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I love pick n mix sweets but haven’t had them in months. Especially with what’s going on in the UK with Covid at the moment it’s not so easy to go to a shop and pick out sweets!

Panda sweets have an amazing range of different sweets on their site that can be delivered to you at home, but one of their most popular products is the pick n mix box which is a massive 1kg box of sweets! They have recently started doing a vegan version which is amazing for anyone living a vegan lifestyle or sticking to a vegan diet. They are also great if you have a dairy allergy as you will be surprised how many sweets that you don’t expect to, have milk in!

Vegan Pick n Mix


The sweets arrive sealed in a bag inside the box to keep them fresh and you get so many for 1kg. They have a really great shelf life too, not that I think anyone could make them last that long!

They are:

– Dairy Free

– Suitable for Halal Diet

– Suitable for Vegetarians

– Suitable for Vegans

It is a great range from marshmallows, jelly sweets and fizzy sweets. I think this is quite good value and it’s a great way to try out different sweets you may not normally have bought. There are also a lot in there that I didn’t know were vegan.

This is definitely going to keep me going whilst working from home! It is such a great idea to be able to get a box like this delivered as it is a great treat for yourself or to get someone as a gift.

If you want to treat yourself or someone you love to a box you can use code: ST15 for 15% off! This lasts until 30/06/21 so it could be a good Easter or Father’s day gift idea too!

Sarah x


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