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I have always loved American sweets and drinks and I even remember visiting America and bringing back four boxes of cereal in my suitcase! I was so pleased to come across SoSweet and their online shop as they stock a massive range of American snacks and drinks!

It is so hard to pick from their extensive range but I picked up a small selection to work my way through!

Delivery was really quick, it arrived next day! They offer next day delivery if you order by 2pm which I think is amazing and also if you spend over £50 delivery is free.

It arrived packaged well, I could tell what it was as they put a label on the box! Their branding is very bright and appealing. I removed my courier label to hide my address for this picture but that was also stuck on neatly. The box was sealed well and once inside you could tell it had be packed with care.

The Lucky charms were packed on the top and underneath everything was packed with packing peanuts and the drinks were bubble wrapped for extra protection.

I don’t even know how all of this fitted in the box!

They also included a leaflet and if you share your pictures online you have the chance of winning a mystery box. I am always up for free food so of course had to upload a picture to Instagram and enter!

Some of these products I had tried before and I love them but others I had never even heard of before but they looked so good that I had to get them. It didn’t take me long to work my way through them!

The things that I went for were:

Mountain Dew Voltage (355ml)

I had only tried the original mountain dew before but this one is my new favourite and I am in love. I love the design of the can and mountain dew seem to be bringing out a lot more different flavours. They are very sweet but anyone that likes fruity drinks and fizzy drinks would love these.


Kool Aid Sour Jammers Zappin’ Tropical Punch (177ml)

It is packed similarly to how we have capri suns in the UK and it is easy to use a straw to pierce the packet to then drink out of. I wasn’t massively keen on this flavour, I think it’s because I was comparing it too much to Capri Sun and it was slightly on the sour side. I think the price is really good though so it’s worth getting one to try to see if you like it.


Twizzlers Pull’N’Peel Cherry (396g)

I have always been a massive fan of twizzlers but had never tried these cherry ones before. The flavour is really good and the texture of these are similar to liquorice but a bit harder. The packet is a decent size and you get quite a few portions in it, they also do these packs in different flavours.


Twizzler Cherry Nibs (63g)


I had only tried regular twizzlers before and was obsessed with the strawberry ones and never knew they did cherry. The nibs are small bitesize pieces and I ate this whole pack within about five minutes as they were so good. The flavour of them was really good and I think cherry might be my new favourite. It’s nice to be able to different sweets in small packets like this and not have to commit to a large packet until you know if you like it or not.

Reeses Pieces Theatre Box (113g)


I love Reeses and I love peanut butter. These are almost like a Smartie version as they have the peanut butter inside a crunchy chocolate shell. They are brown orange and yellow in colour and they taste so good.

Reeses Peanut Butter Big Cup – King Size (79g)


Not much is better than Reese’s peanut butter cups but the fact that he is a king-size definitely makes them a lot nicer. these are ideal for anyone that loves peanut butter and they are the perfect size. You can even share the packet with someone else or save them full for yourself.

LIMITED EDITION: KitKat Apple Pie (42g)

I never even knew you could get so many different flavours of KitKat’s. It’s crazy how many different ones you can get. This apple pie one was quite tasty and with something different. I am not usually a massive fan of apple flavoured things but this was pleasantly tasty.


LIMITED EDITION: Kit Kat Birthday Cake

This Kitkat is on another level. It is one of the nicest things I’ve ever eaten in my life and I honestly can’t put into words how tasty it is so I recommend you go and try one if you haven’t tried one already. It’s so much better than any birthday cake flavoured biscuits or treats I have tried before and I also just love the look of it as well.


Cadbury Chocolate Twirl – Caramilk (39g)


This was really tasty and much nicer than standard twirls! I love the caramel flavour and will definitely be getting another one!

Cookie Dough Bites Cookies’n’Cream Theatre Box (87g)


These taste quite similar to Oreos but more as a cookie dough taste. They are small bite-size pieces but they are very moorish and you could easily eat the whole box in one go.

Cracker Jack – The Original Caramel Popcorn (36g)


This is a mixture of popcorn and peanuts and a really tasty snack. The price is good and I really enjoyed eating these as had wanted to try them for ages.

Lucky Charms Cereal


I have been obsessed with this cereal for about 20 years and that’s no exaggeration! I remember as a child having these as a treat when they used to be available in the UK as a standard cereal. Once they stopped supplying them in the UK, if we ever went on holiday to America or knew anyone going we would always bring some back or ask someone to bring them back for me. Who wouldn’t want marshmallows with their cereal? I just love the taste of these and they are so colourful and exciting to have as a breakfast.

All of the food and drinks had a good shelf life on them which was great, as often if you buy things online you can’t always be sure when they will expire!

You can also check them out on their socials:





Have you bought from here before?

Sarah x



  1. 12/10/2020 / 12:40

    Oh yum! I’m having cravings now! This would make a fab Christmas gift! x

  2. 12/10/2020 / 14:07

    Now this is my kind of box! There isn’t a single thing I dislike or wouldn’t eat!

  3. 12/10/2020 / 14:16

    I love this! I often forget which snacks aren’t available overseas. I did a ‘snack swap’ with a friend in the UK a while ago where we sent one another goodies that aren’t readily available at home. It’s always a lot of fun to see what you can purchase in other areas of the world!

  4. 12/10/2020 / 15:32

    Wow, this looks like an amazing treat or gift for anyone who is into American sweets and snacks! xx

  5. 12/10/2020 / 18:03

    You got so many yummy treats. I love Lucky Charms too.

  6. 12/10/2020 / 18:34

    These look so delicious and make me really want a snack. I would love a variety pack like this. If I received this as a gift I would be in heaven lol.

  7. 15/10/2020 / 16:15

    CARAMEL TWIRL!? OMG I need this box in my life!!


  8. Heather Nixon
    15/10/2020 / 19:34

    I’d love to try American/international treats – if they’re vegan x

  9. Alice Anne
    15/10/2020 / 21:57

    Omg this is such a fab box of treats! xx

  10. Kayleigh Zara
    16/10/2020 / 18:59

    This looks like a great gift idea for any foodie in your life! I really love lucky charms x

  11. 18/10/2020 / 10:48

    Caramel m&ms are my favourite from across the pond

  12. 20/10/2020 / 16:35

    I always get so jealous when I see boxes like this, the American stuff always sounds so much better. This would make a great gift x


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