Your Pets Are What They Eat: 5 Reasons Why Nutrition Is Crucial for Pet Care

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Over the last years, we have all become much more conscious about what’s on our plates. Indeed, with the obesity pandemic in developed countries and the rise of nutrition-related issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, we have all started to care more about how our food influences our health. While this is true for us, it is also true for our pets who can also end up suffering from similar conditions. While in the past food scraps were all a pet would eat in a day, now we have the information and tools we need to ensure that they can live a long and healthy life. Here’s why you should rethink your pet’s nutrition.

It Can Influence Their Mood

What our pets eat during the day can have effects on their physical health, but they can also influence their mood and behaviour over time. In fact, while the right amount of protein is essential for our pets to grow strong and healthy, too much protein can have counteractive effects. Indeed, it has been seen that a diet that is too rich in protein can lead to aggressivity, anxiety, and hyperactivity.

It Can Affect Their Coats’ Look

A dog’s or cat’s coat can say a lot about your pet’s health. Indeed, their fur can insulate them from outside temperatures, protecting them from excessive heat or cold. However, if you have ever noticed how the hair on your dog’s neck rises when they are angry or threatened, you will know that their coat can be an indicator of their mood and health. Poor nutrition can cause the fur to start looking dull, dry and even brittle.

It Can Prevent Allergies

An increasing number of pets have started to develop allergies and intolerances, which can result in allergic reactions or skin and digestive problems. While some foods are especially created to be an alternative for pets that are allergic to a certain ingredient, you can also prevent these conditions from manifesting themselves by choosing the right foods. Picking natural, organic, and local foods that don’t contain artificial flavourings and colours, such as Burgess Pet Care foods, should always be part of proper pet care.

It Can Prevent Digestive Issues

Diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea, and flatulence might be something that every pet experiences at least once in their lifetimes. Nonetheless, these should not happen on a regular basis, and it is crucial to monitor what your pets are eating to prevent further and more severe conditions. Of course, speaking to your vet is the first step to understand what nutritional regime is right for your pet, but you should always try to pick the best foods available on the market.

It Can Help Your Pet Avoid Weight Issues

Just like in the case of humans, pet foods that contain empty calories, are high in sugars or contain synthetic elements can lead to issues such as obesity and weight gain. If your pet has started to gain weight, it is crucial to take the matter seriously and rethink your pet’s diet. Making sure that your furry friend can run, jump, play without any extra weight is key to ensure a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life for them.

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