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Flowers always remind me of spring or summer as I don’t tend to have flowers around the house in the winter, they seem to be more of a bright summer thing for me so I haven’t really thought much about winter flowers before.

Some flowers are only available during certain seasons but most can be purchased all year round. Winter flowers makes me think of Christmas and a poinsettia plant or some sort of red flowers but there’s nothing stopping you from giving someone or even treating yourself to a colourful bouquet to brighten up your house.

The Flower Shops is an online network of over 200 florists across the UK, meaning that when you place an order they will automatically find your local florist they deal with to ensure they can get them to you quicker and fresher. You can even get same day delivery!

They have an amazing range of bouquets available and I love that they have a special winter flower section:

Some of these I would never have thought about for winter but something like the winter brights basket would really brighten up our living room or would make an excellent gift for someone. It can be hard with the UK being in lockdown to send gifts to people but why not treat a loved one to some beautiful flowers? It really could make someone’s day.

You can pick from lots of different flower options and also what size you require, you can always go for a larger bunch of required and you can also send a personalised message with them.

It’s also worth looking at flowers with Valentine’s day coming up! They have a couple of beautiful roses bouquets.

Do you have flowers in your home during the winter?

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