending and then add your two-cents. You’ll find that people naturally gravitate to your blog, without you having to put in a huge amount of effort.

Upgrade Your Visuals

Marketing companies, such as Design Cloud, talk a lot about the importance of visuals for reaching out to users online. While there are examples of successful blogs that don’t have very impressive visuals, they are few and far between. Mostly, the best blogs are those that make you go “wow” when you see them.

You can’t usually get to this stage with random stock photos. Rather, you’ll need to get graphics custom-designed for you that look great and showcase your site at its best. 

Include Long-Tail Keywords In Your Post

Long-tail keywords are the phrases that users type into Google that are three words or longer. Some of these keywords won’t apply to your blog, but many of them will. And, what’s more, very few other bloggers even have them on their radar. That means that you could potentially pick up a mountain of traffic with ease. 

Make Your Headlines Catchy

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When it comes to blogging success, the catchiest headlines tend to win. It doesn’t matter how in-depth the content is, if the headlines don’t jump out from the page, people won’t click on them. 

Ideally, you want your headlines to have an interesting quirk or implication that encourages people to click on them. A great example is something like this: “Do you have the same emotional intelligence as these top Fortune 500 CEOs?”

It’s a clever blog title because the person reading it wants to know whether they have the same qualities as the world’s most successful business people. It’s enticing, even if they don’t. 

If you’re struggling with that approach, you can always fall back to the trusted list article option. Here, you might create headlines like, “7 awesome ways to make new friends,” or “15 blogs you must read if you want to be successful.” 

You get the drill: the more helpful advice and content you can offer people, the better.

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