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I have been trying out a few different products from Brushbox recently. They are a great company that want to help you whilst helping other people in the world.

“We’re a team of people who want to change the way people think about, and look after their teeth, whilst having a positive impact on the world. We want to turn something that’s good for you into something that’s good for others and good for the environment too, which is why each and every time you buy a brush, we donate one to a disadvantaged child and plant a tree on your behalf. Our sustainable service therefore sends you a year’s supply (that’s x6!) of bamboo brushes straight to your door – no gimmicks, no hidden charges, just great quality products, and the knowledge that 6 children will have been helped, and 6 trees planted, because of you.”

The products I have tried are:

  • Toothpaste tabs
  • Sustainable bamboo toothbrush
  • Bamboo travel case
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Eco floss

I have really enjoyed using a bamboo toothbrush and find it quite comfortable to hold and the bristles aren’t too harsh. It is great that you can get a toothbrush holder to fit it so you can keep it neat on the side or in a cabinet without it touching other things in the bathroom and it is always handy to have a travel case too. I hate having to take my toothbrush out of the house when going away and you end up having to put it in a sandwich bag or in with your make up and worry about what might touch it etc so a real case is a must have. I think the travel case looks really stylish and is a great addition to the range.

As well as trying out a new toothbrush I have been using a different floss and also tooth tabs which are a great alternative to a tube of toothpaste.

The toothpaste tabs are designed as a zero waste product as even the bag they come in is biodegradable! To use them you just pop it in your mouth and chew it and then brush with it. So easy to use and actually quite fun! They are also a great idea if travelling as you can just pack how ever many you need rather than having to take a whole tube of toothpaste!

Have you used a bamboo toothbrush or tooth tabs before?

Sarah x



  1. 09/11/2020 / 13:08

    These sound great. I’ve used tooth tabs before and got on well with them. I’ve never tried a bamboo tooth brush though.

  2. Kayleigh Zara
    09/11/2020 / 15:05

    I’m actually dying to get a bamboo toothbrush! I’ve heard really good things about tooth tabs too x

  3. 10/11/2020 / 00:07

    I have heard a couple people mention the idea of toothpaste tabs recently, and I’m intrigued! We do a lot of camping, and that would be the perfect alternative to bringing a tube of toothpaste along. I think I’m going to have to pick them up before we kick off the 2021 camping season.

  4. Jenny
    10/11/2020 / 07:37

    These are a great idea. I’ll be featuring them in a gift guide soon x

  5. 10/11/2020 / 08:01

    l like the idea of the tabs but I have to change my toothbrush every 3 weeks after a treatment I have, so I think it’d be probably too expensive for me to replace a bamboo toothbrush every 3 weeks x


  6. 10/11/2020 / 08:49

    When I did a work trip to Croatia for a week I took a brands version of toothtabs and they are literally brilliant. Not something I’d want to use all the time, but perfect for the job x

  7. 10/11/2020 / 16:59

    I haven’t used products like this – I like the idea though x

  8. 10/11/2020 / 20:13

    I have a bamboo toothbrush! They’re brilliant! xx

  9. 10/11/2020 / 20:47

    For a while I’ve been trying to find a toothbrush and toothpaste that are properly effective but also kind to the planet. This looks like a great brand so I may try it next! x

  10. 11/11/2020 / 11:46

    I swear by my bamboo tooth brush! This one looks great!


  11. 13/11/2020 / 23:42

    Sounds like an awesome product! I would love to try this kind of toothbrush.

  12. 14/11/2020 / 07:35

    Oh wow. This is fab and I’d love to try this.

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