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The winter season brings the desire for warmer setting throughout your home, but not taking away from a stylish design. Of course, Amtico vinyl flooring is the go to brand for finding complete harmony between domestic function and interior design.

The most popular choice of luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is Amtico as you bypass the negative aspects of authentic wood flooring. Vinyl flooring brings the beautiful appearance of real wooden flooring, with the promise of lasting quality.

Shady Colour Palettes

Deeper toned wood doesn’t fill an room with doom and gloom, which is the common misconception. Dark woods give a pleasant contrast of tones and highlights, which combine well with almost any textures or fabrics, so matching it to your carpets and rugs is no problem.

Styling for your rooms to bring in warmth will ensure that all visitors feel immediately at home and content, without noticing a lack in material authenticity.

The amazing think about luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is that the lighter shades can still maintain warmth but brighten up the room in a subtle way which still delivers a cosy atmosphere. Classic urban designs can even benefit from light vinyl flooring, as they work well with surrounding foliage and soft cosy fabrics that you may find in your conservatory or bathroom.

Emphasise Beauty

The wide scope of designs at your fingertips means that you’re always going to find a style which suits your taste and helps emphasise the character of your home in a beautiful way.

Consistency can always be achieved with luxury vinyl flooring because each and every shade is an extension of another, meaning matching tone to create patterns gives you a unique way to break up the design of each room and enable style diversity.

The Need-to-Knows

Liquid will forever be a predominant threat to flooring.

Luckily, Amtico vinyl flooring is well protected from moisture damage by its amazing waterproof properties which keep water on the PUC surface layer so it physically can’t drip below to the foundations of your property.

That same PUC layer also has non-slip and anti-stain and scratch properties. Meaning that, with thanks to modern manufacturing, you’re escaping from hours of scrubbing and potentially fatal accidents.

Savvy Satisfaction

In the dead of winter, Amtico vinyl flooring is the ideal choice to pair with underfloor heating.

Simultaneously, summer months won’t affect your fabulous new flooring because these sturdy planks and tiles are unyielding against the strains of foot traffic and a busy family home.

Amtico luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is renowned for its Abstract, Form and Amtico Signature Woods collections. Whichever functions your requires form your flooring, you best believe that Amtico is a Christmas dream come true.

Treat yourself to the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas with Amitco luxury vinyl flooring.

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  1. 13/11/2020 / 18:25

    Definitely not on our to-do list before Christmas! I’m sure some people will be rushing to get some bits done before the big day though x


  2. 13/11/2020 / 19:31

    Under floor heating would be the ultimate luxry! xx

  3. 13/11/2020 / 22:28

    This looks like a GREAT option to redo your the floors in your home. Our home is largely natural hardwood, however, there are a couple rooms that aren’t (and could use a little work) I’m definitely going to keep this in mind when the time comes to address the floors that need to be replaced around here.

  4. Jenny
    14/11/2020 / 09:33

    These sound like a great company. Under floor heating in winter sounds heavenly x

  5. 14/11/2020 / 10:52

    I’d love underfloor heating but we live in a flat so it’s a bit pointless. But we did look at different colour woods during our renovations and it really does make a difference whether you pick light or dark x

  6. Shyla Elza
    14/11/2020 / 12:41

    Let’s just say that my master bedroom has been without carpet/floor for a few months since we had a massive leak fixed. We had the wood replaced but still no decisions made on the type of floor to replace the old carpet with. I am seriously leaning on amtico because we already have it in the kitchen and I love it. Thanks for reminding me about my unfinished project!

  7. 14/11/2020 / 16:23

    This sounds like great flooring. I’d love to have underfloor heating.

  8. 14/11/2020 / 16:43

    It sounds great – we don’t have any vinyl flooring (I think) x

  9. Kayleigh Zara
    15/11/2020 / 01:26

    Under floor heating at Christmas time would be incredible and just so handy to have at the house. Thanks for sharing x

  10. 15/11/2020 / 21:15

    This sounds fab. How great would underfloor heating be.

  11. 17/11/2020 / 10:23

    This sounds like the ideal flooring! Definitely something I’d consider if I was in the position of buying new flooring! x

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