Simple Ways To Vamp Up Your Living Room

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One of the greatest joys of homeownership is the fact that you are able to decorate your home and make it look and feel exactly how you want. Being able to put a personal stamp on your living space is always great and breathes life into an otherwise empty canvas. 

Today we want to talk about the living room – the heating heart of the home – and some of the ways you can make it pop this year. Challenge yourself to revamp and add some extra touches to your living room and reap the benefits of a fresh, open space. 

A fresh feature wall 

A simple way to spruce up any room of the house without spending a ton of money is to create a feature wall to show some colour. Choosing a colour or a patterned wallpaper for one wall of your home is a good way to bring some life into the room and add a feature without spending money on paint or paper for a whole room which can often be costly. Usually a feature wall will go on the wall of the room where the TV or fireplace is, to really bring out the spirit of a space. 

A painted ceiling 

Sometimes the biggest challenge of changing your living room is trying to make a small space look larger. If you have a fairly small living room it can be difficult to find ways to make the space look inviting, but there are some clever ways to bring the illusion of size to the room. One such example of this is to paint the ceiling a bright colour and leave walls plain. The reason you want to do this is to bring attention upwards when people enter the room and create the illusion that the space is bigger than it really is. This is a clever trick and can really make a difference to your home this year. 

A sofa with legs 

Another brilliant way to bring some life to a room when you have a smaller space is to have a sofa that has legs. The sofa is arguably one of the most important features of a living room and one with legs will bring a touch of class and modern feel to the space. By having a sofa with legs you’ll be able to see underneath and this creates more space in the room. You can also choose a brightly coloured sofa which will be a fun addition to the room. 

A new TV

The TV is the heart of a living room and most of us sit down in the evenings in front of the TV to enjoy some relaxation time with our families. If you really want to upgrade your living room this year it might be a good idea for you to buy a brand new TV to hang on the wall. Mounting your TV is always a good idea because it brings the height of the screen higher and will also allow you to save floor space and use it for something else. 

A stunning light fixture 

Lighting is a key element to the design of every room and it is important to invest in good lighting to set your room up just right. If you currently have an old fashioned brass or gold light fitting on the ceiling the best thing you can do to change the feeling of the room is upgrade it to something new. A simple sleek chrome piece can look amazing, or maybe even some spaced out LED spotlights can make a difference. Choose a light fitting that works with the overall design of the room and it will make a positive impact on the space. 

Some greenery 

Bringing the outdoors in is always a brilliant way to soften the colour palette of the living room and bring some texture to the room. You can use a deliver plant service to bring some fun and unique houseplants into your living room that you may not have even heard of. It is important always to consider greenery for your interior design because it adds depth and can really tie a room together. Plus, green goes with absolutely everything so this is a huge plus! 

Some colourful artwork 

If you have a large wall space that is blank and in need of some love, one brilliant thing for you to do today is hang a piece of art. Artwork from stunning paintings to photographs can tie a room together and help you really show off the theme of your design. For example if you have a simple colour palette of white, green and pink – you may find a stunning floral piece that really sets this off and brings it all together. Artwork can also be fun; and a movie poster or TV show piece can be a great way to bring out the geek in you and bring some personality to the room. 

Vertical shelving 

One of the simple ways to make a difference in your living room this winter is to use vertical shelving to save space on the floor. If you are looking for a change to the dynamic of your room this year; consider swapping your regular shelving for vertical storage that also creates a lovely feature in the room. You can store things such as books, candles, DVDs and ornaments on these shelves and bring some more colour and texture to your room. 

A creative corner 

If you are creative and you love to paint, read, write or anything else – creating a small creative corner of your room is a great idea. For example you could consider creating a book nook in the corner of the room with a big cosy chair, blankets and a bookshelf. You could have a desk with painting supplies and other items, or you could make absolutely anything you like. Bringing some of your hobbies into the living room can be a good way to make a difference to the design and enjoy a more fun multipurpose living room.  

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