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This post contains gifted products:

Niral is an independent Body Shop consultant who has her own business called Beauty For Change By Niral, she started this earlier in the year after spending a lot of time perfecting her skincare routine as she wanted to help others that may be struggling. It can be quite hard to get to grips with the “perfect” skincare routine so it is great that she is now able to help others.

She has also recently set up a Facebook group called Nirals Skincare And Goodness Hub where she shares the latest products and offers available as well as customer reviews so you can see how she has helped people.

Niral has also taken this opportunity to donate a portion of her profits to support various charities and has been working closely with The Body Shop to support Children On The Edge.

She sent me out some of The Body Shops Christmas range to try and if you are interested in purchasing through her at all then you can get in touch on her Facebook page or Instagram.

The products I will be sharing with you are:

Warm Vanilla Duo

This contains a vanilla scented body scrub and a butter as well as a bonus body puff. I love the vanilla scent and it’s always nice to use products from the same range that complement each other rather than mixing scents.

The body scrub is easy to use in the bath as it’s in a little tub and a little goes a long way. It scrubs well but isn’t too rough and can be used with out without a puff. After bathing you can then apply to body butter to prolong the scent and leave your skin feeling extra soft.

Coconut Hand Cleanse Gel

Hand gel is a must have at the moment with everything going on involving Covid. It is so important to keep your hands as clean as you can at all times. I always used to carry one of these around in my bag anyway but now I end up with a few just incase. I have tried the strawberry scent one before but not the coconut and I am really impressed, it reminds me of being on holiday! It soaks in well and you don’t have to use much.

Winter Jasmine Hand Cream

With using so much hand sanitizer and washing your hands with soap all the time, it can dry out your hands so using a hand cream is a must. The Body Shop have a lovely range of hand creams in their normal ranges but for Christmas has bought out some new scents. a the winter jasmine one smells so nice and calming. With these hand creams you don’t need much and you would be surprised how much is in the tube. They last really well and soak in well, without leaving your hands greasy.

Festive Berry Hand Cream

This hand cream is a really nice scent and definitely reminds me of Christmas. As above the actually cream is great at soaking in without leaving your hands feeling greasy.

What’s your favourite product from The Body Shop? There is still time to get an order in before Christmas if you still have Christmas shopping to do!

Sarah x


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