How To Make Your Entrance Hall Look Elegant

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There is something so wonderful in knowing that when people come into your house, they’re immediately impressed. Whether you want your home to look luxurious or you want it to look more expensive, there are plenty of ways you can get started, and it begins with the way in which you decorate your entrance hall. This is the space where people will see when they first step over the threshold of your home, and it’s got to look good!

To make your entrance hall look welcoming, you can decorate it as luxuriously as you like. As long as it’s warm, dry and smells good, people will be impressed the moment they walk in the door. If you have an eye for good decor, and you know the difference between a grandfather and grandmother clock, you’re going to make your entrance hall stand out in ways you never thought possible. So, let’s take a look at some of the best suggestions to help your entrance hall to look as elegant as possible.

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Use Mirrors

Mirrors open the space up. They bounce the light into the corners you wouldn’t have reached without one, and mirrors can be extremely ornate if you get the right frames. Most entryways don’t have a source of natural light beyond the front door, so using a large mirror along a wall opposite a lamp will help!

Scent It

If you want your front hall to feel welcoming, it’s got to smell good. Scented candles are going to make the space smell good, but you can’t leave it lit all day in case you burn the house down! Instead, invest in beautiful flowers every couple of weeks and keep them in a vase on the hall table (when you get one, of course). Flowers smell great, and you can also get some silk ones so that you can have flowers out no matter what. Silk ones last longer and if you don’t have the time to get fresh flowers, they’ll look great!

Choose Light Colours

It’s nice to have bold colours, but you are in a darker space in the home. The darker the paint, the darker the hall looks. Instead, choose light paint colours. You’ll instantly brighten the space and this will be everything you need for the hallway to look warm and welcoming.

Light It Up

Lighting fixtures can bring a little drama to the entryway. Overhead chandeliers and wall lights are going to add light and warmth, which will make the entrance hall look elegant. Lighting can be statement in your hallway, and sconces look fantastic!

Add Some Art

Lastly, a wonderful way to add some elegance to the entryway is to add art or an antique piece to the space. People will have their eyes drawn to it the moment they walk into your home, and this is what you’re trying to achieve. Elegance does not have to be massively expensive, either, so choose artwork that suits your home and your budget. Your hallway will stand out with these tips!

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