Perry’s Bath Bombs

I am a massive fan of bath bombs and my step mum recently introduced me to Perry’s bath bombs and I am in love. Perry creates her range of bath bombs from home, when she’s not in her beauty room with clients. She is so lovely and takes so much care in making her products.

She was originally selling them to customers visiting her beauty room or on Etsy, but she has now set up so you can order them online. If you check out her Instagram too you can see lots of beautiful photos and videos of her bath bombs and look at pictures they have been tagged in!

Perry creates lots of different designs and scents depending on what you are looking for, there is definitely something for everyone! She usually restocks at the beginning of each month but will post on her Instagram to let people know!

The ones I have tried out so far are:


Body soothe:


Immune boost:

Vanilla fruits:

Anxiety buster:


As you can see they are all beautiful and such a variety of shades. They all smell great and details of their scents can be found on her Etsy.

They arrive so well packaged and you can tell how much love and care has gone into them. You can smell how lovely they are as soon as you open the box! She also offers smaller ones designed specifically for children which I think is a really good idea.

For homemade bath bombs they are so well priced, considering how much you might pay if you went into Lush! They are great quality and on par, if not better than ones I have bought in stores before. The thing that impressed me the most is how well they fizz and the scent doesn’t fade, even if you are in the bath for an hour or longer the scent stays strong and you feel so soft and smell great when you get out.

I also love the fact they don’t stain the bath!! The whole range is cruelty free and vegan.

I can’t recommend them enough 🙂

Sarah x



  1. 12/10/2020 / 18:38

    These are wonderful bath bomb designs. I really admire these! I want some for myself. I love a good relaxing bath bomb. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. 12/10/2020 / 19:11

    I love bath bombs although I haven’t heard of these before. They are really pretty so I’ll definitely be checking them out.

  3. 12/10/2020 / 22:09

    I’ve only tried one bath bomb but it brought me out in a rash so I’ve never bought them since! They look so cute though! X

  4. 13/10/2020 / 00:02

    Oh how cute is the Unicorn? I think I would feel mean chucking him into the bath to dissolve lol x

  5. 13/10/2020 / 08:47

    The colour of these are so pretty. I need to get some new bath bombs x

  6. 13/10/2020 / 19:10

    These might be the prettiest bath bombs I’ve ever seen! I especially love the unicorn! xx

  7. 13/10/2020 / 21:45

    I love the colouring of Body Soothe, that’s so much fun! It sounds like (from the names) that she is also making good use of aromatherapy for many of them when selecting the scents. Bath bombs are such a great way to help us relax and recoup, especially when the right scents are included.

  8. 15/10/2020 / 16:48

    You can’t beat a bath bomb can you! I love the little unicorn one!


    • 18/10/2020 / 10:50

      Omg they look fab! I’ve not had bath bombs for ages.

  9. Heather Nixon
    15/10/2020 / 19:35

    They all look so nice and colourful x

  10. Alice Anne
    15/10/2020 / 21:58

    Oh wow these look amazing! Love how colourful Prosecco is! xx

  11. Kayleigh Zara
    16/10/2020 / 19:01

    The immune boost is such a lovely colour if I’m honest! I’d love any of these x

  12. 20/10/2020 / 16:31

    They look incredible, the unicorn one looks amazing in the water x


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