The 3 Best Materials for Living Room Furniture

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If you are looking to design your own home you don’t have to knock walls through. You can purchase statement pieces that will completely reinvigorate the space. Furniture is one of those things that will automatically draw attention to the space, but also creates a different feel without having to redecorate. This is where the right materials are invaluable. With this in mind, what sort of materials can you use for living room furniture that freshens up the space?


Glass can be irresistible, making it the ideal choice for a coffee table or dining table. It looks elegant and has the ability to enhance the look of other materials around it. It is worth bearing in mind that, naturally, glass is high maintenance, not to mention fragile, so think twice before going down this route.


Metal is a durable material. The great thing about metal is that it will never show any sign of deterioration, as long as it is not allowed to rust. And due to its flame-resistant components, it is one of the stronger materials in the home.


Wood creates a fantastic rustic sensation but it doesn’t have to. With different types of wood out there, such as hardwood or mahogany, this can add a premium angle to your furniture. Conversely, pine is a cheap and lightweight wood that is fantastic for upcycling or home-style renovation projects. If you are looking to branch out into wooden furniture, you can check out the infographic below for some inspiration.

Infographic by Choice Furniture Superstore – Oak Furniture

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