How To Choose Her Diamond Ring Design

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If you have finally met the right woman and you are planning a surprise proposal, choosing the ring is one of the most daunting prospects any man could face. Indeed, some guys actually forego the surprise element to give their bride-to-be the ability to choose the engagement ring.

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Assuming you have considered that and would still like the proposal to be a surprise, here is our guide to choosing an engagement ring that she is bound to love.

Finding Out Her Ring Size

Of course, this is critical and there are several ways that you can acquire this information. You could ‘borrow’ a ring that she wears on her wedding ring finger long enough to take it to a jeweller, who can very quickly discover the perfect size. The other method means involving one of her best friends to find out on your behalf, which might be more than a little tricky, as you don’t want to lose the element of surprise. There is one other way, which involves measuring her ring finger while she is asleep, which can be done with a short length of cotton, but do make sure that you measure accurately.

Define Her Style

If, for example, she likes to wear exquisite antique rings, you are advised to search online for a reputable antique dealer who would have an extensive selection of genuine antique diamond engagement rings. If you know she likes Victorian style jewellery, then focus your efforts on Victorian pieces, or if she has a passion for the Art Deco period, you know that something bold and geometric will be the right choice.

Enlisting Help

If you feel unsure about her jewellery style preferences, you could approach one of her good friends and ask for her advice. Her friend would be happy to keep your secret and help you to select a ring that is perfect. If you and the friend viewed diamond engagement rings at the online antique dealer’s website, you might find the perfect ring to create a surprise that she will never forget.

Custom Jewellery

If you know her ring size and her style, why not have the ring designed and handcrafted by a custom jeweller? The custom jeweller can acquire loose precious stones and you get to choose every aspect of the ring design, from the precious stones, the cut and the type of metal used.

Coloured Diamonds

She might have a thing for pink diamonds, or perhaps she would prefer to have an engagement ring that is made with emeralds, rubies or sapphires. Her favourite colour, for instance, might be pink and you can source pink Argyle diamonds and have them cut to your specifications.

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Whether you choose an antique diamond engagement ring or one that you have designed, make sure that the design is one that she would choose and if you need any assistance, talk to one of her trusted friends. With the right design and ring size, your bride-to-be will over the moon and you will receive the answer you always hoped for.

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